July 03: Quart Festival Norway

01. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face* 1:45 02. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 6:50 03. Daylight 6:08 04. Trouble 4:43 05. One I Love 5:06 06. Don't Panic 3:17 07. Everything's Not Lost 9:12 08. Your World Turns Upside Down 5:21 09. Yellow 5:35 10. The Scientist 5:23 11. What A Wonderful World 2:39 12. Clocks 5:31 13. In My Place 4:00 14. Amsterdam 6:40 15. Gravity (missing track) total running time 72:18 * notes that the recording seems to begin at nearly the end of the first track

* notes that the recording seems to begin at nearly the end of the first track

Yellow123 Saw Coldplay at the Quart-festival in Norway July the 3rd.
Amazing concert!!
There were 11.000 who saw the concert, and I don't believe I have been on any other concert where absolutely everybody sang with Chris.
Clocks and Yellow especially.

Obi-Wan I was there too. Brilliant gig! You know if it was recorded? I would love the full band version of gravity

July 12:  Ireland: Witness Festival

Thumbelina52 Anyone at the Witness in Punchestown in Ireland concert. Wasn't it just amazing. Seen in them in the Point Depot before Xmas there, the atmosphere in Witness was unreal. You know the lights they do for clocks with teh rays and clouds going through them, well imagine those lights, 50 or 60 thousand people, sitting up and someones shoulders, just about touching the light. Absolutley amazing and soul touchin. Truly an amazing band, brilliant musicians and excellent entertainment. Can't wait for the next concert, They should come bk to Witness next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!