Song Lyric Wallpapers
Why I did these images; well few songs truly paint mental images and Coldplay songs are the wonderful exceptions. I also wanted to show song lyrics in a way that people would actually want to view them. Since you need a lot of room to read a list of lyrics you also would need to fit them on a large image. So I combined several favorites: song lyrics, Coldplay pictures, wallpapers, and threw together in a way that would be unique and fun to create. I hope you like them and I hope my borrowing of pictures that have been from all over the place and using them doesn't tick off the band or anybody. I know that these are art and are only my perceptions of the songs. You may have an entirely different view of these songs than I do so that's why I hope you respect my efforts and trying to match their moods. I'm going to try to get all their songs done this way if I can but some of b-sides and earlier stuff but these do take a lot of time and use of a large array of pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

A Rush of Blood to the Head Songs


I wanted to capture the energy of the song which is most memorable live, with Chris banging away at the piano and headbanging at the same time. I also wanted to make the picture as simple as the song itself by focusing only on Chris as well as the live aspect of it. I included the image of the cover as an afterthought but kind of wished I hadn't now.

In my Place

Here I wanted to give a handwritten feel to the fonts as the song is very much about the creating process, making rough drafts, and screwing things up. The lyrics are somewhat jumbled on purpose and because I ran out of room, but it fits the song so I'm happy. The pictures also looked spontaneous which fit the mood.

God Put a Smile
On Your Face

I picked the picture of the band at their happiest since it is about being optimistic when things turn sour. Its a great picture and was big enough to fit my needs all by itself.

The Scientist

This is one of the first few I did and I first got the head of Chris and planted it on a labcoat pic I found. I then wanted to give it a kind of a cold feeling as the scientist (to me at least) is just that, about a mundane man who is trying to reach these feelings about intense love in his ordinary mundane life. I wanted to show the coldness and have it blend into a cool background I had around. I'm happy with it, u?


This was an easy one, did a search and found a great clock wallpaper. Cut & pasted to a similarly colored Coldplay pic and voila. Pretty font added and I got one I'm rather happy with.


This is probably my favorite one. The song probably has the most 9/11 parallels so I wanted to integrate that with a picture of New York. I found exactly what I wanted, daylight shining through the smoke in N.Y. and added a double image of an intense Chris and Johnny. Hope people like it as I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Green Eyes

Did a lot of searching and finally found some beautiful eyes that matched the subject matter, although I wanted to keep subject as generic as possible so I kept her hidden. Since the Coldplay pic had their faces mainly hidden and only left their eyes it was a great match.

Warning Sign

This song always reminded me of a storm coming in so I used the outdoor shot with bad weather approaching. Chris's eyes worked well as he appeared to be looking ahead. Great song and I think the images combined well.

A Whisper

I wanted to use more of the band and some black & white pictures and I felt that the dark tone of the song matched that. Having the corner pictures blowing away like sand felt appropriate. I wanted to have the lyrics go over the pictures for a change of pace too.

A Rush of Blood
to the Head

The title track is a little confusing lyrically as it goes lots of directions. Is it about war, about starting from scratch, revenge? The fire was a must, but I couldn't find a good picture of a house burning that was large enough or fit the colors. So a big doubled kindling fire worked great and I wanted t show the band in the studio creating this fire and atmosphere.


I love this picture I saw on ROBTTH website. Simple yet showed the mood perfectly. I didn't want to steal so I wanted to give him credit with a link at the bottom. Didn't need to anything else for a change!

Parachutes' Songs

Don't Panic
I took 3 video frames and incorporated them with a nice group photo of the band. Didn't take years and it turns out pretty good!
Used the album cover as the main background than threw Natalie Imbraglia (the inspiration of the song) for Chris and the guys. Used a realy nice picture of the chris for the girls to drool over. The song can work now from the point of view of the girls in the crowd dying to get Chris's attention. As Alanis would say "isn't it ironic? don't you think?"
Its a dark song so wanted a very dark coloring and dark pictures. Used the globe as it is a really relevant song in the U.S. now, about being paranoid about the world around you. glad the main lyrics all fit in the globe. Scattered the remaining ones in a chaotic manner.
Hope I gave this one justice. My wife's favorite song off Parachutes it has a very pretty ambience so I wanted to give a handpainted feel (especially becuase the small pic blown up looked rather crappy). Handwritten font gives it a diary feel. Hope you like it, too bad i didnt have any pics of Chris by candlelight, that would have worked too!
My original lyric wallpaper i did. I did go back and clean up the crappy font i had and it does look better. Incorporated single cover, video still, and some "yellow" pics of the band. I had a picture of Chris wizzing in an alley but decided not to use it. (lol)
Second wallpaper I did which i also redid and cleaned up. For those didnt know the Chris face is from the UK video. The group picture is a great one and fit the dark mood. Used the single cover in the corner too.
While parachutes is a very short song, it is the album title track so i did want to incorporate a scene directly from the album. Made use of the open sky and used a live pic of Chris and threw in a pic of a parachuter for ovious reasons. Graffiti lyrics seemed the thing to do.
High Speed
A cool large pic of Coldplay looking a bit dazed so I wanted to add a lot of motion and chaos to match the song.
We Never Change
Since its such a song about growing up I wanted to show some older pics of the band goofing off. Wanted to have a very basic feel to it as it is a song that is almost like a diary entry.
Everything's Not Lost
Third one I ever did. Wanted to have the band standing around and kicking around the can. Looks kinda like they are waiting for a gig to happen, which I'm sure there must always be a lot of waiting when it comes to shows and interviews. Kinda like how U2 used an airport on their last cover and video to show the downside of touring.
Life is For Living
Well I didnt have a huge pic of the boys drinking or any proper ones of that nature so i used the famous surfing pic to give it a postcard feel. sort of a "wish you were here" feel.

b-sides, eps, or unreleased Songs

The One I Love
The most Echo & the Bunnymen influenced song from the AROBTTH sessons, i thought it was fair that Ian get to be shown after helping out the band. Some cool live pics i found. By the way I'm not implying that Chris is gay, lol!
See You Soon
Great closeup shot of the band and i wanted to catch the band with a look of seriousness to them to reflect the song. "Nuff said.
No More Keeping My Feet On the Ground

The song has a maniacal energy to it and I wanted to reflect it with the picture. Used a gloss finish and turned it sideways. Chis is eating the title too, yummy!

Help is Just Around the Corner
Hey its Coldplay and there just around the corner, brilliant! Great shot of the band!
Brothers & Sisters
Has a college look so I thought it matched the song. In hindsight I wish I used a live shot in front of an audience, but what the hell.
Bigger & Faster
Might as well use a picture with them in a car for a song about a fast car. Pity their driver appears to have split. Maybe should have asked for a bigger and faster chauffer.
Easy to Please
A very slow, simple, and silent song so I guess this reflects it. Eh! Its okay, but rather bland.


I'll finish the b-sides soon!




more coming soon....