July 20
Splendour in the Grass
Byron Bay, Australia

Fm recording exists broadcast by Triple JJJ. See You Soon and One I love were played but not broadcast.

God put a smile upon your face
My Happiness* (Powderfinger)>Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist
In My Place
What a wonderful world

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Scientist synopsis: A great but muddy festival. However the photographer "incident" occurred during this stop in the tour.



slow down please:
spose i should mention a bit more about the show... opener was politik, then god put a smile (ending with the lines "God gave you steel and gave you glass. God gave you Splendour in the grass"). next up was trouble. can't really remember the rest of the order. others songs - scientist (during the first line chris started coughing, and then laughing, kinda changed the whole mood of the song hehe), one i love, in my place, yellow (awesome light show for that), clocks, don't panic (since when did chris stop playing the harmonica solo?)

Spudhead (edited):
Coldplay! Jools and I were so psyched it was not funny. The finally came on stage and the crowd just went nuts, all the tension was finally released and at long last I got to glimpse the boys in the flesh for the first time in 2 years. Chris is still on my list of front men who need a good feed but he looked happy to be there and the difference between his performance skills two years ago and now was huge. Hed come a long way and you could see he knew how to tweak the crowd in the furthest corners of the audience to get up and dance. The setlist was pretty good, besides the known singles, they also played One I Love which was a lovely surprise as well as Amsterdam. Id gone through all my film in less than 30 minutes meaning by the time that Yellow was played and Chris got up and danced, I had no shots left But it was cool to watch. Jonny was ever so sweet, and at one point I signalled to him and mouthed you rock! and he smiled shyly and humbly went about his playing. Will and Guy did their thing and the whole set was very tight (toit like a toiger). 2 days of waiting were clearly evident as the crowd just kept getting more and more into it, Id say out of the 3 nights, Splendour was the most psycho. We kept yelling out for Shiver to be played but it was evident that the guys had already figured out their setlist and were ones to stick to it. I was starting to think that Id never seem them play it again live, a small disappointment being probably my favourite Coldplay song. The guys did one encore and played In My Place, the song that had kept me going between Parachutes and AROBTTH, very stoked and the crowd sang their hearts out so beautiful to hear it. I think they finished off with Amsterdam, interesting choice which I liked, not predictable but still wonderful. So it finished and everyone was very happy. One guy was more than most apparently, he came running into the centre as the crowd was dispersing, stark naked and caked in mud, running around in circles and yelling. Very funny stuff. Speaking of funny people, there were lots. Honourable mentions go to the middle aged couple who came for Powderfinger and did the 80s hair flick, the girl who walked past and asked whether I was from Australia and said other stuff that I couldnt understand, the guy who stood with his back facing the stage even though JBT were playing and he was a big fan, and Sheens managing to lose her shoes and slip in the mud on the way back to the car.