Song Lyric Wallpapers
Why I did these images; well few songs truly paint mental images and Coldplay songs are the wonderful exceptions. I also wanted to show song lyrics in a way that people would actually want to view them. Since you need a lot of room to read a list of lyrics you also would need to fit them on a large image. So I combined several favorites: song lyrics, Coldplay pictures, wallpapers, and threw together in a way that would be unique and fun to create.

A Rush of Blood to the Head Songs

_1-politik.jpg _2-inmyplace.jpg _3-godputasmile.jpg _4-scientist.jpg _5-clocks.jpg
_6-daylight.jpg _7-greeneyes.jpg _8-warningsign.jpg _9-whisper.jpg _10-rushofblood.jpg
_11-amsterdam.jpg l_daylight.jpg l_inmyplace.jpg l_clocks.jpg _4-scientist2.jpg
l_oneilove.jpg       l_arobtth.jpg


Parachutes' Songs

_1-dontpanic.jpg _2-shiver.jpg _3-spies.jpg _4-sparks.jpg _4-yellow.jpg
_5-trouble.jpg _7-parachutes.jpg _8-highspeed.jpg _9-weneverchange.jpg _10-everythings.jpg
_11-lifeisforliving.jpg       l_yellow.jpg


b-sides and unreleasedo

_b_oneilove.jpg _b_seeyousoon.jpg _b_keepingmyfeet.jpg _b_helpisjust.jpg _b_brotherssisters.jpg
_b_biggerfaster.jpg _b_easytoplease.jpg _b_animals.jpg _b_gravity.jpg _b_iranaway.jpg
_b_136.jpg _b_ladder.jpg _b_poorme.jpg _b_murder.jpg

n gs


I'll finish the b-sides soon!




more coming soon....