September 04:
Alt Hall

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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One I Love
God Put a Smile Upon your Face
The Scientist
A Rush of Blood to the Head
World Turned Upside Down
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
See You Soon
In My Place
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schmarotzer 9:30pm... the show should be starting now but... it didn't. we had to wait for 30 min! Aaarrggh. When i thought that everything was lost, and the show would never start... Surprise! Lights go out and eveybody starts screaming. Chris Martin and the band entered the stage and that politik intro started playing. The light effects were just awesome, and when chris started to play the song, ppl began to jump like... hmmm... how can i describe it?? ok, jumping like Avril Lavigne in sk8er boi? yeah, something like that. to my surprise, everybody knew the song lyrics, and ppl were singing really, really loud. It was so amazing... can't find the words to describe it.
Ok, politik was over and was expeting god put a smile upon your face, but they played one i love. most ppl didn't know the lyrics, but the band's performance was brilliant. Will was really inspired there. And when the guitar riffs started, ppl started the avril alike jumps again. Awesome!

Then, god put a smile upon your face started. (One of my fav songs). chris couldn't hear his own voice, cos we were singing out really loud. It was possible to see Chris and the whole band smiling when they noticed that we were totally into the song. great moment. Chris said "muito obrigado" (thank you very much) in the end.
Then we had poor me and the scientist (both were awesome.) and then the best of all... SHIVER!!! omg, it was incredible... (jonny's greatest moment of the night). And i could really relate to the lyrics, like i was singing to chris: "And it's you i see, but you dont see me, and its you, i hear, so loud and so clear". Fantastic.

Then we had a rush of blood to the head acoustic, which was really cool, but the best came next, with eveything's not lost: "Por favor cantem conosco" (Please sing with us) said Chris. Omg, everybody started to sing really loud, and that was the best moment of the night. You could see Chris smiling again, and that was so cool, you could see in his eyes that he was having a great moment, and so was I.

Next we had Yellow. Oh man, how can i describe it? yellow lights all over the place, the best guitar riff ever, everybody singing, jumping... damn, no one created a word to describe how i was feeling.
After that we had See you soon. Beautiful song. Not my fav, but it was good cos i really needed to rest for a while and take a breather cos I was really tired.

So the band left us and we could see 4 big screens with "Make trade". So we all started to shout "coldplay, coldplay, coldplay!" until they came back 3 mins later....

Clocks started. Most beautiful light effects i've ever seen... Everybody was jumping trying to reach the light, and when chris noticed that, he raised his arm and touched it. that was really cool. I was so happy to hear clocks, but the best moment was about to happen... In My Place!!!

they didn't rest between the song. I was way too tired, but i thought: "If i'm gonna die today, it will be jumping and singing in my place!" and that's what i did. chrs didn't sing the chorus, he left that to us. "YEAH!!! HOW LONG MUST YOU WAIT FOR HIM???" That was the loudest thing i've ever heard. And i was a part of that 6.000 ppl coral. yay! when the song ended, a part of me just wanted to sit down and rest, but the other was wanting one more song.
And they couldn't have chosen a better song. Amsterdam! so beautiful and deep, i will never forget it. I still didn't believe that the show was about to end... i started to cry like a lil girl. (ok, laugh, but that's true!). So when the song was over, the boys came to the edge of the stage and said good bye to us and left the stage.
If i could describe my concert experience with some coldplay lyrics:

"And nothing else compares..."
That's it. The story of the best night of my life. I know that Coldplay will never read this, but thanks a lot Chris, Jon, Guy and Will. I'll never forget this concert. Please come back as soon as you can. really!! Pllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!!!

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I went to the concert in Rio yesterday and it was the best thing i've ever done in my life...sometime during the concert - i think it was during shiver - i thought to myself: "i want to stay here living this moment forever and ever"...i want to thank coldplay for everything, i really hope u four have enjoyed the concert as much as we did

amazing show !!!
what else can be said ??
chris martin is a hell of a frontman and he certainly does know how to entertain the audience, not to mention the rest of the band that do know how to keep the rythm
the usual setlist (somebody posted it already) and a perfect bond between band and audience singing along to every song they played which made the show even better than it was supposed to be
this gig made it to my top 5 list for sure and i do hope these guys will be back in the future
AMAZING !!!!!!!!

ps - heaps of british people in the audience. i wonder how they felt listening to the sing alongs(they were pretty high) in a country where engllish is not the first spoken language

the best of my life!!!!!!!
i dont have words to describe it!!!
Coldplay is the best!!!!

I agree with everybody, we saw Chris smiling while he heard the crowd singing so loud. It was very nice!! I read from someone that Coldplay is not a jumping arround band. I totaly disagree, I jumped a lot, sang a lot played air guitar, air drums, air bass, air piano, I had a quiet time too, but seated, no way!! At least hugged to my girlfriend. Grat show, the best show!!

the concert was supposed to start at 9:30; I was in at 9:00. After a half-hour delay, Chris and the others started tuning guitars, testing the drums, etc. I WAS PUMPED already! The ambience and acoustic of ATL HALL is AMAZING, too, so the ambient music was really setting the mood for the concert.
Finally, the lights go out and i can barely make out anything other than the bright neon lights on the stage.
Politik starts. I was honestly VERY surprised when a GOOD number of people were actually singing along to the song. I only thought that was gonna happen with The Scientist, Clocks, and In My Place. I was dead wrong.
I can't stress enough how AWESOME the lighting was from up there. It was all in perfect sync with the songs, and there were some really amazing examples. Highlights go to the sweeping yellow lights in "Yellow", the bright colors focusing on Chris in Daylight, the sweeping blue and white lights of GPSUYF, and of course, the most amazing lighting I have ever seen on a concert, "Clocks". I had seen those green laser beams on the Clocks videoclip, but seeing that live, and especially from an above perspective created a great effect. It was almost like a green, futuristic curtain covering the stage and the crowd below.

Highlights of the show were definetly Everything's Not Lost, with a GREAT crowd participation, Trouble, which sounded very AUTHENTIC and emotional, Yellow, with a great flowing energy that sweeped through the whole place.
The best moment, though, was In My Place. It isn't even my favorite song, but the crowd interaction was at its best, and even EVERYONE on the booths and seats got up and into the song.
Chris was trying to speak portuguese all the way through the gig, and the crowd LOVED it. "Finalmente nos cheguemos no Rio", which is basically a very WRONG way to say "We've finally arrived in Rio" got cheers, laughs and applauses all at the same time. Besides that, he also added a few Brazilian-style vocals in some of the songs that actually fit in AMAZINGLY WELL (aaeeee!) and sounded great.

There was only ONE thing that kept it from being a perfect concert for me: GPSUYF. For some reason, I wasn't quite feeling the song; something I can't really say seemed a little off; maybe it's just not a very good live song.
Other than that, the setlist was AWESOME, the duration was about 1:40, and closing with Amsterdam was just GREAT.WELL worth my money. There was actually a GOOD number of British people there!
They were all over the place, and I saw at least three people waving UK flags, one of them right there next to the stage.

On the lighting aspect, the pscyhadelic, almost Beatles-like flashes of light on every single color I can think of were amazing, and so were the four HUGE screens on stage that once showed everyone with an infrared filter that looked great.

I can't stress enough how amazing this was, especially since it seemed like EVERYONE knew the lyrics to 90% of the songs. The energy was FLOOOOOWING!!!!!

This is EASILY the best concert I've been to since Rock in Rio 3.
Hell, it was probably better than that if you consider every concert in Rock in Rio by itself instead of the whole thing.
There is only one band in actual existence that could beat this for me, and that is Radiohead. We'll see if they ever come around here.