Coldplay Official Site

Get the official news, touring info, diaries of the band, interviews,downloads, and more. Your first stop when coldplay surfing!

Coldplay Message Board

There can be only one! Great board this is where you make friends, start discussions, get questions answered and learn about the band! Check out the great picture posting thread with tons of pictures.

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Listen to the new album here!

Coldplay Official Asian Site

E-cards get them! They are great cool wallpapers!

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Please note that news, pics, and media are only 3 of many sections that make a great website.
I am only trying to speed up searches for this material by directing to the best places for them.
All webmasters have made a great effort going online and should be thanked for their hard work.

Coldplay fansite featuring guestmap, messageboard, latest news, audio, free mail account, chatroom, mailing lists, lyrics & more. Updated news section!
Coldplay fan site with up-to date news, info, discography, lyrics, tabs, music, pictures, downloads, and more!

The State of Coldplay

features a massive audio/video section, lyrics, pictures, guestmap,and more.
Dedicated to Coldplay's second album. Track listings, song lyrics, Coldplay news & tour news, and tabs and chords.
full of coldplay stories, candid photos, lots of funnies, magazine articles, fun quotes to read each visit, + more. Unique layout.
Providing Coldplay fans with a central location for finding up-to-the-minute news, band photos, a place for online discussion, and much, much more. Pretty layout!
Very cool wallapers and some large pics. Listen to the new album as well. One of the nicest layouts I've seen!
Ultimate Discography and a gigography on the way.
Great new link site!!!


Bigger Stronger
Older non-updated site but some decent Parachute material.
In My Place
A good new site with big gigography,video captures, and more!
Non-updated site, some decent Parachute articles
Don't Panic
Some wallapers not much else. Not updated.
Counting Demons
Offline but will be back
Blue Room
Video and song clips, older material, some good older photos too.

Coldplay Yellow
Some older articles and photos

Always Coldplay
New site i believe, not much yet.
Great bands, good Coldplay section.
Farting Bee
Fun with Coldplay. Great site! Guy Appreciation Soc.
New site too, not much yet either.
Get your java on.
The Guy On Bass
Guy fan site, hey he's popular!.
In Our Hands
Some up close and in person pics of Chris and more!

Look At the Stars...
non-updated site, some good stuff

In My Place
Some great media and more at this new site!
Not very updated but some cool older material and a few older pics. Cool layout!
Coldplay (polish site)
Decent site thats readable enough to navigate.
Coldplay Picture Experience
Smattering of old pictures.
2002 Midtfyn's Show
The FULL SHOW . Streaming and STILL working!
Radiohead new songs and some rare Coldplay & Oasis audio as well!.
2001 Austrailia Show
The FULL SHOW . Streaming and STILL working!


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