July 24
Carter Holt Pavilion

Auckland, New Zealand

recording has not surfaced yet

1. Politik
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
3. Rush Of Blood To The Head
4. Daylight
5. Trouble
6. One I Love
7. Don't Panic
8. See You Soon
9. Everything's Not Lost
10. Moses
11. Yellow
12. The Scientist
13. What A Wonderful World
encore 1
14. Clocks
15. In My Place
16. Amsterdam
17. Gravity


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default user: The show seemed to be a pretty standard performance given the live video’s I’ve seen, and the set list was the same as the Sydney gig on the 21st except for the inclusion of Gravity as a third encore.
The crowd excitement level and participation level was appallingly nonexistent – Chris even stopped through a song (Daylight I think) to remind the crowd they were allowed to sing along. Chris seemed to be giving Gwyneth (whom I saw peeking through a set of curtains at the show) a lot of attention throughout the performance, especially on lines that had romantic / relationship related context.
The concert was in a warehouse so it was not as intimate as the Logan Campbell Centre next door or the Auckland Town Hall and this may have reduced the atmosphere somewhat. I wasn’t as close to the front as I would of liked where it looked marginally better (people were actually moving to the music). It is also a good thing it was a fine evening because it had rained the tin roof would have made an absolute racket. There were quite a few fixed cameras on stage (including one looking along the keys of Chris’s piano) and were hooked up to four projectors mounted on the lighting rack and four screens on the back of the set to help the people at the back see. During the concert Chris used the set up to show everyone his receding hairline and commented that “we’re the new REM, but not a music sense”.
There was a false start for God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, when Chris signalled to the roadies to increase the volume but instead they readjusted the height of his microphone stand and made a mess of it. Just before Trouble was played, Chris apologised about the depressing set and said that it would get better and more exciting afterwards (I have forgotten the exact quote), and said that they would start using the projectors (which they only seemed to be operating for certain songs, and showing media player esq. visual effects for the rest).

Overall the concert was enjoyable, I was hoping for a brand new – never been played before - song but the version of Gravity played at the end was mesmerising (Jonny’s ambient guitar effects were more prominent). Chris introduced it as “a good songs for boys to kiss girls with”. The lack of enthusiasm of the crowd finally paid dividends as someone must have a mint recording (touch wood) with almost perfect silence bar some drunken whore yelling 2 or 3 random obscenities. At 19 songs for 75 dollars (if you were lucky enough to get a ticket from ticketek first hand, it worked out to be just under 4 dollars a song – good value for money compared to some concerts that I have been to that have lasted all of 30 minutes.
The only downside was finding that my friend’s car had been broken into while we were being entertained… with wallets, cell phones and school books all taken… Assholes!
Thank you Coldplay for a great evening. Come again soon please.

coldplayfan_akl: ahh my ears are still ringing from the concert. heres my brief 5 cents worth (forgive me i'm not that great at explanations lol)...
well I have to say it was a pretty good show, a slight let down, but only due to the fact that ive been waiting since the '01 gig to see them again nothing would have probably satisfied me hehe.
Betchadupa opened and played for about an hour. Great stuff, bunch of very talented guys, but pity i didnt know much of their stuff so I couldnt really get into it. During Betcha me and a mate swore we could see Gwyneth looking down from upstairs beside a drawn curtain, but maybe it wasnt as we saw another lady up there after the show which definately wasnt her. Looked like her sillouhette would look hehe. I didnt notice Chris looking that way during songs.
Coldplay came out after what seemed like a very long sound check..but it was great when they did, everyone went wild
skipping a few details....Im glad they played see you soon! love that song. Great set list, but wow did they really play that many songs? It all seemed to go so fast! too fast
I was hoping to hear some rare or b-sides..I knew they would play Moses but I was hoping for some of my faves like Crest of Waves, Ladder to the Sun or Lips like Sugar.
Gravity was perfect! a bitter sweet ending and then they all took a bow.
for me the crowd played an important part in the enjoyment of the gig ...i was 2nd row left behind some older people who had ear plugs in their ears! which annoyed me because why go to a concert to wear ear plugs? we had a great view, directly behind a speaker and in front of Jonny. no one immediately around us was really getting into it, which was sad and it was only until Yellow played that everyone knew a song lol. Slack nz crowd!

Waited nearly an hour after the show for a possible run in with the band, but no luck! saw Jonny in a van leaving with possibly Guy on the other side of him (not sure) but it didnt seem right to run up and attack them lol.
Security before the show was ruthless, they binned my sharpies (for signatures not tagging!@#$@) and luckily my camera wasnt taken off me as i had it in a secret pouch in my bag. But damn the security guy in front of me at the show, who would have taken it off me if i pulled it out and took any.
I brought my Yellow single hoping i'd get it signed, but I woulda had more luck in '01 if only i had stuck around then.

Raylene: My thoughts...
I'd have loved to see them perform in a lounge type scenario. You know, around a table with friends, having a few drinks, candles, low lit room etc etc. The intimacy would have been really enjoyable. (wishful thinking never hurt anyone) Because Coldplay just aren't "GA", stand up and rock your ass off material. GA venues are more for rock bands I feel. (I felt cold in that warehouse, and I was amongst 5,000 people.. that says something!) ie - audience participation sux0rz! (bar a small portion of the centre front)
Gotta admit, Chris was a good sport about the (often) lack of crowd enthusiasm. Also have to hand it to him.. he really knew how to work the crowd. I've been to concerts where the front man was more or less a statue. *yawn* :::boring::: Watching him in action was entertaining and fun.
You guys forgot to mention that Chris and Gwyneth did a duet - "Cruising" hehe.
PS - I saw Anika Moa (she's so tiny!) at the gig too.
PPS - So did anyone get a guitar pick? Because I'm pretty sure Chris threw that for me, and errr, I think it's in your best interests if you give it to it's intended recipient. (for the dummies - I am the intended recipient *me*)

Gman3k: Ok that setlist is wrong! They did NOT play life is for living and did not do three encores (you must have been hollucinating) trust me I wrote down each song as it started.. here is my account of the show as posted on the nzgames.com foums.
I arrived about 6:30 at which point the venue was about a 5th full or so. People were milling around and buying t-shirts, having a drink etc. On my way in I got ambushed to sign a petition regarding maketradefair.com.. no surprize, coldplay are big supporters of this. The songs playing over the speakers were bouncing off the wall quite noticibly and I had my doubt about the acoustics of the venue.
Anyway bang on 7:30 Betchadup came on and played for about 40 minutes.. they were ok, a little better than I was expecting but still I found myself wishing they would hurry up and finish (there set included - Rain, Spill the Light, Feed the Dogs, Sleep News, Empty Head, Super Day and some others I didn't know).
After they went of stage the crew did the finishing touches on the stage for Coldplay (including bringing the Piano on and seting up the spotlights).
Just before 9pm the lights when down and everyone cheered. Chris said "They told us to expect the best audience in the world, so far so good."
This was a good opener but not quite as good as I expected. Chris apologised for the "room" here I think.
God Put a Smile on Your Face:
They started playing and Chris signalled for his michrophone to be turned up and the crew member thought he meant to physically lift it up.. amongst the confusion they stopped the song and said "pretend that didn't happen" the crowd laughed and the song started again. This was a pretty good song live.
A Rush of Blood to the Head:
After this Chris asked if everyone in the back was Ok and apoligised if they couldn't see and said after the next song there would be things on the video screen so they could see their balding heads better.
Before this song he said it would be a depressing song and that after it all the songs would be happy and everyone would go home feeling good. During the song he invited the audience to sing the "spun a web" part.
One I Love:
I thought this was particulary good live.. a highlight of the show.
Don't Panic:
A slightly more 'lazier' version live with a bit on the harmonica in the middle.
See You Soon:
He said it was "as old as the hills.. I'm not sure how old the hills are but this is an old song."
Everything's Not Lost:
When the song would normally end Chris kept tinkering on the piano and invited the audience to sing along.. I think he said somthing like "Seeing we only get a chance to come down here every two years it would make us happy if you could sing this as loud as you can" or words to that effect. The song was replayed from about half way through to the end again.
I had heard it before from bootleg recordings.. well played, a good song live.
This had a short sort of ambient-ish intro.. the song was quite a crowd pleaser.. they had lost of yellow lights on during this.
The Scientist
What a Wonderful World:
Chris added a verse to this short rendition of the origional that went somthing like "We love it when every one sings, in the country were they filmed most of Lord of the Rings" that sent up a cheer.
The band left the stage and return shortly later.
In My Place
These were crowd favourites.. I think Chris said somthing about being happy they were met with such a wonderful recpetion after this song.
During this I think somebody said somthing about Chris going bald cos he stopped playing and rubbed his head, laughed and said somthing which I don't recall.
After this he said "We are meant to finish here but make some noise and as soon as wel leave we'll come straight back on.
I hadn't heard this before. Chris explained that they usually ended with a rocky track (which Gravity isn't) and that this was a new song.
They thanked the crowd again put there amrs over each others shoulder and bowed before leaving the stage.
All in all a great show. I didn't really notice any celebrities there.. people were in a private area above and to the side of the stage but I couldn't make out who they were. O, I did see the lead singer from Jester leaving the show (he used to be Waverly's boyfriend on Shortland Street) I overheard him saying how bad somthing was.

Cpfanz: Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I was at the very front with about 5 other mates. I think things musta been waaaaaaaay more enthusiastic from up the front. I was right in front of Chris, nearly touched him too.

Alexips: Boys done good. But he still dances like a monkey climbing bars. He did it at V2001 2yrs ago & when I saw them at the Festival Hall Gig in London for Meltdown last year (albeit less so). And it looked like he only limited it mostly to Yellow (the ambient intro someone referred to is from the Alpha remix - it's out there on Kazaa) which was a good thing. Just don't let him get away from his piano or his guitar or he starts doing his crazy dancing. Must be the macrobiotic diet. Certainly not helping to keep his hair in. And I saw them both on Ponsonby Rd the next day. Love's young dream. Aaaahhh