March 6
Gwinnett Civic Center,
Norcross, GA

FM broadcast Notes: Be careful was released as mp3 initially!
Poor Me and Georgia on my Mind were NOT broadcast.
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No audience recording has surfaced. There is also a radio interview that comes from the same date

God Put A Smile
The Scientist
One I Love
Rush of Blood
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
Trouble (w/Elton John)

In My Place
Georgia on my Mind*

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Scientist synopsis: Coldplay returns to Georgia to make up for the cancelled show from 2002. they deliver twofold with Elton John cameo and a Georgia on My Mind cover.




So, I'm waking up from 4 hours rest after watching what I would have to say is Coldplay's greatest show ever. It was so incredible! You can tell they were really trying hard on this one. 2 reasons: 1. As Chris will tell you, Atlanta is the city that saved Coldplay. When they were considering breaking up it was playing in Atlanta that they realized they should stick together. 2: The last show in Atlanta was cancelled due to monsoon type rain. Because of this, before "Trouble" Chris explained how the last time they came here they weren't able to perform and to make it up to us they "greatest piano player ever" was going to join them. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Elton John!"

That's right! The crowd frickin exploded. It was amazing. Chris even tried to get Elton to sing a bit by swinging the microphone in front of him, Elton made this innocent type of "I don't want to sing, I don't want to mess it up" face. The crowd was singing so loud though. Not just that song, but for the whole performance. Talking to the production manager after the show, he told me that was the loudest he has heard a crowd at one of their shows. You can tell Chris thought the same too because during one of the times that he turned the mike to the crowd he was just amazed by the power we were giving back.

Some other things that Chris said that were pretty funny. During "Everything's not Lost" he started looking at himself in the video monitors. I guess he had just realized his haircut wasn't too fab, so he changed some lyrics and sang about not getting a haircut and looking stupid on the video screens. It was pretty humorous. At one other point Chris wanted us to sing along and said for us to pretend they were Nsync and that he was Justin Timberlake.

The performance of Yellow was pretty cool because Chris was going crazy and jumping aroud. The thing is that there was a guy with a baby standing front row center, so Chris kind of gave it a lullaby feel at the end as he came right up to the baby. I'm sure he said more stuff, but I can't think of it right now. I know there was a few of you boarders there, so help me out with the rest.

I know this because I stayed after the show and met Chris and Jonny! The coolest thing is that it was just them and me! When your're outnumber 2:1 by members of Coldplay that's definitely a good thing. I was waiting by their busses though and had a little chat with their production manager. He seemed to like me, so an hour later he comes out and motions me to come towards him. I'm like "me?" "Ok!" There was Chris and Jonny ready to get on a van. They both stopped and talked to me for a good 10 minutes. I was a blubbering fool talking to them, but managed to actually have an intelligent conversation with them. I told Chris that his hair looked pretty good. He was "aww, thanks man," he went on to say that my haircut was similar to his. I told him that I had the same kind of bald thing going on as him and that he shouldn't worry about it. He said that he wasn't anymore. I pointed to the Q magazine that says he was obsessed with it and was like "well, they're just trying to sell magazine".

I told him that he should shave the sides pretty close, so it would give the image that he wasn't going bald. Both him and Jonny were like "oh come on Adam, you're not going bald. That's your natural hairline that looks good. Then Chris made me bend down so they could both inspect my hair. It was a pretty humorous moment as them both had their hands on my head combing my hair with their fingers. We went on and talked and I said how they were brilliant at the Grammys, but I was mad that while they were allowed to play Politik, CBS didn't allow them to speak and they didn't show the "Make Trade Fair" stuff on his hand and piano. Chris apparently didn't know that and seemed a bit discouraged. I also mentioned how it was crap they on the commercials for it they weren't even mentioned as a performer. I asked him if they actually went up to the podium to accept their awards. They said they didn't. I asked him if it was because of what they said at the Brit awards, which I wasn't too sure what it was. He said all he said at the Brits was something like "We're all going to die at war anyway" (I'm horribly misquoting him). Jonny said that CBS was just too scared to have them speak. I said they should of been nominated and won "Best Album" anyway. He said that they just aren't big enough in the States. I was like "what about Norah Jones?" They were like she's huge, she's sold like 4 million albus. I said "how many have you guys sold? I bought three copies." Chris kind of jumped forward with a big smile and said "thanks man!" I was like, well I had to have some to give away to friends.

I told them I hate it when I talk to someone who hasn't heard of the band. I went on to mention that I'm in the Army and they both seemed pretty interested in that. I mentioned that just this week I got asked to go to the Middle East and be a replacement Platoon leader when people start dying. They both seemed interested in that and asked me a few questions. Jonny said that someone he knew, I want to say his girlfriends brother or somebody he knew was in the British Army and was going to fight. I think that covers about all the topics we covered. While we were talking they signed a whole bunch of stuff for me including a poster, magazine, and the Parachutes cover. Chris also gave me a copy of the setlist and signed it. On it he wrote "Hi Adam thanks for caring and for your support. You're not going bald! Love Chris" and next to Trouble he wrote "with Sir Elton John". Jonny signed it too of course. How cool of them. On the magazine he wrote "nice to see you again, thanks for coming" love Coldplay. On the poster he wrote something about being their #1 fan. Need less to say its pretty darn cool.

Finally, like all good things, they said they had to go. I shook hands with them again and they we exchanged thank yous. Them thanking me for coming, me thanking them for everything including the great show, their music, talking with me, signing autographs, and just being alive. They got on the van and I told them to have a great show in Nashville. Then as they started to drive off they waived to me through the window. What a great night! Anyway, so that's it. I wish I would of taken some pictures with them, but I felt like it was kind of inappropriate since it was just us three. I did get lots of good shots of their performance though, and will put them up later this week once their developed. Thanks for reading.


it was my first coldplay show and definitely won't be my last. it was a great experience. the band was flawless, i was amazed by how well they sound. seeing elton john and the crowd reaction to him was somethin special. it seemed like a great crowd overall. coldplay definitely noticed that, you could tell they were really appreciative and they gave us their all. if i have one complaint it is that they could play longer. they did play 2 songs that i haven't heard before.