July 18,
Rod Laver Arena

Melbourne, Australia

recording has not surfaced yet.

god put a smile
rush of blood to the head
see you soon
don't panic
one i love
the scientist
everything's not lost
what a wonderful world

encore 1 (in order)
in my place

encore 2 (in order)
life is for living

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Scientist synopsis:



Wow, was that worth it or what! Just got home and thought I'd share some thoughts of the concert. Am really a bit lost for words, it was amazing, the sound was fantastic, The boys played really well. I had a great view. I was seated at the left side of the stage in row K so really close. Chris's piano was on the left of the stage so it seemed like he was looking right at me when he was playing on it. (ok that's my fantasy, just let me savour the moment ok) I'll leave the song list for someone else to post ( I tried to remember but I was a bit excited). They opened with Politik and A Rush of Blood To The Head follow shortly after. There were two encores. It took a while for the crowd to relax and get into it. I think that was partly just a big anticipation thing and also Chris didn't actually speak to the audience until after about the forth song. Maybe he was nervous too. When he did talk, he said he was glad that we remembered them from last time they were here about 15 years ago and that it was amazing that 10,000 of us had come along tonight. He encouraged the audience to have a sing along on a few songs which was great, as the show progressed everyone warmed up and relaxed.

The four video screens in the back were great with each one having a camera on one of the guys. At varoius times in the song, all of the screens would focus on one of them depending on what the music was doing and in some of the slower piano song the focus was on Chris's hands at times which suited the mood of the songs. The highlight for me was definitly IN MY PLACE!! The whole crowd was on its feet and singing along and Chris was jumping around the stage and it was so great. The Scientist was also wonderful, it's a personal fav of mine anyway, but i just loved it live. Yellow was also a big Fav with the crowd. Chris finished of the fist set with What a Wonderful World and the crowd sang along. He also said the Australian concerts were being filmed so they played some songs that people may not have heard for a while. There were probably 2 or 3 I hadn't heard before. They did Moses also which i had heard of but not heard. Anyway I'm still on a Coldplay high!!! So happy that I was there... a night that won't be forgotted for a long long time.

Hi I went to tonight's concert as well. I wasn't going to go since the only seats left had an impeded view...meaning.. a side view of the band. Three hours before the concert, I opted to go. Better a side view than a blank one. So I rang Ticketet to find that picking up a ticket at the venue would save a booking fee of 8.00. So I did. Got there...to find that additional General Admission tickets had been released only moments before. At that point, I was waving my pom poms .....and thinking ....woo hoo....I can get to the front of the stage!!!! Then some guy standing next to me says...."I'm selling some discounted General Admission tickets for 50 bucks". By then, pom poms were well in the air...and legs were kicking...can can style!! The Coldplay concert was utterly awesome....there's nothing like Chris Martin's falsetto to make you drop dead. I was standing to the left of the stage and so I would have been close to you. At one moment, I had to get to go to the toilet and get a beer. You were probably awestruck by the band but if you noticed people walking up the stairs..I was wearing a green bomber jacket with a fur hood. The brilliant thing about Coldplay is that they translate so well from CD to live performance. They have great energy and emotive depth. I was disappointed with the crowd that seemed to take their time getting into it. I don't think that Chris needs to apologise to the audience about their lack of hits since true Coldplay fans know that many songs from their albums could be hits....and at the end of the day...are great songs anyway.

I loved the show, the guys were awesome but I have to disagree with the first poster and say that the sound was terrible and in some spots spoilt the experience for me because I was wincing so much. My favourites from the night were The Scientist, Trouble, Yellow and Amsterdam. They sounded great live, and Chris really knows how to work a crowd. He thanked everyone for their patience because they've only had a couple of big hits and that they play some of their more shit songs He also said they were filming the Australian shows and "what better place to film than Australia" (something like that). Songs included (not in order) Politik, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Trouble, Yellow, Daylight, Amsterdam, Don't Panic, In My Place, Shiver, Everthing's Not Lost. See You Soon. I know I've left some out but I didn't write anything down. At the end of the first set, the band members except Chris went off stage and Chris sang "What A Wonderful World" with the second verse being "don't like rain, don't like thunder, but we love playing concerts down under" with a big smile and of course the crowd loved it They did two encores and for their final number (I think) Chris said "this is for Phil", which was nice

This was only the second concert I have been to in my life! I went into the concert "Liking" Coldplay... I walked out of there LOVING them! What an unbelievable show! Anyone in Sydney thinking about going, trust me, you won't be disappointed... GO!

i was dissappointed with the night. not with the band, i doubt anyone would be able to pick a fault with the performace, lighting, audio, technology and energy of mr martin. (Icicle, where and when was the sound wrong? and why the wincing? i couldn't pick a fault with it) though the crowd, i almost want to apologise to the band for the lack luster performance we gave. now don't reply and slam me for this, telling me you were getting into it, because on the whole.. there was bare minimal energy being returned to the band. i was in general admin about 3 rows back and to the left near the piano and i was probably the only person moving at all.. and even then i was inhibited by the lack of movement around me.

i looked around at people in seating as well and, again, the majority were just standing there dull eyed and mute. ok, so you can't 'mosh' to coldplay and maybe not dance as such, but you can damn well move to it none the less. and to continue my rant, it's disheartening to find people in general admission who don't know dick about the band. one girl screams with delight 'its rush of blood to the head!' 3/4 of the way into the song when chris sings 'blame it upon a rush of blood to the head.' and these same people were talking about how all they wanted to hear was God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, and how they'd been waiting for 4 hours, and when the song comes on they go ahead and guess 5 other songs that it must be, before realising its GPASUYF. i don't know.. i just feel that there would have been alot of more enthusiastic coldplay fans who missed out on general admin, for these.. i suppose... 'uneducated' yuppie 17year old coldplay fans with too much money who can purchase a ticket without a second thought. and to hear that extra general admin was on sale on the night.. how fucked is that? though thats the stadiums fault. if i'd just missed out on general admin and ended up with seating.. only to find out people who had just 'happened' to come along on the night for the hell of it and obtained GA, i'd be steaming. i'm not quite the bitch i'm seeming to be here, i was just incredibly appauled at what we, as an audience, gave back to the band. to have 10,000 people (though rod laver sold out is 20,000 isnt it?) and to see very little movement except for songs like 'Yellow.' it's crud. if you've got $80 to spend on seeing a band, enjoy the night, get into it.

i think it ended badly aswell though. the '2nd' encore *rolls eyes* i'd hardly say we had two encores, or atleast not promote it like that. at the start of the '1st' they'd only played for an hour.. come on. you can't end after an hour so you can have the crowd believe you were so nice to them that they got 2 encores. 2 encores should see the band play longer than your average concert, alas they came in at something like an hour and 30mins. 2001 saw us get almost 2hours, with one encore. but to end on a song no one knows, with no obvious end to it.. and a 2 song second encore.. when songs like shiver and spies could still have been played.. yeah.. i was cheesed at the flat ending. though the hank williams cover in 2001 was fantastic, unknown and the crowd loved it. i suppose it depends on the night. and kudos to them though, despite my grumble, to not finish on one of the most well known songs. takes a band with balls to try and pull that off. though i reiterate.. the band were brilliant. everything pulled together fantastically from them. they're deffinately my favorite band to see live. i was afraid this gig would be a little shitty. given 2 years ago they were in festie hall and now, with multi-million world wide sales, they could charge me $20 more. but no, fabulous band, easily one of the best live acts around. and i say that ranking them against the likes of tool, foo fighters, prodigy, ben harper and audioslave. coldplay come out on top each and every time

Great sounding concert last night. The lads really did put out a great musical show to the crowd. From my seat, way up high on the sides in the upper level (3 rows from the back...boo!! lol), we had a good view of the crowd. It was amazing to see the almost total lack of movement or demonstration of dancing from anyone on the floor! Saw one guy in a red tshirt close to the front, and a group of 2 or 3 off the the stage right, 1/2 way back...... Poor effort by the crowd down there.... And while the guys played sensationally, the final encore was a flop. Had no idea what those songs were..... that was about the most dissapointing part of the show, and only playing for around 90mins...

I too was at the concert last night and LOVED IT!! I must admit I was never a huge Coldplay fan, but I have been converted (I have the CD playing now!!). My boyfriend has always loved them, so I knew most of the songs and was able to sing along. We were sitting in the front row and I was singing and moving, but not many others were, but I didn't let that bother me - I was seeing an amazing show - and I was having a great time - who cares what others were doing!!! Did you hear the thunderous applause after they went off the first time - they knew we wanted them back!! I can't believe the energy of Chris - he really made the show, jumping around like a crazy man! And his voice- truly brilliant. It's great to see someone with obvious talent getting the recognition he deserves! Walking back to the car, I was on a high - that was honestly the best concert I have ever been to -I would absolutely recommend everyone in Sydney to go along - it is definately worth the $80!

hey. i loved the show last night. it was mesmerizing. i can only say that i expected a lot less and when i was there i was so taken up by the atmosphere of it all. it was a great job by the guys. i must admit crowd participation seemed a little sparse but lots of people were getting into it. just in their own way. around me in general - about 10m from the stage - heaps of people were singing the words to every single song and you couldn't have wiped the grin off their face if you'd tried. they just weren't jumping around so it didn't look like they were excited. the second encore was awesome.

I was standing a couple of people to the left of the guy in the middle (in red) and I'm surprised you all think the GA crowd wasn't moving- everyone around me were totally getting into it, singing along and really responding to the band's energy. My only complaint is that it seemed a little shorter than the 2001 concert. I've been to concerts at Rod Laver before where I've been seated and I don't think I would ever do it again. Being so far away really lessens the impact of the concert and the sound does suffer a bit. I also hate it when people get annoyed at you for standing up and dancing- it's like, why did you even come to a Coldplay concert if you were just going to sit on your arse the entire time? Did anyone else notice that Chris' fly was almost entirely undone for most of the concert?

I agree with what eveyone has said already. I was 6 rows from the front! and I would have got some great pics especially from yellow because I'm so short I could only see occasionally but it was a great show and the whole ground level seemed to love it too highlights for me were politik everyone was so inot this it was great.. in my place, clocks,a rush of blood to the head, amsterdamn actually all...lol.. one I love I thought was great too and I'm not a huge fan of daylight.. It did seem short to me and I guess they can't do everything but I would have loved to have heard either, shiver,warning sign, spies, sparks or we never change there was one song I didn't know must be the new one your all talking about..anyway great night..

Oh my god, was coldplay absolutely AMAZING! i saw them for the first time last year (?) at festival hall, and i was more that impressed... but last nite was brilliant!!! Chris got the crowd sooo pumped up, i think you'd have to be more than insane to think the concert was crap. (but yeah, i noticed his fly was undone too..poor dude) i don't think there are enough words or exclaimation marks to express how good it was. I was right up in the front row, and stayed on a bit after the band left & my friend scored one of the drummer's drumstick that the security guards were throwing into the crowd!! I've got some pics, so if anyone would like me to send them any, just ask.

Hi all - this is my first ever post! I was at the concert (Melbourne) last night and it was SO awesome! I adore Coldplay and had been looking forward to the concert since I knew they were touring! They are so good live! The sound was awesome (although some of Chris' 'S' sounds were a bit harsh - maybe that's what someone was refering to when they said they were wincing?). Anyhoo, just to comment on a few previous posts...
* No, they didn't play 'Shiver'. I didn't notice its absence at the time, but when I got home and got out the CDs to try to compile a set list (from memory - ha - good luck!) I soon realised that they hadn't played 'Shiver' (or 'Sparks' - boo hoo).
* I didn't notice Chris' fly undone! *haha*
* The crowd was noticeable still during the concert, but my husband and I discussed this with a friend who went with us, and we concluded that Coldplay is the kind of band that makes you feel like they're YOURS (not the world's) and so you don't need to jump around to appreciate them. Just to stand there and let the music, lights and energy of the band and hit you is pure enjoyment! (tho I did dance as well! *grin*)
* The Coldplay 'special' on channel 10 this arvo was pretty crap, so I wouldn't worry about getting it on tape. The interviewer was lousy, therefore the whole thing was kinda dumb. The main thing I got from it was that Chris Martin DOES NOT talk about Gwyneth in interviews. EVER. Good move, I say. He's entitled to a private life, so good on him!

Ive ben a pretty big fan since going to England in 2000. Went to festival Hall 2 years ago and was amazed. last night was simply mind blowing. I was cheated on by my girlfriend a week ago and have been totally devastated all week. I almost didnt go to Coldplay. When they started Politik I almost broke into tears. It is one of my vavourite songs and the climax covers me in goose pimples. Life seemed so much better and I was all positive again. I thank Coldplay eternally for this. Its a day later and I still feel the same. It goes to show what music, and good music can do. it was like I was thinking about her but the music was way too powerful and nothing could stop it taking over. The troubles of the world went away. Chris was so amazing and I love the punching of the air to the EXACT beat of the song. Also his jumping windmill in yellow( I think)

My favourite parts were: -Politik -God Put a Smile on Your Face-the drumming is so powerful and the guitar riffs amazing -One I love-When the video screens came on I was awed then the guitar solos with all pictures on the lead guitar was so so effective. Goose pimples once again -Yellow-as much as I hate the big songs sometimes I admired the crowd and Chris' work. -In My Place with Chris thrusting the mic too the crowd. It just made me smile so hard and it was good for me at this time Crowd was a little quiet but on occasions I looked around and everyone was standing going nuts./ it was so good. i was near the front in GA by the way.

Your skin......
The Concert was brilliant. I cannot believe how well they performed. A day later and I am still on a high. They have to release a live album. It is a shame the crowd didnít get into it as much as I thought they would or should have! Nevertheless I sang to every song, danced in my seat and joined the rest of the crowd when they finally decided to get up! I had so much fun. I loved the intro to Yellow Ėso enchanting. I cannot wait until they play here again! Next time I am definitely getting general admission tickets. They can bet I will be in the front row singing and dancing lol. I did not want the evening to end. I canít describe the experience. Words do not give the evening justice.

I was also at the show and it was amazing, certainly one of the best things ever in my life. Politik was amazing, but the highlight for me was Yellow. Singing along with 10,000 other people is certainly something I'll never forget. 'In My Place' was also great and I also loved the short snippet of 'What A Wonderful World'. I'm glad they are making a dvd of the Sydney shows, I wish it were this show but oh well you can't have everything, and they lighting and effects and setlist will basically be the same. Watching this concert reminded me a lot of U2, being more of a show than just a concert, and an amazing specticle it was too. I thought betchadupa (or whoever they were), the support band, were good, not quite to my liking but the singer/lead guitarist was talented. They crowd on the floor was flat flat flat though, but where I was sitting it was great there were a bunch of twenty-something year olds next to me going nuts and on the other side obviously a HUGE fan, singing along to absolutly everything, obviously not being able to stop himself. Once again, it was amazing. Thank you Coldplay!

I was on the floor, to the right, near the front (well about 8 rows back?), singing along to every track at the Melbourne gig, including the stuff most ppl had never heard of. Man I hope it wasn't me . At least I didn't actually sing loud enough cause the girl in front of me didn't pay $78 to hear me sing like Barney Gumble.

I was at the show too...4th row bang in the middle of GA (Me and my friend sat down in between the support band and Coldplay if anyone remembers?)! Everyone's been saying the crowd didn't get into it...I completely didn't notice because as soon as they rocked out and started Politik I just went off! My friend though said she did notice the time it took for the crowd to open up a bit more. Please dont say the GA crowd was completely dead...there were a few of us getting right into it. You also have to expect at a Coldplay concert that you're gonna get people who don't know all the songs, just a couple (if that!). THey're played a fair bit on mainstream radio. I was still a bit surprised when one girl rocked up in stilletos though! And of course there was a little bunch of people pushing through the middle...one lady behind me was getting stuck right into them...she was cool. They didn't get past me.

*I think that guy who was going off front centre was at the Powderfinger show the week before...because he did the same thing there and the band kept laughing at his antics. He rocked.

*I didn't notice Chris's fly was undone! I guess I looked mainly at his face and hands when I watched him. And he is a damn fine dancer!

*Politik was a major highlight for me. Chris went absoltuely nuts on that piano. I loved when he changed the lyrics to What a Wonderful World too...something like "Well we don't like rain, and we don't like thunder, but we love play, our songs down under! And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"

*the support band (Betchadupa?) was pretty good too, I really enjoyed their set. The drummer was a pretty happy chappy! All in all a top night! The best show I've seen (possibly equal first with Ben Harper). Lighting, sound, everything was great. How good was the lighting during Clocks (i think?)...when they smothered the GA with smoke then put the green laser through it?...nice. Lighting was pretty powerful actually. And the four screens up the back was a great idea. Though they only played 90mins, I didn't walk away feeling empty. They churned out a pretty fair number of songs, each of which blew me away. The web site is saying that the Sydney shows will be used for the DVD. The Melbourne show was soooo great! There were camera's everywhere too. Maybe it was a practice set up. Or perhaps they'll include a bit of footage from here also?

I was there second row a tad to the the left of the stage. All in all it was a fantastic show, first time I'd seen them live so I was happy. I agree with what someone else mentioned about poeple buying tickets just cos they happen to have a spare $80 in their pocket. Alot of the crowd didn't seem overly enthused although because I was so close I wasn't really paying attention to the actions of the other thousands behind me. All I know was the atmosphere around me was fairly good! That guy in the red shirt was trying to get everyone hyped long before the show had even started, he was funny! And there was some crazy guy in a check shirt in front of me with a digital camera. He was going absolutely nuts through certain songs; jumping up and down vigourously throwing his hands in the air. I got some great photos! Although I never noticed Chris' fly undone I'll have to go check out my pics. My highlights were Moses, The Scientist, Amsterdam, Don't Painc, Yellow, Clocks and Everything's Not Lost. I was also disappointed there was no Shiver and I really wanted to hear Ladder to the sun and Poor Me.

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HEY THERE!! the melbourne show went off!! OMG! coldplay are absolutely awesome live! thanks for a great night, and keep up the great work! music makes the world go round and with you guys we're goin at 1000 miles an hour!! ROCK ON!