September 03:
San Paulo Via Functal



One I Love
God Put a Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
World Turned Upside Down
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
See You Soon

In My Place




gpeddino Just one word about yesterday's show: UNFORGETTABLE!!!
Spotlight on Shiver and AROBTTH.

Right after getting on the stage, even before "Politik", Chris went to the mic and said: "Boa noite, São Paulo!" (Good evening, São Paulo). Then, before "Trouble" he said "Finalmente nós chegamos ao Brasil" (Finally we arrived to Brasil) e durante "Everything's Not Lost" he said "Cantem comigo, por favor." (Sing with me, please).

But the best moment of the show (in my honest opinion) ocurred during "Trouble". Chris started singing the first verse (Oh no, I see) but he could not finish it as the whole crowd was singing louder than him. He smiled gently, turned to the audience and made a reverence (!) It was sooo nice. Everybody clapped a lot after that.

The most "energetic" moment was the encore. When they played Clocks and In My Place it seemed that Via Funchal was going to fall down. EVERYBODY was singing and dancing and shouting. It was incredibly awesome.

Arie: it is very good for seeing and better to listen to its preferred band to the living creature and to perceive that its voice is identical to the cd this really it is very good. The voice of the Chris is made velvety and intent really the melody. is the tone sweetens more the letters and it really makes well the ears and to the heart in everything's not lost is really a life song. in my mind still out is the chorus""" Sing oh oh oh yeahOh oh yeahOh oh yeahEverything's not lostCome on yeahOh oh yeahCome on yeahEverything's not lost"""
i liked the band very is all had shown charisma !!!
Congratulations, Coldplay!!!!
and please back to brazil!!!!

Belica: What can I say? The concert was awesome! Words just can't explain. Everything was perfect. What else can I say? Chris Martin is the best. Coldplay HAS to come to Brazil again!

Silvia.brazil84: Hey, I'm new here and I was on the concert last night...God, what was that ? I was like speechless pretty much the whole hour and half ! They are definetely the best band ever, Chris has such a spirit, he never stops ! It's just not fair that we will have to wait like forever to see that again !

Gabby93: i came out of last nights sampa show 100 times the fan i was before! and i was already a huge fan! words cant describe how amazing the show was!! "shiver" was incredible! chris is adorable, loved how he smiled when the entire crowd started singing!!! him, along with the rest of the band looked like they where truly enjoying themselves!! i hope they come back to brazil many many times!!
Coldplay rocks!!

Malicious Intent: The concert was amasing. I was speechless when they played Yellow and Trouble and the whole crowd sang along. I was sooo close to the stage and that felt good. I almost turned into a mashed potato there.
Oh..and after the concert I even got one of the drum sticks....
Best. Show. Ever.
No doubt about it. Yeah, the show was great, but was not different from others... I was a little disappointed since he did not played Lips Like Sugar or another cover he was getting used to. Maybe he tought we did not have enough musical knowledge to recognize the music. Well, but no doubt it was a great show. The audience was great too.... better than Coldplay I would put Echo & The Bunnymen at Canecão (1987) and Morrissey in São Paulo (2nd show april 04th 2000)..... Chris was very nice and even manage to talk a lot of things in portuguese. Coooooooollllllll!!!!!! But, finishing, I would say next time he comes they can improve a little bit.

Anafrombrazil: What a show!!!!!!!
Can't possible describe it with words........
Pure emotion, pure true music, souls gathering in such a great energy that was never seen before.....
Too bad that it is over.....
Hopefully they realized how loved they are and come back soon.....
Can't wait!!!!!See you guyes there anyway!!!!

hawk2025_br: They were probably VERY surprised at how the crowd knew how to sing almost EVERY SONG. I'm sure they had a great time in Brazil and that we are gonna see them again on the next tour

Foxey: Well, how can words possibly discribe it!? It was magic! And the colors of the lights and the screens.... everything was soooo beautiful!!! It was absolutely perfect!
And the look on their faces, they seemed so astound! I think they didn't expect to hear everyone singing almost all the songs...
It all feels like a great big dream! I still can't believe I was there...

Flavioflow: AMAZING ! AWESOME ! FANTASTIC ! OUTSTANDING !!! My fellow friends, as you've said, Coldplay's performance was one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life... I must say, 'till I look straightly to their eyes, I couldn't believe they would really come down here... But it was reeeeeealy true ! My God ! As I’ve already seen around this message board, "word's cannot express". These are the words of the Metropolis TV program [of a local TV Network – Cultura] presenter, Cunha Jr., they can try to express how I felt:
"At the show, I have found an enraptured audience staring at an enraptured band. An enraptured audience 'coz they were in front of a very good group [...], the band was enraptured because the audience was ‘contaminating’ those melancholy songs with a lot of happiness, in other words, they had 'carnavalizated' Coldplay's melancholy".
And he gave a good news for those who have been keeping some money: It seems that in this November it's going to be launched a live CD and DVD of the band. Enjoy it!
That's for our Latin friends, the Mexican people: HAVE FUN, GUYS!
p.s.: I’m sure that Coldplay’ guys didn’t expect that reception ! They got surprised… Hope they come back…

Manu: It was by far the best concert ever. Thank you Coldplay for coming over and give us this wonderful gift...
Next time you come to Brazil, make sure you'll have time to learn more about our amazing culture and people.

Mayellow: It was amazing. the best night I have ever had. I bet all Brazilians Coldplayers loved it!!!!!! Especially the phrases that Chris tried to speak in Portuguese.
All the songs, the lights, the sound, everthing was just perfect.
I arrived home about 1:40 AM, and it was so hard to wake up at 6 o'clock AM (I slept only 4 hours) and have to go to school, but all this didn't matter because the concert was wonderful!!!
Oh, talking about wonderful, there was only one thing that makes me a bit sad: They didn't play "what a wonderful world" and "warming song". In my view it was a short concert (about 2 hours) for such a brilliant band like Coldplay!!!!!!!

Rox: AMAZING!!!!! That´s the minimum I can say about Coldplay´s concert here in was just awesome!!!!! One of the best concerts i´ve ever seen...I almost cried when they played Shiver, and I even am a huge fan of the band....but that was grate!
About the comments in the tv´Metropolis, i had seen them too and they made me really happy...i just hope the had feel just as happy as us (I´m sure they are surprised) and thinking about come back