My Rules

1.I don't sell bootlegs, don't bother asking.

2.I dont generally do mp3 shows, so plz let me know in advance of a trade if a show is mp3 sourced. Plz make sure all discs are burned dao (disc at once, no 2 second gaps)

3.If you contact me first and are NOT an ESTABLISHED trader than I want you to send first on our first trade. Trades after that will be simultaneous. I ship Monday-Wednesday only! If I contact you first then lets send simultaneously unless discussed in advance.

4.If you have an exclusive or new Coldplay show I might give you a bonus disc or work out a special trade if you don't have much otherwise to offer.

5. I mainly look for SBD or top notch Digital Audience recordings (A- quality and above) so plz let me know if any shows I am trading for are less than B+ or less quality. I'm more flexible on Coldplayshows however but still let me know about any lower quality shows.

6. I want setlists with ALL shows as it is too hard to track them down after a trade. Most are available online if you search with the date in hand, but this is your main responsiblity first. I have setlists and artwork with all my shows. If you have artwork plz email it to me or send it with the cd's if you cant email them.

7. I don't do blanks & postage trades but might take blanks if you are short on an even trade.

8. I dont send cases and send my cd's in sleeves in bubble-wrapped envelopes. If you want to send cases you may but I'll keep them. Please use brand name burned cd's (TDK, Fuju, Memorex, Phillips) and not generics. Plz do not write on cd's either. Use post its or write on the sleeves.

9. I don't generally do international trades unless you definitely send first OR have something special i am interested in that I can't get locally. Excpetion again is for Coldplay shows I'm missing.

10. I'm really very flexible and am not a hard ass. Just treat me fairly and I'd love to trade with you on a regular basis.

My Grading

A ..............Perfect sound! no obvious real flaws, SBD or digital audience
A- .............Perfect except for minor flaws
, SBD or digital audience only
B+ ............Decent recording but not recommended, a good audience recording
B or less ..Mediocre to bad audience recording, not recommended

My Wantlist

also includes links to boot experts of many artists

At this moment I am only trading for Coldplay shows. Due to finances I have to ignore the rest of my wantlist for the time being.

My Boots

I also have my old list at tapetrader
and Coldplay list at etree
both are pretty outdated.....

My Current DVD List

All Coldplay Setlists

Amos, Tori - Live at Brixton Academy, London , 12/11/1997CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Beatles- Acoustic White Album Quality A- studio 27 tracks
Beatles- Let It Be Outtakes B/B+ Quality studio
Beatles- White Album Alternate Takes & Demos CDR (2), 48 trx Quality A/A-
Beatles- Nothing Is Real (Strawberry Fields Demos) CDR(1) Quality A
Beatles- Turn Me On Dead Man (Syd Barrett Tapes) CDR(2) 46 trxQuality A

Beck - Live at Bizarre Fest Koln Germany 08/18/2000 CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD
Beck - Live at Moore Theater Seattle WA 08/02/2002 CDR(2) , Quality B+ <DAUD
Beck w/Flaming Lips- Bridges Auditorium, Clermont, CA 10/14/2002 CDR(2) , Quality B+ <DAUD
Beck w/Flaming Lips- Austin City Limits , TX 11/11/2002 CDR(2) , Quality A- <FM

Beastie Boys - City Gardens, Trenton, NJ 05/22/1992 CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD? DAUD?
Beastie Boys - Loreley Rockpalast , Germany 06/20/1998 CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Beth Orton-10/31/00 Melbourne, Austrailia CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Blur - 1990-1995 Blurred Visions -CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 06/17/1995 Mile End Stadium, London , CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 10/07/1995 The Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 10/23/1995 The Docks, Hamburg, Germany CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD

- 02/11/1996 Avalon, Boston, MA CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD

Blur - 06/22/1996 RDS Show Dublin, Ireland CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 02/10/1997 Astoria, London , CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Blur - 04/29/1997 MC Vrendenburg, Utrecht, Holland CDR(1) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 12/11/1997 Brixton Academy, London CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD
Blur - 06/27/1998 Glastonbury Festival UK, CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Blur - 03/15/1999 Hippodrome, London , CDR(1) , Quality A <SBD

Blur - 11/27/1999 Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina CDR(2) , Quality A- <SBD
Blur - 08/08/2003 Benicassim Festival, Spain FM CDR(1), Quality A- <SBD

Bright Eyes - 09/22/2003 Austin City Limits CDR(1), Quality A- <AUD

BRMC - 09/15/2003 Cotton Club, Atlanta CDR(2), Quality A- <AUD AT933s>M1>DAT-M

Chemical Brothers - Live at Red Rocks, 07/17/1999 CDR(2) , Quality A- AUD

<--------list is here, please click

Missing shows, video & DVD's!!

A Note:

If you have any private shows that have not been released publically for whatever reason, I hope you will consider me as a possible trade. I will not list or trade any such shows entrusted with me and will keep them for myself only. I would rather have them only for myself as a collector rather than never get a chance to have them at all.

Counting Crows - Live at Shim Sham club 2001, New Orleans 04/29/01 CDR(2) , Quality A <DSBD

The Cure-05/24/1980 Arnheim, Netherlands, UK,CDR(1) A+ Quality SBD -
The Cure-05/31/1980 Scala Herford Germany, CDR(1)A- Quality SBD
The Cure-06/09/1980 RTL Studios Paris, France CDR(1)B+/B Quality SBD
The Cure
-Ultra Rare Trax CDR(1), SBD, From Original

The Cure-07/ 27/1983 Bournemouth (England)"Midnight Express" CDR (2) AUD A- Marantz + Beyer mic->Audio Cassette Recorder
The Cure-11/15/1984 "Cold" Washington DC CDR(2), SBD,A+ quality
The Cure-08/09/1986 "Sweet Talking Guy"Orange, France CDR(2), SBD, A+ quality
The Cure-09/10/1989 Mountain View, CA, USA "Parched Corn" CDR (2) AUD A
The Cure-01/19/1991 "Just Like Heaven" CDR(1),Wembley Arena, London, UK, A- Quality SBD some hiccups though, not for trade
The Cure-05/06/2000 Firenze, Italy Dream Tour soundcheck CDR (1/2) B
More stuff I haven't added yet, ASK

The Cult-11/24/89London, Wembley Arena 1989 "New York City Blues" CDR (1) FM Original CD > EAC Secure Mode > WAV >

Darkness Marquee, 12/10/02 webcast + XFM webcast CDR (1) A-/B+ quality.

Dave Matthews Steve Lilywhite Sessions CDR (1) A quality.
Dave Matthews 12/13/2000 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY CDR (2) A quality.

Depeche Mode 08/19/2001 Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA , CDR (2) B+ quality. AUD

Doves - The Last Broadcasts-CDR(2) Multiple Radio Broadcasts, A/A- Quality, masters
Doves - 07/2000 JJJ Files (5 tracks), A Quality, CDR(1)SBD/FM
Doves - 03/01-2001 The Opera House Toronto Canada , A Quality, CDR(1) SBD
Doves - 09/29/02 Fillmore, Denver, CO B+ 1 CDR DAUD (bad tracking)
Doves - 11/27/02 Bristol Academy, CO A- (2)CDR DAUD
Doves - 06/28/03 Glastonbury, UK A- (1)CDR AUD (full show)
Doves - 06/28/03 Glastonbury, UK A- (1)CDR FM

Gray, David - 12/15/1999 CDR(1) Limelight Belfast Ireland, A SBD
Gray, David - 01/19/2001 CDR(1) Joe's Pub, New York City, A SBD
Gray, David - 05/22/2001 CDR(2) Warfield Theater San Francisco, Ca, A SBD
Gray, David - 02/15/2003 CDR(2) Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, Ca, A- AUD

Fatboy Slim- Foxboro Stadium, MA, CDR(1) A- AUD 1 long track, CSB's>Sony M-1>Tascam CD-RW5000.

Flaming Lips- KCRW Radio Sessions- Sounds Eclectic '99 & '02,CDR(1) Santa Monica CA USA, A- SBD**Aug 8,1999** Aug 8,2002**
Flaming Lips- 05/04/2003 CDR (2)Canopy club, Urbana, IL DAUD Quality A-

Foo Fighters 08/19/2000 CDR (1) Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany SBD Quality A-

Gorillaz 02/13/2001 CDR (1) Scala, London FM Quality A-

Grandaddy 07/14/1997 Black SessionsCDR (1/2) FM Quality A
Grandaddy 06/03/2000 Stockholm CDR (1/2) AUD Quality B+
07/28/2000 Minneapolis, MN CDR (1) AUD Quality B/B+
03/14/2003 Austin, TX CDR (1) AUD Quality B+ + Jools Holland (06-13-03+11-11-00)A
Grandaddy 06/12/2003 Astoria, London, UK CDR (1) AUD Quality B+

Hives 06/02/2002 Rector Theatre Towson MD, MTV $2 bill show CDR (1) TV Quality A

Interpol 07/05/2002 Metro, London CDR (1) AUD Quality B+
Interpol 12/18/2002 Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ CDR (1) AUD Quality A-
Interpol 03/21/2003 L'Eysee Montmarte Paris CDR (1) AUD Quality A-
Interpol 09/23/2003 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO CDR (1) AUD Quality B+

Idlewild - 12/09/02 Brixton Academy Quality CDR (1)B+ AUD
Idlewild - 06/27/03 Glastonbury, UK B+ (1)CDR AUD

Jet- 02-17-04 Bordeaux, Le Cat CDR(1)A- Quality Sony Dat TCD 8, DPA 4061

Janes Addition 02-20-89 The Theatre Of Living Arts Philadelphia PA CDR(1)Quality A

Joy Division- 02/20/80 Town Hall High, Wycombe UK UK B/B+ (1)CDR AUD

King of Leon- 05/04/03 Manchester, Roadhouse, London UK A- (1) CDR AUD
King of Leon- 11/06/03 Astoria, London UK B+/A- (1) CDR webcast

Led Zeppelin Play Pure Blues, 8/31/69, Dallas TX USA SBD. CDR A quality
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin 4-24-69 Fillmore West, San Francisco "Cracker Jack Blues" CDR(1) SBD A- Quality
Led Zeppelin Royal Albert Hall, 1/09/70, London sbd? CDR(1) B/B+ quality
Led Zeppelin 01/04/71 Return To Paris Theatre, CDR A quality,Paris Theatre, London SBD.
Led Zeppelin-06/13/1973 CDR (2) Mobile, Alabama, SBD A Quality
Led Zeppelin-5/14/73 CDR(3)46+45+60 or SHN, Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, SBD A-
Led Zeppelin-6/21/77 Listen to this Eddie CDR(3), Los Angeles AUD A Quality
Led Zeppelin-4/27/77 Destroyer Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland,CDR(3),SBD A Quality, also SHN
Led Zeppelin-6/29/80 Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland CDR(2),SBD A Quality
Led Zeppelin-Outakes-Studio Daze Var Quality

Libertines-01/09/03 Eurosonic Festival, Holland CDR (1) AUD B+ Quality
-02/19/03 Sticky Fingers, Sweden CDR (1) FM A Quality
Libertines-02/20/03 Loppen, Coppenhagen, Denmark CDR (1) AUD B+ Quality

Madness-12/19/81 Hammersmith Palais, CDR(1), SBD, A Quality

Massive Attack-Heaven (Stockholm, Sweden 5-18-98) , CDR(1), SBD, A Quality

Moby-Austin Music Hall 07/15/2002, CDR(2), DAUD, A- Quality
Moby-Hard Rock, Las Vegas NV 08/21/2002, CDR(2), DAUD, B+ Quality

Muse- 07/12/99, New Morning, Paris, France CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 05/23/00, Zepp, Tokyo, Japan CDR(1) , AUD B+ Quality
Muse- 02/19/01, BBC Radio 1, UK,CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 07/07/01, T in the Park,CDR(1) , FM A Quality
+ show below on same disk
Muse- 07/15/01, Zepp, Tokyo, Japan,CDR(1), AUD A- Quality
Muse- 12/02/01, IMP Hall, Osaka Japan,CDR(2), AUD B+ Quality

Muse- 04/21/02, Lisbon,CDR(1) , AUD B+ Quality
Muse- 05/18/02, Rock AM Ring, Germany, CDR(1) , TV A Quality

Muse- 07/07/02, Les Eurokeenes, France CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 07/08/02, Montreux Jazz Festival ,Switzerland CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 07/26/02, Fuji, Japan,CDR(1) , AUD B Quality
Muse- 08/15/02, Rock Oz'Arenes,Switzerland CDR(1) , FM A- Quality
Muse- 09/03/03, Melkweg, Amsterdam (private gig),CDR(1) , FM B Quality, MD ECM600ST
Muse- 09/05/03, Brussels Belgium ,CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 09/08/03, MTV2, London ,CDR(1) , 3 tracks TV A+ Quality
Muse- 09/18/03, Maida Vale, London ,CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 09/22/03, XFM Session,CDR(1) , Webcast A- Quality

Muse- 10/11/03, Helsinki, Finland,CDR(2), FM A Quality
Muse- 11/06/03, Rotterdam,CDR(1) , FM A Quality
Muse- 01/30/04 Big Day Out Festival, Australia, CDR (2) B-, Giant Squid Cardiod Mics > MZ-R37

My Bloody Valentine 07/04/92 Vancouver, Canada "Loom" CDR (1) AUD A SBD

My Morning Jacket 01/21/04 Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC CDR (2) AUD A- MG 200s->MP-2->Oade mod SBM1->D100
My Morning Jacket 01/31/04 9:30 Club Washington, DC CDR (2) AUD A- DPA 4022 > V3 > D10ProII (OTS, ORTF)

Norah Jones- 12/02/2002, CDR(2), DAUD, A Quality, webcast/fm?

New Order-Ultra Rare Trax CDR(1), SBD, From Original
New Order- 02/20/2002 Big Day Out, Gold Coast CDR (1) A DAUD

Nine Inch Nails-Purest Feeling II-Demos and Remixes CDR(1),Cleveland OH USA, SBD, From
Nine Inch Nails-Painful Convictions disc 1-Demos & Remixes CDR(1), Demos & Remixes, SBD,
Nine Inch Nails-September 20, 1995, "Blue Lies"CDR(1),(Toronto, Ontario, Canada), DAUD, A-

Nirvana- 12/28/1988 Seattle CA Quality CDR (1) B+ AUD (complete version)
Nirvana- 02/11/1990 Cactus Club, San Jose CA CDR (1) QualityA SBD
04/00/1990 Smart Studios
CDR (1) 8 tracks studio Quality A- SBD
09/26/1991 Playing at The Moon CDR (1) New Haven CT Quality A- DAUD
Nirvana- 10/14/1991 Let it Be Records, Minneapolis CDR (1)Quality B+ AUD (25 min acoustic)
Nirvana- 10/31/1991 "Trick Or Treat" CDR (1) Paramount Theatre Seattle WA Quality A AUD
Nirvana- 11/25/1991 "Paradiso Lost " Paradiso, Amsterdam CDR (1) A SBD (complete ver)
Nirvana- 02/19/1992 "Fire Extinguisher" Tokyo, Japan CDR (1) Quality A SBD
Nirvana- 06/26/1992 "Leer" Roskilde Festival CDR(1) Quality B+ AUD
Nirvana- 09/11/1992 Seattle CDR (1) Seattle Center Coliseum Quality A- DAUD
Nirvana- 10/30/1992Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina CDR (1) Quality A- AUD
Nirvana- 02/25/1994 Milan, Italy CDR (1) Quality A SBD

Oasis 10/15/1994 CDR (1) "Ode to the Walrus"Cabaret Metro, Chicago A quality FM
02/25/1995 CDR (1)
"Listen Up"Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver A quality FM
08/23/1996 CDR (1)
Royal Festival Hall (MTV Unplugged) London England A quality
Oasis Undrugged, CDR (1)A quality
Oasis 02/12/2000 CDR (1) Profiting Off the Shoulders of Giants A quality
Oasis 10/14/2001 CDR (1) The Builders Of Their Destiny, Glasgow Barrowlands, UK A quality .

Orbital Phoenix Festival 7/20/1997 CDR (1) Quality A (FM) (56min)

Pearl Jam-03/16/1992 - MTv Unplugged - SBD : CDR(1) - Grade: A-
Pearl Jam-06/18/1992 - Mezmerized - SBD CDR(1) - Grade: A-
Pearl Jam-11/01/1995 - Live in Salt Lake City - SBD CDR(2)A

Pink Floyd 16 Nov 1974, London, BBC broadcast. "Brain Damage"CDR (1) Quality A
Pink Floyd 26 Apr 1975, LA Sports Arena " "Cruel But Fair", CDR (1) Quality A, AUD, as a SHN too
Roger Waters - Swedish Neurotica --Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 7/16/84--2CD--aud--A- SHN too

Police-10/18/1980 CDR (1) Rockpalast SBD A- quality.
Police-03/20/1982 Houston CDR (2) The Summit, Houston, TX SBD A quality.
Police-02/08/1983 Montreal, Canada CDR (1) "Many Miles Away " SBD A quality
Police "3 Ghosts Caught In The Act" 07/03/82, San Bernardino, CA + Synchronicity Tour Rehearsals, 07/22/83, Lititz, PA CDR (2) AUD + sbd on rehearsals
02/22/1981 Evolution (Parts 1&2) Location: Melbourne, Australia CDR (2) A FM

Portishead 04/17/95 Seattle CDR (1) Mysterious Heads, A quality.
Portishead "Welcome to Portishead" CDR (1) 05/25/95 Empress Ballroom , A quality.
Portishead 12/03/97 CDR (1) Atlanta, A quality.
Portishead 06/28/98 Glastonbury CDR (1) England, A quality.

Psychedelic Furs 09/20/03 KROQ Inland Invasion 2003 Devore, CA CDR (1/2) AUD B+
Psychedelic Furs Long Island,New York FM Broadcast on WLIR CDR (1)A

<--------list is here, please click

Rapture 10-02-03 Black Session, Paris, FranceCDR(1) Quality A FM

Red Hot Chili Peppers 08/20/99 Bizarre Festival Cologne GermanyCDR(1) AUD Quality A-
Red Hot Chili Peppers 03/14/01 Irving Plaza, NYC CDR(1) AUD Quality A-

REM-04/13/91 MTV Unplugged CDR (1), A Quality SBD
REM-03/15/91 The Borderline, London CDR (1), A+ Quality-SBD
REM.07/30/95 Milton Keynes Bowl England (Some small clicks on d2, fixed as best as possible from DAO) CDR (2) FM A-

REM.11/09/98 Grand Hotel Stockholm, Sweden CDR (2) FM A + 03/22/81 Shocking Club, Milan, Italy, acoustic show B+ AUD disc 2 DAO
REM-05/21/01 MTV Unplugged 2001 CDR (1), A+ Quality-SBD

Royksopp - 06/28/03 Glastonbury, UK A- (1)CDR AUD

Sigur Ros- 06/28/03 Glastonbury, UK A- (1)CDR AUD

Sisters of Mercy-07/31/1993 London "Welcome to the Temple of Love" CDR (1) AUD A- Quality

Smiths 06/03/1983"Reel Around the Fountain" CDR (1) A- Compilation w/more
Smiths 12/07/1983"The Handsome Devils" CDR (1) A Derby/Holland 1984 Unknown
Smiths 03/12/1984"Last of the English Roses" Hammersmith OdeonCDR (1) A- (lil gaps)
-05/09/1984"El Dorado" , Markthalle Hamburg, B+ Quality-AUD
-06/04/1984"Girl Afraid" , Markthalle Hamburg, A Quality-SBD
Smiths-03/18/1985"Same Day Again" CDR (1)Oxford Apollo, A Quality-SBD
Smiths-03/31/1985"Rusholme Ruffians " CDR (1)Manchester, B Quality-AUD
Smiths-05/05/1985"Live in Madrid" CDR (1)Madrid, Spain, B+Quality-AUD
(High speed corrected but still has bad between track transitions)

Smiths-06/18/1985"I Suffer" CDR (1)Beacon Theater, NYC, B- Quality-AUD
Smiths-07/30/1986"Live in Ontario" CDR (1)Ontario, Canada , B/B+ Quality-AUD

Smiths-08/26/1986"Thank Your Lucky Stars" CDR (1)Los Angeles CA, A Quality-SBD
Smiths-10/23/1986"Dance With Octopuses" CDR (1)London, UK , A- Quality-SBD
More stuff I haven't added yet, ASK

Smashing Pumpkins- 08/14/1993 CDR (1) A Philipshalle; Duesseldorf, DE SBD
Smashing Pumpkins- 04/07/1996 CDR (1) A Philipshalle; Duesseldorf, DE SBD

Stereophonics 02/24/04 9:30 Club Washington, D.C. CDR (2) AUD A- Tapers section (~ 30' from stacks) Sennheiser MKH-800s @ ~ 9' (hypers/Nutter) >Lunatec V3 > Apogee Mini-Me @ 16/48 > Sony PCM-M1

Stone Roses-02/27/1989 Manchester Hacienda,CDR (1)A- Quality-SBD
Stone Roses-08/12/1989 The Empress Ballroom Blackpool UK ,CDR (1)A Quality-SBD

Strokes-07/05/2001 The Accelerator Festival, Stockholm,& Peel Sessions CDR (1)A Quality-FM
Strokes-08/07/2001 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco,CDR (1) A- Quality AUD
Strokes-10/09/2001 Fox Theater, CO,CDR (1) A Quality SBD tap
Strokes-11/29/2001 Long Island, NY,CDR (1) A- Quality AUD
Strokes-02/27/2002 Cologne, Germany,CDR (1) B+ Quality AUD
Strokes-02/28/2002 Paradiso Theatre, Amsterdam,CDR (1) A Quality-SBD
Strokes-03/07/2002 Columbiahalle, Berlin,CDR (1) A- Quality-SBD

Strokes-03/09/2002 Pepsi Music Hall Vienna ,CDR (1) A- Quality-SBD
Strokes-03/17/2002 Bordeaux, France,CDR (1) A- Quality AUD
-03/18/2002 Paris, France,CDR (1) A Quality-FM
Strokes-06/15/2002 Verizon Wireless, L.A. Ca CDR (1) B+ Quality AUD
Strokes-10/06/2002 Electric Factory, Philadelphia CDR (1) B+ Quality AUD
Strokes-10/07/2002 Indre Studios Philadelphia CDR (1) A Quality FM
Strokes-08/03/2003 Tokyo, Japan, CDR (1)B- Quality AUD
Strokes-10/12/2003 Hershey Centre, Ontario, CDR (1) B+ Quality AUD
Strokes-10/14/2003 Baltimore, MD , CDR (1) B+ Quality AUD
Strokes-10/31/2003 Tsongas Arena, Lowell MA,CDR (1) A Quality FM
Strokes-12/05/2003 Alexandra Palace, London ,CDR (1) A Quality

Toad the Wet Sprocket-9/16/92 CDR (1)Boulder, CO, A Quality-SBD

Travis-5/29/2001 CDR (1) Leeds Town Hall Leeds UK, A Quality-SBD

U2- "Zoocoustic" CDR (1) Generally A Quality
U2- "Live at the Beeb" CDR (1) BBC Radio A Quality
U2- "Boy Story" CDR (1) '83 BBC Radio Show A Quality
U2-02/26/1980 Dublin, Ireland CDR (1) SBD A/A-
U2-10/14/1980 Touch KRO Studios, Hilversum, Holland Discurios CDR (1)A SBD
U2-11/22/1981 Lido Beach, NY CDR (1)A- AUD

-12/02/1982 The Apollo Theater - CDR(1)A SBD
U2-12/06/1982 Hammersmith Palais, London UK- CDR(1)A SBD
U2-05/29/1983? The Complete Boston '83 Tapes Orpheum Theater, Boston, (2) CDR A SBD

U2-05/30/1983 Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore CA CDR (1) SBD A Quality SBD
U2-06/05/1983 Red Rocks, CO SBDCDR (2) A Quality SBD
U2-10/23/1984 St. Herblain Nantes, France (1) A, AUD
U2-11/21/1984 Westfalenhalle Dortmund, West Germany (1) A SBD
U2-04/29/1987 Rock Hottest Ticket- Rosemon Horizon, Chicago, Illinois Octopus (2) A SBD

U2-11/07/1987 McNichols Sports Arena Denver, CO, USA (2) A SBD
U2-11/18/1987 Los Angeles, USA (2) A- SBD
U2-12/19/1987 "Christmas in the Desert"- Sun Devil Stadium CDR (2)SBD A- Quality SBD
U2-12/26/1989 Xmas at the Point Depot - CDR(2) - Grade: A SBD
U2-12/27/1989 Pride Vol I and II Dublin CD SBD 2 A Quality A- SBD little clicks
U2-12/30/1989 Pride Vol III and IV Dublin CD SBD 2
Grade: A SBD
U2-12/31/1989 The Point Depot - Source: FM - CDR(2) A
U2-06/11/1992: Stockholm. Excellent SBD (videofeed). Complete. 2 CDs.
U2- 06/15/1992 "The Real Thing" CDR (2) A-SBD clicks between tracks
U2-11/12/1992 Las Vegas, CDR (2) A Quality-SBD
U2-08/28/1993 Dublin, CDR (2)A Quality-SBD
U2-11/27/1993 Cricket Sports Ground - Sydney, Australia CDR (2) AQuality-SBD
U2-06/18/1997 Oakland, CA CDR(2) - AUD Grade: A-
U2-09/23/1997 -Sarajevo - Source: SBD - CDR(2) - Grade: A
U2-12/03/1997 -"Mexican Pop Art" -- Mexico City Autodrome - SBD - CDR(2) - Grade: A
U2-01/31/1998 Sao Paulo Brazil Sao Paulo SBD CDR(2) - Grade: A
U2-11/02/1998 En El Fin Del Mundo Santiago, ChileSBD CDR(2) - Grade: A

U2-12/05/2000 Irving plaza, New York City CDR (1)A Quality-SBD
U2-04/15/2001 Portland - Source: AUD- CDR(2) - Grade: A-
U2-05/25/2001 Toronto - Source: AUD- CDR(2) - Grade: A-
U2-05/31/2001 HSBC Arena - Source: SBD - CDR(2) - Grade: A
U2-08/05/2001: Antwerp "Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad". Exc.Earpiece. Complete. 2 CDs.
U2-07/31/2001: Arnhem "New Amsterdam". Excellent Earpiece. Complete. 2 CDs.
U2-06/06/2001: Boston "Controversy in the heart". Excellent earpiece. Complete. 2
U2-04/20/2001: San Jose. Very good earpiece (Edge/Larry's)
U2-03/26/2001: Fort Lauderdale. Excellent earpiece (Bono's feed). Complete. 2 CDs.
U2-03/16/2001: Florida. Pre-Rehearsals soundcheck. Excellent Earpiece. 1 CD.

Van Halen-05/29/1983 Devore, CA CDR (1) FM A- Quality
Van Halen-08/25/1984 Stockholm, Swden CDR (1) FM A Quality

Vines-Demos CDR (1) Studio A- Quality
Vines-08/23/02 Reading Festival, UK CDR (1) AUD B Quality

Violent Femmes 09/20/03 KROQ Inland Invasion 2003 Devore, CA CDR (1/2) AUD B+

White Stripes-12/06/01-The Forum London UK + 6/29/02 Glastonbury CDR (1) A Quality
White Stripes-01/06/03 Solo Jack White, Detroit, CDR (1) AUD B+ Quality
White Stripes-04/11/03 Brixton Academy, UK CDR (1) FM A Quality
White Stripes-06/25/03 Stubbs BBQ, Austin, CDR (1) AUD B Quality
White Stripes-07/03/03 St. Paul, Mineesota CDR (2) AUD B+ Quality AT943>M1-Dat
White Stripes-11/02/03 New Orleans City Park CDR (1) AUD B+ Quality

Weezer-06/16/01 Hultsfred Festival-Hultsfred, Sweeden CDR (1) A Quality
Weezer-08/17/96 Koln, Germany Bizarre Fest CDR (1) A- Quality
Weezer-06/15/01 Provinssirock Festival, Seinajoki, Finland CDR (1) A Quality FM (FM Cable broadcast, SharpMD-sr70H>SONY MDS-JE640.HOONTECH DIGITAL XG/DB

Yeah Yeah Yeah's-05/06/03 Paradise Rock Club, Boston CDR(1) B+ AUD
Yeah Yeah Yeah's
-08/09/03 Oyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway CDR(1) A FM
Yeah Yeah Yeah's
-10/06/03 La Trabendo, Paris, France CDR(1) B+ AUD
Yeah Yeah Yeah's-11/24/03 The Magic Stick Detroit, MI CDR(1) B+/A- AUD DAB > DA-120F > NJB3/48.0khz with +6db gain > IEEE-1394(lossless) > Adobe Audition 1.0 > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

Yorke, Thom (solo)(Radiohead)-10/26+27/2002 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountainview CA USA CDR (1) A- Quality Also available in shn format.

Pete Yorn-Pete Yorn Live from The Avalon, 5.22.02, CDR (1) Avalon, Boston B+ Quality AUD
Pete Yorn-Pete Yorn KCRW Sessions, 4.14.01& 9-23-2001, CDR (1) Santa Monica, CA, A-Quality <Webcast

Some of My Full Show Setlists


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Mixed Review: Traders

Christiaan Zeelenberg at
On several good trader lists. Sent 11 discs overseas to him first week in March. Took a month and 3 weeks to get my shipment and a lot of emails. Recommend asking him to send first if you trade, but still glad i traded with him in the end.

Bad Traders

Raymond Sechrengost at
Sent 7 discs,"he sent to me late", and none ever arrived after many reminders,
then sent me an email saying he was running late and was getting ready to send for first time. Arrived 3 months later and the one show I still needed was different than what he listed.

Mike Tuttle at
Wanted a show he went to, all he had to trade was DMB (i dont really care for them) so i asked him to pick out the best show he had and to send it. Got a show with 1 second gaps with no explanation in advance and incredibility when i was upset. Still sent his show.

Yubackssi why

Chris Nagano, Bellevue, WA <--owes me 2 discs, no replies!