September 8
Palacio de los Deportes

Mexico City, Mexico

no recording has surfaced yet

One I Love
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
World Turned Upside Down
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
See You Soon

In My Place
Feliz Cumpleaños (Spanish version of Happy Birthday, for Jon Buckland)




Mariana: right now its tuesday's 2:00 am and i still can't sleep
i went to the concert on monday and it was so much better!! i enjoyed it so much!! and you wanna know what the best part is??

i'll show the pictures tomorrow

we got the Meet and greet passes because my friend Talia and i are running the fan club in México, so after months of stalking the guy fom EMI records he finally called us yesterday (monday) and told us we had 3 passes but we had to meet him at a gate at 6:30 so we did..and it started to rain really hard (seriously, we were all soaking wet out there!!) the guy showed up at 8:45!! so after being for like 2 hours outside he got us backstage and we had to wait like 20 minutes more...then came a white van and GUY BERRYMAN WALKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!!!
but they told us that the meet and greet thing was AFTER the we enjoyed the concert and when it was over we waited until everyone left..and then they took us backstage again and we walked into a room...
and then i couldn't believe my eyes!!! the boys were coming in!
the first one was Chris, he was very nice, he gave everyone a hand shake and signed something, and even if i don't think he's hot, i must admit he has beautiful eyes...
THEN CAME JONNY!! i just love him so i said to myself 'now or never' so after he signed my cds i told him 'can you give me a hug??' and said 'yes' soi huged him and after that i said 'can i also give you a kiss???' and he smiled and put his cheek, so I KISSED HIM!!!!
then came Will and i hugged him too and he signed my stuff and i told him 'i hope you guys come back soon' and he said: 'yeah i hope so too, we love it here'
and then came Guy!! and he signed my stuff too and i told him 'can i take a pic with you' (because my sister has the camera right there) and he thought i asked for a kiss because he also put his i kissed him tooo!!
then another friend (farith a.k.a Kuyot) remembered that it was going to be jonny's birthday so we told him 'happy birthday' and i gave him a hug again!! (i took advantage of the situation!!)
after that we had to leave, but I'LL NEVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET THIS!!!!!

Miguel: Well, you know I attended the 2 gigs (sunday and monday) and fortunately I wasn't in the whole mess at the middle of the mass. On Sunday I was on a numbered seat but at the top of the venue hehehe, anyway I enjoyed the whole thing as I had never enjoyed a gig.
They seemed so energetic, enjoyin' as everyone in there.
And the Monday.. wow! was so amaizing. I were there since very early in the morning, I had to arrive early, otherwise I wouldn't be able to have a good place. Anyway, I got the best news, cause a friend told me that I would be in the Meet and greet! Gosh! I couldn't belive my ears!
So after that rained on us, and that we were completely wet and freezing in the street (for about 2 hours) we were able to go inside and prepare for the best moments in our lives.
We went straight to the backstage, but because of the time schedule we weren't able to see them at that moment. It had to wait until the show was done.
So, we were at the corner of the stage, but we could enjoy an awesome show and the best part of it, is that I was there with my friends and my girlfriend. We passed trough a lot of things but I want to thank'em for giving me the best time I've ever had.
Yeah, the security guys sucked, being at the front was like being rushed by a truck, and the sound was kind of distorted but hey! We were there and I will never forget the 35,000 voices becoming one singin' "Amarillo" (yellow).

Sama: Hello!
I am a 14 year old girl that really loves Colplay. I'm not very good at English but I'll try.......
I went to the 2nd concert that Colplay gave in Mexico. It was absolutely awesome, I'm still thinking about that every day.
I don't know why but the Coldplay's songs have something special......
I think that Jumbo is not so bad, some of their songs are very good (of course Coldplay is better), but when jumbo named Colplay, every one started to shout! (beautyfull).
The place was horrible, but when you see the group, you forget about every thing, I was so happy. The next time (if ther's an other time, I hope it will) they should go to the Estadio Azteca, because Auditorio Nacional is too expensive and Estadio Azteca is very big.
Í'm very happy for you Mariana because you met Colplay!!!!! but I am jealous too
I loved when Chris put the Mexico's flag on his head! (and when they reappeared!!!!!!!!!)
I saw them in Otro Rollo too. Hahahahaha so funny..........
Adal asked so stupin questions, Chris didn't unterstand anything, Will were so red (haha), Guy didn't talk, I think the olny normal were Jonny..........