August 16
V2003 Festival

Hylands Park

Chelmsford, England

no recording has surfaced although there is a partial FM with only a couple songs

'One I Love'
'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'
'The Scientist'
'World Turned Upside Down'
'Everything's Not Lost'
'Poor Me'
In My Place'
'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'
'What A Wonderful World'




Coldplayhaveitall: I sat in spilt beer, I was squashed from all sides, pushed, shoved, I was hungry and thirsty and had a sore arse from sitting down in my "Coldplay viewing spot" all day, but it was all worth it to see Coldplay live for the second time in my life! After seeing them for the first time at Earl's Court in April, I HAD to take the chance to see them again at V.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh they were fantastic!! Hello,
I saw them at Chelmsford Saturday night, was in a very crowded place (was everyone?! or it just me surrounded by loud drunk Australians???!!!) but it was great and I sang my little heart out! As did the other thousands of people in the crowd... that's what I love about Coldplay gigs... everyone singing along... ahhhhh.
Know what you mean about post-Coldplay gig blues! You just want to relive it

Coldplayed: I arrived at Hylands Park at about 1pm to set up camp which was done easily and i looked like i was surrounded with nice people which i was, i will cut straight to the music
I kinda spent most of the Foo Fighters set trying to get as close to the front as possible. songs like 'Breakout' and 'Monkey Wrench' were all set highlights they ended with the great 'Everlong' they were a perfect warm up for Coldplay. Now it's dark and the roadies start to roll on Coldplay's equipment. The time is has now arrive on the speakers comes the tune of Brian Eno 'A Ascending Decent' beautiful as the stars are out in the sky. The comes the proper Coldplay intro and there they are Coldplay made there way onstage the crowd went bonkers. Anyway i know this is really long and i haven't even got till sunday yet so i wont spend to long now. The first two songs in Coldplay's set were 'Politik' and 'One I Love' possibly the greatest opener i have ever seen. The set-list was perfect in terms of how they brought the crowd up lowered the tone then brought it back up again. This was my fifth time seeing Coldplay and i was certainly the best, it was purely mind blowing. Higlighjts of the set were 'One I Love', 'Amsterdam' (it was dark and very romantic), 'Clocks', 'Everything's Not Lost' and 'Wonderfull World'. I left the V stage feeling so alive knowing that i had just witnessed something very special that high kept with me for the rest of the weekend

netsurfer287: Coldplays' music is a feeling that you get inside and even Saturdays performance of A Rush Of Blood To The Head bought a tear to my eye.....and i don't mind admitting it.

Nick4Chris: What can i say?? Wow as usual!! We only went to V yesterday because we couldn't afford both days and of course i had to see Coldplay again as i think it will be a while til we see them again...
Then the Foo Fighters who were great too... dave Grohl cracks me up... he's mad But by this time i was getting excited for Coldplay... we weren't very near the front but were right in the middle maybe a quarter of the way back. they started with Politik as usual... brilliant. I can't remember the whole setlist but most importantly they played Shiver... me and Andy went mad, we were soooo happy Chris didn't speak as much as usual but he was very humble and kept saying thanks to everyone... i got quite teary during the scientist, shiver and in my place...
Anyway, i loved it but i always do... i think they get better and better every time i see them live. I'll shut up now.
Thanks for reading

haha when Chris coughed during the Scientist he actually fell backwards off the piano stool too.. twas very amusing

neverbaby: I had a great time too Got quite teary when Amsterdam came on though, and Yellow - seemed like the perfect night for that song coz at the time they played it, all the stars were clear in the sky, no clouds or anything. It was perfect
Dammit, I wish I was going to Staffs now lol

Science&Progress: Just wanted to add my thoughts.
Once again the boys blew me away, my third time and it just get's better each time. Politik was stunning, the build-up, the lights and then bang.
I enjoyed the rockier songs more at this gig, cos there's over 50,000 people all singing and bouncing along, that you don't get in the arenas. I think One I Love is one of new faves.
New songs were Poor Me and Your World Turns Upside Down, first time I'd ever heard YWTUD and I thought it was really catchy.
The best bits for me were Trouble, The Scientist and In My Place. Chris let the crowd sing the last few lines to IMP which sounded cool.

'In my place, in my place,
Were lines that I couldn't change,
I was lost, oh yeah
Oh yeah'
No one seems to have mentioned all the little funny bits that make a CP gig what it is. We had Chris's cough in the middle of The Scientist. During Everything's Not Lost, there was a little Justin Timberlake 'Rock Your Body' moment and 'What a Wonderful World' with lyrics about V2003, can't remember them exactly.
Only moan was where was 'Life is for Living'? I thought that the boys ended every concert with this? Oh well, we did have 'Shiver'!
It's such a shame for us to part - so that's it CP perform there last gig at Stafford tonight and who knows when we'll see them again. I'm glad they're taking some time off, they deserve a break and I want them to take their time over the next album.

LoveU2: OMG That was totally amazing!!!!!!! I got there Frday night cos I had a weekend camping pass with 3 of my mates and the whole weekend was one of the best of my life!!!
COLDPLAY were amazing, I managed to be right in the middle 3rd row from teh front and had a perfect view of Chris!!! I was lucky to get that close considering during the foo fighters I got pushed and shoved sooo much me and my mates ended up about 40 rows back! lol
The atmopsphere was wonderful, Setlist truely brilliant!, and Chris was totally going for it, loved it when he played what a wonderful world and playing SHIVER made my evening as they didntplay it at Earls court!!!
I hope my photos come out alright but it was truely amazing and I will never forget the whole feeling of that eveing!!
My friend who isnt even much of a coldplay fan was crying to the scientist and her brother spent the whole of yesterday laughing at her, lol. Shows you how emotional coldplay songs are!

chumba88: just got back from V at chelmsford...
Coldplay were amazing as usual. I was so pleased they played Shiver!! I managed to get right to the barrier at the front, though I was at the side, and I could look sideways and see the crowd going mad all along the front and just think 'wowwwwww'! The crowd went totally wild during yellow and in my place and the atmosphere was brilliant - I think you get more of an atmosphere at festivals than you do in arenas.
My only criticism is that I thought AROBTTH was in the wrong place. Everyone went mad during in my place and I think they should have just played It's a wonderful workd after that to end things, but instead they played AROBTTH in between them, and that sort of took the energy out of things a bit. It would have been better earlier in the set. But hey, that's only a small critricism!

Cazamataz: Coldplay were wonderful... I liked it when Chris began to sang All My Life by The Foos, hahaha! The red flower in his jacket was sweet-bless! They all seemed so happy when they came to the edge of the stage at the end of the set!
The Foo Fighters were brillant, so were The Hives, and The Super Furry Animals!
I was disapionted that I never got any closer...all them drunken 'lad' types of male rather scared me, the atmospher wasn't so great this year because of that. I still enjoyed the bands though!
Moshing at Coldplay...did anyone find that strange?

Dingoes ate my baby: Wow. Thats what I was thinking throughout the set. WOW!!
I've never seen them live before and I wasn't sure what to expect even though my friend wouldn't shut up about them. I managed to get to the very front about about 2 metres from the centre so a perfect place to see the most stunning performance of the festival.
I loved all the songs like Yellow and Everythings Not Lost where every single person was singing along. There was such a harmony among the audience.
Singing All My Life was a nice touch as was the Louis Armstrong song and the constant compliments to the crowd. Thanks Chris!
I am definitely going to see them when they tour again. They were the perfect end to an amazing weekend.

Cleo: crikey!!
i finally saw coldplay live at the v festival and fuck me they were brilliant!!! if its possible they sounded better than a cd!! if u havent seen em u have to!!! they're fucking amazing.

Ninjafairy: When anyone asked me about the V fest, i got all choked up when it came to describing what coldplay were like, i couldnt talk, my friend wasnt quite as excited as i was and couldnt understand why i couldnt talk about them. When they did the scientist i nearly cried, they were amazing and that was the first time ive seen them! And i was four rows from the front talking to this really sexy guy who kept giving me vodka and red bull!!