July 1
Nijmegen, Holland

Broadcast: 01-07-2003 (live) on Dutch radio station '3FM' Recorded by: Martijn Middel (mrmiddel@home.nl) missing Your World's Turned Upside Down

Source/conversion: FM > Creative SB Live! > Cool Edit Pro 2 > .wav > mkw Audio Compression Tool 0.97 Beta 1 > .shn

Don't panic
A Rush of Blood to the Head
One I love
God put a smile on your face
Everything's not Lost
The Scientist
Your World's Turned Upside Down

In My Place
What A Wonderful World





IAmKloot: they bored me, every song sounded the same
come on Coldplay you can do better than that!!!

Mrmiddel: I've seen Coldplay 6 times a year time now, and Nijmegen was by far the best concert of those. They didn't bore me at all.. the whole thing was nearly perfect. Coldplay showed they were a great festival band.

Macphisto-Shake: It was the first time (FINALLY) I saw them play. Boy,I was overwhelmed!I thought it was great.It seemed to me Chris wasnt 100% sober,haahh.He jumped like crazy over the stage,very entertaining. Too bad they weren´t the main band,LIVE got 90 minutes and I think the band sucks.I missed the laser beamers I saw on tv.But ok,I had a great time.To me it was magical,when they came up it drizzled a bit,it stopped and the sun begun to shine and a rainbow came up behind the stage,very cool.Hope to see them soon in Holland again....

RobertLJ: Unbeleivable! That's my opinion! I loved every single second of Coldplay yesterday!
A shame they only had 75 minutes to play, I'd love to here Warning sign and some of their older songs live.
I was stood in front, about 10 rows from the stage, and it was great! I loved it! The Crowed loved it! And it looked like Coldplay themselves had a nice time too!
I had a great day!

Peet: it was so fucking fun that in the most part of nijmegen, you could just literally listen to the concert from your backgarden e.g..
when i heard it, i was overwhelmed and it was crossed my mind
that it was really coldplay that was playing live! in NIJMEGEN!
i grabbed my bicycle and though my backtire was totally emty and flat i went to the Goffert park as fast as i could. and while struggling to get even ANY speed with my flat tire, i heard YELLOW playing. it's those moments man.
i didn't have a ticket and well the whole place was blocked with fences so i grabbed my bike, threw it against the fence, and i stepped at my bike and i could watch the gig (well only the videoscreen, a tree was in front of the stage so i couldn't see that). but still the experience was GREAT.
after coldplay, live started playing, live the band. and you could really make up the difference. live sounded totally boring and unenergized, coldplay was the direct opposite.
i liked it a lot. in a way a concert makes you appreciate the album more.

Wickie: Coldplay totally outclassed Live! Although their music is probably better suited for a smaller venue such as Paradiso I still think Coldplay was phenomenal in Nijmegen... Call me a whimp if you like, but I had goosebumps throughout the complete Coldplay concert (and I wasn't cold). I liked them better because of the spontaneity of their performance combined with the raw beauty of most songs.
By the way: I'm a big Live-fan who's seen 6 Live liveshows so far.

Janneke_Netherlands: I loved it! But they played better in Ahoy´ last time. At least I think so. Anyway the papers should write what they think. I had a great time!  Chris Martin really knows how to make the people excited! He's just brilliant on stage! No doubt about that! And the rest of the band was just amazing too... And Guy Berryman is pretty handsome. Sorry, here I go again

Jolanda: I think Coldplay was amazing! I also think Ahoy' was better, but it was still very good and it was so cool to see it raining all day but when Coldplay came on stage, the sun came up and the rainbow appeared. I heard a part of "what a wonderful world" on the radio yesterday and it was awsome! The atmosphere was much better than at Live's concert, even my friends (die-hard Livefans) agreed with me!

Ferry Zegel: it was the first time i ever saw the live, and i was blown away, it was amazing! best gig i've ever been too! Such sheer class, brilliant. What a wonderful world at the end took my breath away...

Elmo: are there people who visit this, or else you aren't reading this, who went to nijmegen.
this concert was wicked.... it was raining, but i didn't care. a natural high, that's o good word....
let me know if you've been there too...

Círdan: I was there too. A very relaxed concert, coldplay did play the rain away. Really cool. It was only a pity that when I came to the park all the Tour-shirt were already sold-out. Better luck next time!

Dutchy: I was there too, the concert was great.
It was my first concert of coldplay.
And because of some rain, there was a RAINBOW!!
I was completely impressed, The Scientist performing & Natural rainbow.

kirsten@tomaatnet.nl: A few months ago I went to a concert from coldplay (+LIVE, supergrass and nada surf). The weather was terrible, the traffic became a chaos (Coldplay was too late because of the traffic jam), but nevertheless it was one of the greatest days in my life!!!
It was so fantastic, there were 34,000 people, and I stood there in the second row!!! The atmosphere was really great, everybody forgot the rain (and lightning and thunder). I was soaked and chilly but that didn't matter at all. It was just a pitty that it was a little short (1 hourt and 15 minutes). A bit unfair cause live played one and a half hour!
I'm continuously checking the tour dates now, cause next time they give a concert in Holland, Belgium or Germany I'm certainly gonna be there!!! Maybe I'll see you there! re again