August 17
V2003 Festival

Weston Park

Stafford, England

no recording has surfaced although there is a partial FM with only a couple songs

One I Love
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
The World Turned Upside Down
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me

In My Place
What A Wonderful World




jonjo: Did anyone go to V how amazing were they.
I watched them from the stage and the crowd looked amazing especially when they were singing Trouble back to the band.

Eazyboy: Yeah, that was i pretty cool night. It was really cool when chris told everyone to sing, and we did. They are so good live.

Xxdonnaxx: o yea i was at V festival at weston park!!
they were amazing 1st time ive seen them live wat i have been missing!!  
they were the best band there by far ...but did ne1 c reel big fish...legends!!
chris martin looked amazing as per normal...+ loved the 'wonderful world' cover!!

Louiz: i travelled from France to see them in Staffordshire
i don't regret it , it's the first time i saw them live and very well as too !!
being part of the crowd was completely amazing !
it was a wonderful moment

Wookiemonster: it was the 8th time i've seen them at v2003 staffs, and thats the best time i've seen them, except for the 1st time i saw them on the parachutes tour!

Suki: I've been a Coldplay fan since listening to their first album, but never got the chance to see them, but I got last minutes tickets to V2003 and went, just to see Coldplay. And ohh my god, how awesome were they!!!! Singing along with 30,000 other people is just amazing, what have I been missing. I must admit, I'm not afn of festivals or heavy rock bands like The Foo fighters, but it was one of the best days ever. Can't wait to see them again!!!...and yes, it does want to make you come home and listen to all you have on them and buy loads of Coldplay stuff off ebay....

ed2000: Saw Coldplay for the first time at Staffs and would agree they were the best band by quite a long way although Red Hot Chilli Peppers were surprisingly good and( being an old man) Echo and The Bunnymen were superb.
The crowd were absolutely brilliiant singing along to every song it was quite a moving experience to be honest .Very few bands have ever made me feel that way so much so I grabbed the nearest women hugged her and we both sung our hearts out for the rest of the set!!
Can`t wait to see them again but would like to see them under a roof this time.

Maria_C: aww nicky they were fab last night too. I was soo happy. The people round me must havethough me our cath and our mate were nutters. We went mad ewhen they played 'one I love' and everyoen else was liek hmm whats is this song? haha. aww it was so much fun. I was sopleased they played Shiver. It was brilliant. But overall i had an amazing time. yay!

chrislivesnextdoor: my god i was there and thats the fourth time ive seen them live (WEMBLEY IN 2002 ,FAIR TRADE GIG AT THE ALBERT HALL ,EARLS COURT )but the first time at a festival i can only say i was dissapointed ! not with coldplay who surpassed themselves again but with myself because i enjoyed it so much i kind of forgot the whole thing !!! it seemed to be over so fast ive since seen the footage on itv and became so saddened that i coulnt rewind the week and do it all again !!!! festival blues!!!!! i really hope they can find some time to chill out and record the eagerly awaited new album? they must be exhausted ! i can honestly say that they are without doubt the best band in the world and if i had some spare cash i would drag my ass off to mexico to see them !!!! as for the performance at V what i can remember i will never forget ! post coldplay gig blues awww man!!!!!!!!

Jammit: Coldplay really did finish the night off for me. They were perfect. The whole atmosphere at the V festival is hard to explain, it was just the best. I* don't think it would of been 'as' good in the day light, not because of them, just because of the atmosphere they can create is enhanced more so at night. After seeing them play live finally I am a little annoyed that my digi cam batteries had run out and I didn't get 1 pic. So if any1 does have any plz post.
Coldplay makes me proud to be British.

spider web: Coldplay did well and truly rock last night.....
Poor me was excellent, they have changed it a bit towards the end and its sounds amazing now !!

wildcat391 Hello all..
just wanted to add my thoughts. seen the band twice now and I think they are quite simply phoenomenal. I listen to radio one for my sins and I've been bombarded for two weeks with Foo this and Foo that. Sure, the Foo's are good live... THEY ROCK... to quote many other radio one listeners. But as far as I am concerned, they faded into memory once Coldplay hit the stage on Sunday at Weston Park.
Tracks which seem to be "quiet" on the albums burst into life. It kinda makes you want to go home and listen to them all again with a different frame of mind. Having seen them in March in Manchester, I wanted to make the V. Festival the first ever live concert for my 8 year old son. He loved it! He was on my shoulders for the encore singing along and beaming from ear to ear. I hope I have helped to educate him about REAL music...
All in all, a wonderful performance. This is a truly great live band. (And I have seen quite a few in my time....)
Now it's time to shut up and wait for the flak from angry Foo fans.....