June 29:
Main Stage
Rock Werchter Festival

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Don't Panic

A rush of blood to the head
One I love
God put a smile upon your face
Everything's not lost

The Scientist
Your World Turned Upside down
In my place






Eline: I saw Coldplay on Werchter and they were sooooo great, I think they were the best of the whole program!!
The audience liked every song, not only the known songs like 'The Scientist' or 'Trouble'. There was a lot of 'ambiance'.

And it was very sweet from Chris to write some Dutch words on a little paper so that the audience appreciated it even more. Chris - it made you look so sweet

So a big ThanK YoU to Coldplay and hope to see you next year... Or sooner, in concert??
Hug, Eline

Christus Martinus: What I find so amazing about Coldplay is that after just 2 (full) albums they can already play a set of Best Of songs, something bands like even R.E.M. need like 2 decades for...
At Werchter, it seemed as though everyone sang along with every song... It was fantastic!

Mezzanine: I loved cp @ werchter but other bands were gr8 too, 4 me feeder, stereophonics and radiohead were excellent but no-one had the character like chris, GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Leentje: yesterday i saw coldplay at the festival rock werchter in belgium, and it was really great, they are the best!i really liked it when chris spoke the dutsh words, he did really well!
i love coldplay!

pat_ze_pat: Yes Chris spoke both Flemish and French (a little) and much in English... But didn't get everythings he said!
BTW the concert just kicked ass. Chris made fun of Cyprus Hill's "Insane in the brain" and was very "Chatty". They looked cool and fit and surprinsingly played a little slower than usual (that's what I felt).

m@t:  It was the third time I saw them and this was by far the best of the three. In fact, it blew the other two away. I never thought I'd say this, but coldplay is way better in front of large crowds. Strange. I saw them in Lille last time and that was a relatively small venue. But this was ten times better. Chris Martin was joking. He did a part of "insane in the brain" (Cypress Hill) at the beginning of Amsterdam. And when there was a technical problem before "everything's not lost" he said just like someone who tries to hypnotise you "just imagine ... how good this next song is gonna be ... just imagine ..." hilarious. And before trouble "this song is what the Belgian chocolate crisis 1812 must have been like ... If there was one". It really was a great gig (maybe the best ever I've seen). He was in better spirits than ever, Climbing on the amplifiers, walking through the crowd and stuff. And everyone agreed this was by far the best gig of the festival. He also made tons of REM references (REM did the same thing), but coldplay blew REM away, honestly. It was so good there wasn't a difference in crowd interaction between yellow or GPASUYF, there was clapping and singing and juming and whatever during EVERY song. Usually, they only get the crow on their feet when yellow starts. Now the atmosphere was good from the opening bars of politik.

Stonybono: yesterday i was in werchter 2. And Oh my god what a band...
So such feelings i never have'd since i heard my all time nr1 band U2 in 1984. I think it was the best performance i ever saw (and i saw a lot)...They have a really great fan on her list. Today i search the net after everything about the band

Aapje: Now, I'm a little bit biased seeing I have been a Coldplay fan for several years, but the gig was truly amazing. Yesterday they played a gig of Coldplay of 3 years ago on MTVe, and you really could see how greatly they have evolved. Chris Martin overclassed Michael Stipe in every way. The jokes put a smile upon my face, but last year at Werchter he already came up with "I pity the man who couldn't use that tonight" when he saw a condom flying by. So we are kind of used to that :-)

There were 2 little downsides to the gig though. It was too short. They were only programmed for about an hour and I'm sure they could have played for 2 hours without starting to bore the audience. Secondly I'm kindof sad they didn't play Gravity, a song that has never been released but is really as beautiful as Warning Sign or The Scientist. They played in Denmark last year. They didn't play Warning Sign either. Oh well, you can't have everything in life :-) We got a brilliant Coldplay on sunday, and I really hope they'll be back next year!

Daspop: I could write a book full of superlatives about the werchter-gig. The only problem is that everything has already been said: Werchter was heaven on earth for one hour and half. The fact that you can make 50.000 (or even more) people sing and scream and jump means that you're just the best. As simple as can be.
Thank you so much, one of most fantastic experiences in my short life.
ps: please don't mind the writing-errors