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June 25, 2008 New Update

Added a new site to continue the Coldplay Gigography. It's name is Coldplay Live and the link is right below.

June 22, 2008 New Update

Well its been several years since I updated the website.Since I've enjoyed the new album this time around I think its only fair that I update the tour section for 2005-2008 and put in enough updates to reflect the 2-3 year stretch of time that's occurred and make this site Viva La Vida compatible.

More updates to come!

December 7, 2006 New Update

Some website updates.

October 21, 2006 New Update

Enjoyed Death Cab For Cutie's recent Filmore Show (10/8).
Make sure to check out Plans.

August 19, 2006 New Update

Wow been QUITE awhile since I've updated.
I'm still around and still like the band
(although X+Y is a little bit a disappointment).
Looks like Coldplay audio trading right now is rather
non-existant right now. Not really
trading currently so it may be for the best.


December 6,2004 New Update

Upcoming Releases for 2005
M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us, January 24th
Chemical Brothers - Push The Button , January 24th
Feeder - Pushing The Senses - January 31st

Beck - February 14th
broken social scene, february 14th
New Order- february

Doves - Some Cities, March 1st
Moby - Hotel, March 14th
Stereophonics - Language Sex Violence Other
Coldplay - march !!!!
Babyshambles - feb/march
Decemberists - march
Nine Inch Nails - march

Grandaddy - April

Sigur Ros
British Sea Power
Massive Attack
Super Furry Animals

Bjork - "Cerebrocentrologicallismatic" or "Ärgh"
The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
OutKast - 10 The Hard Way, June

My Top 12 albums of 2004
1. The Walkmen - Bows And Arrows
2. Arcade Fire - Funeral
3. Muse - Absolution* 4.
U2 - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
5. Interpol - Antics
6. The Killers - Hot Fuss
7. Modest Mouse - Goods News For People Who Love Bad News
8. Snow Patrol - Final Straw
9. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
10. Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
11. Keane - Hopes & Fears
12. M83- Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts*

The band head out to the US in March, where they’re already confirmed to headline the ‘A Sounds Eclectic Evening’, organised by LA radio station KCRW (March 12).

Rumours are circulating that COLDPLAY, FRANZ FERDINAND, REM and DAVID BOWIE will play at next year’s COACHELLA FESTIVAL. The Californian festival traditionally take place at the end of April or early May at Empire Polo Field, Indio, California and last year saw performances from Pixies and Radiohead.

September 13, 2004 New Update

Upcoming Denver concerts I'll be at:

10/21 at the Fox Theater, Boulder

Shows I was recently at:

Beastie Boys at Red Rocks 9/07

Curiosa 8/17

Made some small changes in the website

May 19, 2004 News Update

Chris & Gwen have a daughter named Apple.

Jeez I haven't updated my site in 3 months!! (more or less)

Updated RH audio page and have a dvd site now!

February 23, 2004 News Update

Trade list is updated. Trading mainly dvd's currently.

Coldplay win a Grammy for song of the year for Clocks

Coldplay have entered the top earners in the Music Entertainment list according to Heat magazine. The group is the top earning British group and second only to the Rolling Stones on the group list, with a 2003 earnings of £25.3M!

January 5, 2004 News Update

Trade list is updated.
Oh yeah Chris and Gwen are married and are planning on a child but you know that already right?

Spin band of the year!!

December 3, 2003 News Update

Trade list is updated.
I am looking for Libertines, Muse, The Strokes. Please contact me if you want to trade for them (no mp3 of course)

November 25, 2003 News Update

Still trying to get caught up on my trade list. Added a lot of shows but I'm sure I'm still missing a bit of stuff.

You got the DVD yet? Here's the extras!

Coldplay win MTV Europe's band of the year!!

November 5, 2003 News Update

DVD is out! It's fantastic! It's a must have!

I am on the Coldplay DVD!! (during Red Rocks footage)

Hope a lot of people got to see the big screen debut.
Great to see Liz and both Jennies at the Denver show.
(also sitting next to us on the dvd footage).

The Coldplay song chosen is a fairly standard acoustic version of the Scientist. Not terribly different from the album version yet a little more intimate. Personally Coldplay fans would have been more thrilled to hear Clocks (from the same session) which is a rarity for the band to perform acoustically.

The others songs are standard pop, r&b, hip-hop tracks with the highlight being Missy Elliot's old-school rendition of Work It with live dj scratching. The Roots break You Off isn't bad either, yet the tracklist is very pop-oriented. New Found Glory, Michelle Branch, and Avril Lavigne might make the kids happy but Coldplay's rock and alternative fanbase (like myself) will nonethless avoid this CD.

A mixed bag depending on your tastes.

October 21, 2003 News Update


Watch the premiere of Coldplay Live 2003 at your local movie theatre! The full concert & documentary will be shown on Monday, November 3rd @ 7:30pm at various theatres across the U.S -- but for one time only, so don't miss out! Visit for a list of participating theatres and more info on how to get tickets.

the Live Coldplay Archive project for 2002.

October 14, 2003 News Update

The Live Coldplay Archive project is done for 2003.
I may begin 2002 if I have the stamina.

CD shelf has been updated finally.

October 7, 2003 News Update

The Live Coldplay Archive project is almost done for 2003 but still working on Australia and South America dates.

September 31 News Update

The Live Coldplay Archive project is going well, and I have added some more dates, but still could use help with concert-goers posting ticket stubs, photos, and reviews.

September 24, 2003 News Update

The Live Coldplay Archive project has begun.
I will have a page for each show and will provide reviews, pic links, messageboard links, and other cool stuff to remember the great 2003 tour. Eventually I will try for earlier dates but

I need your help!!!

Email me if you can help provide pics, reviews, or help look for links for the concert you went to or others shows.

Thanks to Tealwonder who already assisted with about 20 dates!! Couldn't have started without you!!

Coldplay News:

COLDPLAY LIVE 2003 DVD will be available a week earlier (4th Nov) in the U.S than the worldwide release date of 10th Nov 2003.

The tracklistings for Coldplay Live 2003 have been confirmed as: DVD: Politik God Put A Smile Rush of Blood To The Head Daylight Trouble One I Love Don't Panic Shiver See You Soon Everything's Not Lost Moses Yellow The Scientist Clocks In My Place Amsterdam Life Is For Living
AUDIO CD: Politik God Put A Rush One I Love See You Soon Shiver Everything's Moses Yellow Clocks In My Place Amsterdam

September 9, 2003 News Update

Got some news shows in (CP, Radiohead, and Glasto),
live section revamp still in the works,
updated OK Computer page, and may add more Radiohead.

Coldplay News:

Vote for Coldplay for the Q Awards .
South America and Mexico tour is finished.
The best coldplay pics ever?

August 26 News Update

Radiohead were amazing!!
Updating live section; in progress.
The Scientist has won for all 3
Video Music Awards from MTV for:

Coldplay News:

6 Music is re-playing the Coldplay concert from Glastonbury 2000 again on Monday 08/09/03 22.00-23.00
Saturday 13/09/03 06.00-07.00

August 26, 2003 News Update

Radiohead tonight!!! Yeehah!

New lyric wallpapers are done! Finally!
Updated video section and Colorado members.

Coldplay News:

Coldplay will perform at the MTV VMA's
on Thursday (Aug 28th).

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