July 21 & 22
Horden Pavillion
Sydney, Australia

Release dates and tracklisting are as follows: The DVD will be available a week earlier (4th Nov) in the U.S than the worldwide release date of 10th Nov 2003. An Australian promo has already leaked.

September 21
1. Politik
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
3. Rush Of Blood To The Head
4. Daylight
5. Trouble
6. One I Love
7. Don't Panic
8. See You Soon
9. Everything's Not Lost
10. Moses
11. Yellow
12. The Scientist
13. What A Wonderful World

14. Clocks
15. In My Place
16. Amsterdam

17. Shiver
18. Life Is For Living

September 22
1. Politik
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
3. Rush Of Blood To The Head
4. Daylight
5. Trouble (they goofed up, stopped and laughed, and restarted the song)
6. One I Love
7. Don't Panic
8. Shiver
9. See You Soon
10. Everything's Not Lost
11. Moses
12. Yellow
13. The Scientist
14. What A Wonderful World

15. Clocks
16. In My Place
17. Amsterdam

18. Life Is For Living

for 21st http://coldplay.artscience.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=53097
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Scientist Synopsis: 1) The shows become the long-awaited dvd/cd. 2) they announce that they won't play Green Eyes anymore, causing chaos on the messageboard, 3) Chris is dealing with the photographer incident which becomes world "news" 4) Still pull off 2 great shows!!



AHHHH!!!!! OMIGOD I just got back from the Coldplay concert..... thank the lord for knowing friends in high places, me, my brother and my mate Hannah all got backstage passes after the show, Natalie Portman was there! (got her autohgraph for my brother) We got to meet Guy, which was awesome! He signed our tickets for us! Unfortunately the rest of the band weren't there, they had moved to the Iguana bar in Kings X (where they currently are now) oh how I wish I was over 18, I would be at that bar as we speak!! The show was damn brilliant, I was on such a high throughout the entire concert. Chris, as per usual, was his extremely energetic self, keeping the audience pumped through the duration of the gig. "what a wonderful world" was a great singalong, as was Trouble, The Scientist, Shiver, In My Place, and of course YELLOW. Me and Hannah got there early, were pretty much front row centre. Hey to the guy who was standing with us in the stripy (I think!) shirt who got us drinks, you were cool!! Look out in the DVD for 2 people with "MAKE TRADE FAIR" written on their hands in the front row, that's Hannah and me!! And at the risk of sounding like a supreme teeny bopper, I'll stop now because I know all I'm going to do is blab on about how FANTASTIC Chris is, and how unbelievably awesome the band was. Thanks Guy for the autographs!! They were greatly appreciated... Thanks guys for putting on such an amazing and unforgettable show.

slow down please
hey caitlin, it is i, the drinks getter! have to agree, fantastic, amazing show. i think the set was pretty much the same as last night, i did ask someone who got a set list to write it up for us, so hopefully that will happen. the sound was perfect, which when you're right up at the front at the hordern is very pleasant surprise. only two downers - firstly they didn't let cameras in, and i was in the best spot i've ever been for a concert, so would have been able to take some awesome photos. ("curse missed opportunities") secondly the video cameras got in the way a bit, but i'll forgive them for that when the dvd comes out.

I went to A LOT of gigs last year, not so many this year but I have to say that Coldplay were one of the best, most energetic bands I've seen in a long time! The place was packed and Fox Studios was buzzing, especially for a Monday night, I saw many actors and "you're face looks familiar" type people. I thought I saw Tim Ross(aka Rosso) at one point but then realised it was the same actor I always confuse for Rosso. I had damn good seats and decided to remain there, being the not so tally I am, I couldn't see a thing on the floor and was getting memories of Slane 2001 where I ended up underneath about 15 bodies during the craziness that was Yellow. We were front row on the side with standing room in front of us, and could see backstage. Im not saying it was her but there was a tall woman with long blonde hair in a cap talking to someone behind the stage. Thats all Im saying on that. Chris, the big spunko'man that he is, came out before the show started to say a few nice words and tell us that the show was being filmed for a Tour DVD. There were camera guys running everywhere. Chris asked us if we minded showing our full appreciation and getting really into it. Didnt need to do that as the crowd were pretty awesome anyhow. He also kept reminding us throughout the show that there were cameras and we should act crazy hehe Camera guy was filming our feet at one point, so if you see some white sneakers with a blue and red stripe tapping a long to Dont Panic durng the DVD, they are mine. Not long after the band took the stage and went absolutely nuts! I had to keep checking my ticket to see it was a Coldplay gig as they were so heavy and full of energy. Of course they were no Rage Against The Machine but for a not the loudest band in the world band, they rocked Sydney in a major rockingly awesome way!!!!

They played all the best songs, so many wonderful renditions. Started with Politik, did an awesome version of Everything's Not Lost, and Trouble which Chris claimed was "our only depressing song for tonight" haha So many of the songs of both albums are just fabulous live and I think this band have a come a long way since their last tour. Yellow went off and the crowd went nuts, with yellow lights going right across the crowd and Chris jumping like a madman. Lots of audience participation on this one. Clocks came on as the final encore with a brilliant green laser light shining across the Hordern and Chris making love to that piano stool of his. We then got another encore! Which to my personal delight included an unreal Shiver which is my fave song off the first album. We got new song which I loved and can't wait to hear on a new album!

Chris Martin is actually turning into a rockstar. His energy on stage was amazing and he had us pumped so hard that the crowd were screaming everytime he brought his guitar near the edge. I've never seen such a special relationship with a piano stool before and the Amanda party discussed whether CHris perhaps may have been taking Ray Charles lessons in piano dancing. Either that or he loves his piano more than any man should love their piano. Chris Martin also has a strange and bizarre, yet fascinating style of dancing that I don't think I've seen echoed on any concert stage before. At times he looks so impressive and rhythmic that he could pass himself off as being a white Britboy who can actually dance, until he starts the most bizarre punching fists in the air movement that quickly ruins any thoughts that he could take on Jay Kay anytime soon We were also very fond of the skipping action, thus sparking the phrase "He likes a bit of a skip". He can seriously move however, just through his energy and passion for his job which he thanked us for helping them have. He joked about his troubles in Byron Bay stating that "the only time I thought I'd be involved with the Police was when I met Sting". Of course Chris' musical talents were awesomely Chrislike, the piano playing one, but the singing just heavenly. The rest of the band went off and made the concert one of the best Ive seen in a long time. So much so that I've been trying to win tickets for tonight all afternoon and failing miserably. Thank you Coldplay You were awesome, Sydney loved you, come back soon!!!!

I just got home from the horedorn gig then! Coldplay were absolutely fantastic - I had a great time! I can't remember the setlist (or the song order) , but they opened with politik, and played see you soon, yellow, trouble, shiver, everythings not lost and a cover of 'what a wonderful world', god put a smile upon your face and heaps of other songs. The audience wasn't too bad either...apart from a few yobbos standing next to me, who started singing 'god put a smile upon your face' during politik I had a good view of the stage too!...I was on the left hand side of the sectioned off camera area in the middle of the dancefloor.

last night was fantastic. i went ot he show by myself (something i dont normally do) but it didnt make a difference. amsterdam and clocks were my highlights. but it just went off. i thought the crowd was great last night. it had a good vibe about it.

Tuesday July 22nd Planned to leave house extra early and get my photos developed if there was a chance in hell that I could get them signed. Turned out everyone had taken all the spare keys so I was in effect locked in the house until Mum got home from lunch, good stuff guys. Got the Hordern by about 4:30, nevermind the photos which didn’t matter in the end anyway. Sat down with some lovely ladies at the back of the Hordern and we listened to the soundcheck and chatted (Nic, I hope you got tix). Got in the doors and raced to the front, ended up in between Jonny’s spot and Chris, very nice Met some lovely people and we laughed and joked for the rest of our wait whilst being totally psyched that we got up the front. Betchadupa came on a bit late but played a very good set – some new songs, seems like they’re going for a softer sound now, more melodic and lovely. Anyone who saw would agree with me that there is definitely elements of the Finn heritage in young Mr Liam, and that is not a bad thing at all. I spent most of the set rocking along and watching the guitarist play – I really like his parts, they made the songs beautiful or loud and intense, depending on what was called for. I think these guys will be big in the future, they just seem to go from strength to strength. So yes the moment came for the guys to come onstage, it only really became apparent how close it we when they came bounding on and suddenly I found my self looking up and up at Mr Martin himself.

Yes, we all went nuts. The setlist was the same as the previous night which was okay because it was a good setlist, I was more than satisfied to hear See You Soon again. This time I could see Will (yay!) and he backed up the singing well, he closes his eyes when he does . I found that Guy actually looked up and at our side of the audience, I sang to him a couple of times, but it was hard to know whether he noticed. I also blew a kiss to Chris when he came in our direction and he stared at me for a few seconds, not like I was a weirdo or anything. Being at the front made so much difference, crowd wise, we were so much more into it. Oh yeah, Guy fucked up on the opening bars to Trouble and they guys laughed at each other and stopped and restarted from the first verse. It was nice to see Guy smile. We had all the typical singalongs – Everything’s Not Lost, Yellow, In My Place, Trouble, Clocks, etc. It was so sad hearing the Scientist and probably the saddest song of the night for me. I personally found the cameras quite distracting and even a little annoying – why do we have to get even more excited just for the camera? Shouldn’t they be capturing the truth of what was happening? (not that we were really excited but anyway) But still, I shouldn’t complain if we’re getting a dvd out of this, I do hope whoever they get to edit and direct it does a quality job and actually conveys to mood of the night because it was pretty amazing. So there endeth my few days of happy moments and memories to last me a lifetime. I came out absolutely exhausted from 4 nights of standing but more than stoked from my little Coldplay tour. “could you, could you come back? come back together put yourself on the band and see us forever” Hell yes! Cheers guys, I had a lovely time

so, not many people know that ever since a rush of blood to the head has been released (especially with songs like a whisper and clocks)...i've been part of the ongoing 'coldplay has lost it' and 'they've sold out' crew in this very forum. however, last night changed all. all my doubts... my fears regarding the band are gone. i'll cut to the good stuff. ill find the setlist and post it up here, below is my experience. got to the venue at 3:30 in the afternoon. i asked a few strangers if they were 'fiona from the forum' and they gave me a few looks. anyway. as the hours progressed, all of us who had been waiting there were pretty chummy and stuff. it was nice. (NB- incubus fans. are so so catty. but that's a different stuff.) coldplay fans are really nice, thanks. anyway, doors opened at six thirty. security was so tight.

doors opened- i ran for it. security told me to calm down and shone a torch at me. hee. anyway. i ended up getting front row, between chris and guy. support act came on- betchadupa. whoa. i was very disappointed... and the crowd wasn't into them at all except for a few people in the front near me. don't get me wrong. they're good. guitarist is great. but yeah. crowd wasn't into them at all. ah well. setting up took forever, there were tracks laid and everything ala. shiver video clip. it took about twice as long, the whole setting up coz of camera crews and stuff.

around 9pm. everything was set. then... chris walks onstage and everyone is shocked. it's too damn quiet and the fancy stage lights aren't on. he walks over to the microphone and says something along the lines of "hey, it's great to be back in sydney, it's been a while etc etc. as you know we're filming tonite's concert. we're gonna play our best for you coz we know you are going to be a great crowd... but could you please do us a favour and go extra crazy for the cameras today...and start cheering in the new songs even though you haven't heard them. that extra oomph would be great"

highlights for me
-god put a smile
-rush of blood (my god. what a song.)
-trouble... in my opinion outclassed the scientist. the crowd got into the scientist more though
-yellow- coz of chris's dance and the amazing lights
-amsterdam- love it how guy, jonny and will come in halfway. excellent. big surprise.
-shiver- they didn't play it in melbourne. this was perhaps my favourite song they played last night. ***standout***

I attended concerts in Melbourne and Sydney (2nd show) and thought I'd share some of my thoughts. In Melbourne, my perspective was over to the left of the stage in general admission. I got to see everything but Will Champion. Being over to the left is so cool cause whenever Chris plays the piano he is facing you. In Sydney, I watched part of the concert from the back of the right hand side seating area where I was standing. After security asked me to move on, I went for the stage and got within 10 metres over to the right. Now, I don't know if its because of the different perspectives but the lighting show seemed more impressive in Sydney. The Hordern being a smaller space seemed to be more conducive to effective lighting as well. In Melbourne, I remember more static use of greens and blues...whereas in Sydney there seemed to be more movement. Does anyone else wanna comment on this? There was more general admission in Sydney and the crowd really got into it....even the people in the seated sections rose to their feet for the last 30 mins. Many people were downing beers inside and outside the pavilion. Did anyone try and take a beer inside Rod Laver? Are you even allowed to?

There's a theory that there is no such thing as a fly-on-the-wall documentary because once you put a camera in front of somone they begin to socially act. I don't know if this helped excite the crowd and I really don't care....all I know is that I really felt like I was at a concert. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the Melbourne show but in Sydney the vibe and energy was more intense. I don't think its because Melbourne is conservative or anything. I think it has to do with the venue size. At Rod Laver, the seating area is so dominant and with so many people sitting....its like...that becomes the dominant energy. In both concerts, Chris did the sing-a-long thing plus the 'you don't have to sit down to this' (for Yellow). But in Sydney, there was more effort to get the crowd going with statements such as 'enjoy it cause we may not be back for a while' and 'if you cheer loud enough...maybe.. we'll do another encore'. The inclusion of 'Shiver', the trouble with 'Trouble', and reference to the 'weird shit over the past few days' made it feel more special as well.