June 13
Madison Square Garden (MSG)

New York City

aud recording exists, no source info, history here

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to The Head
One I Love
Dont Panic
Everythings Not Lost
Your World Turned Upside Down

In My Place (acoustic w/guest)
The Scientist

In My Place

Lips Like Sugar
Life is For Living

Right before yellow they played an acoustic version of In My Place with a girl who won a contest to sing on stage with them.

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Scientist synopsis: Guest singer on In My Place (someone from the crowd who paid $800,000 for the privilege for charity!) for this monumental show.



Just got back from MSG, and that was probably the most amazing experience of my entire life!! That was the second time i've seen them live, but being in MSG with all those people, man, it was incredible!! My section sucked, people didn't start standing until "Yellow" (i guess they didn't want to pass out by standing up due to the high altitude of the 400's...), I was excited to hear Ron Sexsmith play "Gold in them Hills" but even more excited when Chris came out to sing!! Definitely surprised by that one!! Did anyone spot Gwenyth?? My friend and I think she was wearing a white hat and white shirt right in the front, anyone else see her? but anyways, that was the best concert i've ever been to...watching Chris dance all over the place (esp. during "Yellow", man...) Hope everyone else had a fantastic time too!! I'll be having sweet dreams tonight

I loved the MSG concert soooooooooo much!!! The only thing I would say is that Im dissapointed they didnt play Shiver in place of the hidden track to close the show. Still a great concert.

Show was absolutely incredible. Great atmosphere, great band, great crowd, great venue. It definately lived up to the hype. The Cher song at the end of Trouble was great. But, the highlight for me was Moses. Incredible song.

OMG!!!! THE SHOW LAST NIGHT WAS FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to thank blk*fan for giving me those tickets!!!! The section (330) that we were sitting in kinda blocked my view from seeing CP, so my friend and I decided to sit in the front sections where they had MANY available seats left, next thing you know, we encountered a lot of people who were doing the same thing as we were. So when Chris first came out doing a duet with Sexsmith, I couldn't even cheer cause I was in this moment of awe. Then when we moved to a better section, and the show just started, I was standing up and cheered like I never did before. Politik was freakin' incredible!! The beat in the beginning just had me jumping up and down...the energy was amazing. I was hoping that they would perform "Everything's Not Lost"...AND THEY DID. It was the most amazing performance out of all of them...the part where they the audience kept repeating the ending over and over...yeah, it was powerful. Yellow was freakin' incredible!!!! Whoa, when Chris did those high jumps and then the yellow light hit the audience...yeah, I was feelin' it!! And I caught a pic of him in mid-air...yeah, I hope they came out really good. The Scientist....Amazing. I stood and sang the whole time, I only leaned on the chair during two of their new ones. Then later I found out people on the back wanted my friend and I to sit down the whole time, but I didn't even hear them cause I was too hyped. Hell, they weren't gonna stop me from this. At the end, I went all the way in front of the stage in sec 64/63..and snapped some really close-up pics. I'll try to post it if I find a scanner. Wow...I will never forget this!

One Word......MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!.....My favorite concert ever!......I think they did an Echo and the Bunnymen cover...right?...."sugar"...i think it is called....That was great!!...and I thought there new song "Moses" sounded great! I definitely want to see them again....I wish that show never ended!