September 7
Palacio de los Deportes

Mexico City

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One I Love
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
World Turned Upside Down
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
See You Soon

In My Place
What a Wonderful World
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Aryam: Ive just arrived from the concert, it was espectacular; the best songs were yellow, clocks & in my place cause everybody were jumping; and with songs like the scientist or trouble people just turned their lights on; im very exited, the scenery was perfect i loved the whole desing, Chris learnd some spanish ( i couldnt understand all the words), and at the end of the concert somebody gave Chris a t-shirt from La Seleccion mexicana jaja (the mexican seleccion, (football), so he put it on and it was relly cool, well gotta go, im really happy and now i will dream wiht the concert, see ya.

Marianers: I went to the concert...and WOW!!!
I absolutely loved it!!
it's been one f the best things I have ever been to and seen....(even though i don't go out much...)
I loved how he sang "what a wonderful world" (7th of september)..
i think they are great musicians! Their music is so..inspiring in a way, yet, ..tehre's something to it...still can't put it into words..haha, how corny is this..but its true!!i was dying to go the 8th too!! but no....hehe...
And I am jealouse! hehe...I wish i could meet them...but oh well..the concert was good enough for me

Pookah: I have to be honest, this was the best concert of my life, but it was the worst, too. After queing for 7 hours, the security personel were so arrogant and arbitrary that they made more than one of us cry. Then the rain came, the biggest stampeed of people I have ever seen, (my friend Lucy got trampled on) no order or help from anyone, whatsoever. I got separated from all my friends. At least 2 dozen people had to be pulled out from the front crowd, `cause we were left there to wait for so long, and it was such a mess, people fainted, and some even came out with broken ribs.
The supporting band came out, they are called "Jumbo". They sucked. Somebody hit me right in the face and I went blind. I got pulled out and taken away. The paramedic panicked when I told him I couldn`t see...he insisted on taking me away, but I didn`t want to leave, so told him I was feeling better. So they sent me right at the back, where I found my husband and sister. Coldplay came out (finally) and everything was suddenly right and cool! I loved every minute of it! The best stage and lights ever!
But I`m still puzzled. Why would Coldplay choose to play in the second crappiest venue in Mexico City? The acoustics there are terrible, as it`s a metal dome. You have beer sellers pushing you about and blocking your view all the time (it wasn`t a damn football match!) No organization or seating right at the front, so lots of people get hurt. We have much better venues here. They could have filled up Estadio Azteca, hands down. If they didn`t want something that big, we have other theatres and concert halls, and the best venue in Latin America, Auditorio Nacional, has comfortable, numbered seats, excellent acoustics, and a covered entrance, so you don`t get soaked while you wait. I really do hope next time they come, they play there. Still...the best concert ever. Now I better go to hospital and have a check-up, I think my nose is broken.

Mariana: i agree..the concert was brilliant, excellent and clearly the best concert i've ever been to..but to be completely honest the organization and security were a total mess.
I got there at 7:00 am to assure a good place, but after i was in line for 10 hours, it started to rain and some people were getting out of the line to not get wet..and thats when all the trouble began because when the security people opened the gates, many people tried to cut in line ( a stupid man pushed me..i almost fell )
when we were inside i got to be in the first row (i was so close that you can hear everything they say on stage without a microphone) and even before anything started i counnted about 23 girls that had to be pulled out because they fainted of weren't feeling well..then Jumbo (opening act) started, they weren't so bad and they only played for like 30 minutes, so it was ok..
then, before coldplay satrted was when everyone started to push to try to get closer (and everyone in the front row got slammed in the little gate that divides the stage and the audience thing..including me)
THEN COLDPLAY CAME OUT!! and i was so happy, but diring 'shiver' and 'the scientist' all i got to see was a secutity man's balls because he was pulling more faited girls from the audience (he was right in front of my face, i couldn't see anything i wanted to kill him!!!)
but then things got better (at least no more fainted girls) and i completely enjoyed the concert...i even KNOW that jonny saw me because i was yelling 'JONNYYYY JONYYY' and waving my hands at him (haha i must have looked like a moron) but he looked at me, i know it!!
so, in conclusion: i waited in the venue for 12 hous, i ended up with bruises on my knees, arms and chest..and a concert i'll NEVER forget, so it was worth it!!

Mannishboy: This is presumptuous but it helps me give you some perspective
about the concert last night:
I have seen Coldplay 3 times (which are not enough..)
The first one was "BDO" in Australia in 2001, then
0303 in the US and yesterday in Mexico.
Yesterday was the concert Ive seen Jon, Guy will and particularly Chris the most engaged and energetic with an audience.
Altough the concert in the US was in a much smaller venue, (imagine "Salon 21" for those familiar with Mexican venues) and the accoustics and set up were better, (US and Mexico had almost the exact same set up, Australia was bare bones, but incredibly effective). I felt the most energized and enaged yesterday, I believe Coldplay are one of those rare bands these days that are very respondant and dependant on the energy that the audience gives them to reciprocate through their performance, the enthusiasm and energy that they gave is yesterday surpassed all my expectations and previous experiences.
It could have been a number of factors:
1) The incredible expectations Coldplay created in Mexico, it is already an event that a band comes to Mexico, but a band that
comes off winning many awards (VMA, British awards, etc) in the height of their fame and game is quite amazing.
2) A well publizised visit and giving me time to plan, the previous concerts I attended were more espontaneous, I was there and
I was more pleasantly surprised, yesterday was more planned and I knew what to expect in general, the genius was in yesterday details (Chirs speaking spanish, lyrics, attitudes, etc.)
3) The prescence of dear friends and my loved one, the previous
concerts I went with friends I met in Aus and US, good friends,
but the level of engagement of my friends here was bigger, they went to the concert to see Coldplay and not to just accompany me (US) and to see many other bands (Big Day Out Australia).
About the venue, yes, I agree "Palacio" is not the best place to attend a concert, and as in many things, Mexico goes from one extreme to the other. "Palacio" is just the right size but the accoustics are terrible, "Auditorio" is great accoustically but lacks the size. We need a new venue that is more functional and especially designed to accommodate these types of concerts. As it is a custom in Mexico, Palacio was a "temporary" measure to have concerts that became permanent.
My friends and I arrived at 6.30 by taxi, got in no problem and
were ready about 200m from the stage by 7.15, I guess we missed all the commotion Ive seen mentioned.
And I did like beer brought to me, it allowed me not to miss any part of the concert, and if you felt overwhelmed you could have always pulled back and take a breather, this time they left room for that.
Not bad, great experience

luna moon: I don't give a damn about the venue or the acustic or the girls or those security guards... for me it was great... I enjoy it at 100%... the best time of my life... fortunately I was in the front line, I got squashed, I'm black and blue near to my ribs... but It's part of the experience of being in a massive concert... I've had worsts... It was great... come on!!! I payed 510.60 pesos for my ticket... I wouldn't have wasted in a faint... what the hell!?!?!... thanks to my mom I'm strong and feed me with vegetables so I could resist the crowd trying to pull me out of my place...
Anyway I totally enojoy the whole thing... even Jumbo... they were cool... I thought they'll be arrogants but no hahaha

lulycg: I went to the concert on sunday, Coldplay was really great, Chris were just perfect, I couldn't believe he spoken spanish so good... and when he wore the Mexico's soccer t-shirt was so unbelievable!
I was really close but we had to get out of the crowd, we couldn't breathe and some guy really tall didn't let me see everything.
Certanly the organization was a mess, I couldn't believe there was no seats in the arena, I'm not from Mexico city, so I didn't know El Palacio de los Deportes, in my ticket said line 8 so I expected to be seated, instead I was in the middle of a crazy crowd
After all it was a really great concert, when it was end I was almost voiceless! all the songs couldn't be better, when they performed Clocks I went really mad just GREAT!!!
Thanx for the photos c'ya next time

atticus: Maybe the venue wasn't the problem, I arrived 5 hours before the show, and it was a mess, even when at the begining I had a good location, people from behind started pushing very hard and I was squizzed so badly that I had to be pulled out, I ended up seen only heads but at least my ribs weren't broken (as would be if I had stood on the first rows). I understand why they like general admission's concerts but for doing them you need to have a much better organization, and what was the deal with the bracelets? those are used when there are separations inside the arena for letting people come and go without causing troubles as the ones there were on Mexico but here THERE WAS NO SEPARATION!!! so what was the point of them (besides being a good souvenir ) Don't get me wrong, they were great, and I'd love to see them again but I don't want to be injured on a Coldplay's show. I hate doing comparations but I can't believe that a Pearl Jam show in the same venue was better organized than a Coldplay's one...