July 13:
T in The Park Festival
Balado, Scotland

FM exists with the highlighted red songs. Recorded from BBC Radio One FM Broadcast - Lamacq Live
There is also an aud recording available as well.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist

what a wonderful world

In My Place


Lips Like Sugar (With Ian McCulloch)
Life is For Living

a guide to survival http://www.voiceofharold.co.uk/tinthepark.html
mp3's get them while you can http://www.dsl.nildram.co.uk/

Scientist synopsis: Ian McCulloch guest on Lips Like Sugar but the band is more "on" than Ian is!



monica_alcaraz: When I saw an advert from T in the Park in an X-ray magazine, I was stoned to see that Coldplay and R.E.M would be the main bands during a weekend festival in Scotland. As I was living in the U.K. I thought it would be a piece of cake, but things were not as easy as I thought, the coach took about 12 hours to get to Edinburgh, and the price of the festival tickets were extremely expensive for me: £82 for the camping ticket!.

On the other hand, it was Coldplay!, and loads of superb bands such as The White Stripes(who were not there because of Jack's accident), Supergrass, The Charlatans, Idlewild, The Cardigans, etc., so I decided to go to Scotland, the other problem was that I had to leave the U.K. on the 15 of June, and they were playing on the 13 of July. But how could I ever have the chance to see so many bands playing together again, and being Coldplay the one which would close the festival?, so there's was just one thing to be done, and it was staying in the U.K. for seeing it!.

It was May, so I went to the JobCentre, and I found a job in Café Alba as a barista, and I changed my visa, as well. I worked and worked for about 2 months, until I had the money for the concert, the coach, the food, etc. My boyfriend wanted to go too, but he was working in a pizza place 5 days a week, and he was not going to lose his job because of the festival, so he didn't go, and nobody else wanted to go so far, and there was no other choice but to travel alone.

I was really happy when I saw the Flaming Lips singing Yoshimi battles the pink robots and Do you Realize?, all dressed up in White Stripes customs, but this was completely forgotten when Coldplay appeared on stage. I remember that Underworld was the other band which was playing at the same hour that Coldplay would, but when I looked around, there were thousands waiting for "Politik" to be the first song to be played, I'd have never ever chosen to see Underworld instead of Coldplay either, I understand them perfectly.

People started jumping around as the music went on. Everyone was fighting to get a good place, hitting with the elbows on every human part, and taking care of not being robbed by putting their backpacks on the other way around, as if they were carrying a baby. I had saved my mobile battery for this momment since I got to Balado. I was just waiting for one piece to call my boyfriend, "Warning Sign" (yeah the truth is I miss you, so), but it was during "Yellow" when I saw most of the people dialing friends/relatives/lover's numbers, putting their mobiles up in the air!. As I'm really short, I couldn't take pictures by myself, I was trying and trying to see Chris Martin's face, but the only view for my camera was a horrible mass of heads, but there was a nice and tall guy next to me, who looked a lot like Gareth Gates or one of the new Fame Academy singers, but he was polite anyway, and he offered me to take the picture for me. So it was alright after all! Thank you guy on the green t-shirt!.

Well, I was excited to hear Trouble, but after that they promissed not to play any other sad song during the show, and that would be predicted as the missing of "Shiver", hard thing for me to take as I love that song, but anyway.. We got to listen a very special classic hit: "What a wonderful world". We also heard a bit of a cover of a recent Oasis hit,"Songbird", but ended up by changing the song into a joke of not liking the Gallagher's band anymore. Me and all of the other music lovers, wouldn't get enough of these guys, who put a smile upon our faces, so they had to come back 3 times after they had left the stage. But I can really say, that even when I'd never been to a T in the Park Festival before, it was the best ever, and that way, I could go back to Mexico 13 days later, just to realize that they're playing in my own country this September!. Thank you guys for giving me the chance to see you live again!.

graemeheath1: Did you miss this years T in the Park it was boss and yet again Coldplay did the crowds proud, if you are a Scot then you will Know what T in the Park is all about .

maketrainfares.com: The most emotional time I have ever had without dropping my trousers...Absolutely fantastic...Sunday at T in The Park will be the one thing that will never leave me .....

kevvvy: It was an amazing night last Sunday. A perfect end to as close to perfect festival. The band were amazing for the full set but what about the crowd??? Only time I've seen a crowd warm to a band like that was U2 at Slane 2001!! Amazing scenes!!

turin broke: yeah, i have to admit they were absolutely fantastic. i think god put a smile was second - and had the whole crowd moving. they sounded perfect! what an atmosphere.

Lyndsaybee: aaaaah!! T in the Park!! fookin fantastic!! the best one ive been to so far! (was it just me or was there thousands of neds there>???) cant believe how quick the weekend went. im goin about with a nose like rudolph thanks to the glorious scottish sun… and last but by no means least COLDPLAY!! wow! cant even begin to explain how good they and there set were!! they played, politik, amsterdam, a rush of blood to the head, moses, yellow, the scientist, trouble, dont panic, one i love, god put a smile upon your face (god gave you light n gave u dark n gave u tickets to t in the park!! classy line thrown in by mr martin got a big cheer from the crowd), a burst of songbird (that included the line i used to like oasis but i dont now, the crowd all started booin but chris rushed to the mic and said he was only jokin, i'll let u decide if he was tellin the truth or not after the liam slaggin paltrow incident, ms paltrown was standin at the side of the stage coinsidently), in my place (included chris climbing up the ladder at the side of the stage) and a cover of what a wonderful world. so just i was turning round to leave thinkin the set was over the band came back on with a second encore. WOW! they brought Ian McCulloch on stage n played Lips Like Sugar which was superb and then finished with life is for living. cant think of a better way of closing T in the Park, coldplay did us proud and it was a performance that i'll neva forget as long as I live

Amanda: Coldplay at T in the Park were fucking brilliant!!!.....what a great weekend i had, bloody roasting aswell lovely!