June 12
China Club, (WPLJ private concert)
New York City

Taper Esjro, Source FM>Philips 785 audio cd recorder>EAC>Cool Edit 2000>mkwACT>SHN

1) Intro
2) In My Place
3) Yellow
4) Questions from audience for the band
5) Don't Panic
6) The Scientist
7) Questions from audience
8) Clocks
9) Amsterdam


Scientist synopsis: One of the few radio shows's that went sour for the fans that were there.
Not as noticeable to those listening to the radio or the recording luckily.



"WPLJ - an embarrassment to Coldplay"

So I was fortunate enough to see Coldplay at The China Club, New York last night. When again will you be so lucky to have the setting of an intimate atmosphere that could have nearly been UCL student union, the night before their sell out gig to a crowd 10,000 times the size tonight. It was near perfect setting for Coldplay to do a 40 minute virtually acoustic set to only fans and competition winners who were lucky enough to attend. What could have been an amazing, tranquil, special evening was utterly ruined by the commercial interests of WPLJ who were desperate not to let Coldplay to what they do best (ie sing and weave atmospheres that no other band can), but exploit them for their own commercial gain. They kept interrupting the set, plugging their radio station, having their moronic DJs taking the piss and firing pointless Q&A from 'fans' on the floor ("Gee Chris, how did you make the Politik video go backwards?" - intelligent. Specially as there isn't a fricking video for Politik yet).

All credit to them. They stuck it out and handled it well. Chris kept the banter sharp and sarcastic but clearly looked each time more uncomfortable, unsure what they were there for and what the point of doing the gig was. By the end of it, Coldplay looked more nervous and out of place in this intimate setting then they will tonight playing in front of 80,000. If I was Chris, I'd be screaming at my manager how he managed to set me up for such a farcical evening. I know he won't though because he's too nice and straight and deep to get embroiled in it. I am visiting New York from London. I love New York and love America.

But the commercial exploitation of such a great band is unforgiveable. Radio 1 in the UK (the Coldplay station equivalent) would never be so unrelenting in its chase for profit and fame ("yes let's tell you again, we are the radio station that brought you COLDPLAY!! OK Chris now why don't you sing something?") - and instead would have let the band do what they do best (sing, play music and move people). Answering pointless questions from the floor and being interrupted throughout a set can only be indicative of the greed, lack of depth and general arrogance of our Transatlantic counterparts. Chris, Coldplay - come home. We promise not to treat you with such utter disrespect..............

I was at the Coldplay/ China Club show as well. I do have to say that I was really looking forward to the show & thought it would be awesome, but I was dissappointed. I listenned to that stupid radio station from Friday afternoon til Sat midnight, doing nothing but trying to win tickets every hour. So bascially I tried very hard to win tickets & I did get them in the wee hours of the morning. On the night of the show I also showed up early & waited in line outside for an hour & then waited up in front of the stage for another 2 hours, waiting for them to come on. I could see the set list from where I was & saw that they were only playing 6 songs. I thought though that they were the type of band to enjoy a small venue like the China Club & could be coaxed into playing more songs. I was wrong. Someone even shouted for them to play Warning Sign, & Chris looked at him & blatantly said, "No." And as soon as they finished their last song, they basically sprinted off the stage. I think Chris even said something about not ever doing anything like that again. He seemed scared by the audience. Now as a member of the audience, I took offence to that. I don't want to necessarily blame them because I'm not sure who is at fault here. WPLJ or Coldplay. I agree the venue was cheesy & probably could have done w/ a 100 less people in there. And some of the audience members were very cheesy, loud women. I unfortunetely was standing right next to this embaressing women. It seems that possibly Coldplay still could have overcome those obstacles & made the kick ass show it should have been especially for those dedicated fans in the audience who really worked hard & waited hours for only 6 songs.

Chris' reaction to Politik/ Scientist mix up: It's something to laugh at, not take so so serious & to make a joke of which is exactly what he did. He knew of course & a majority of the audience knew the mistake. He cleared it up, answered her question in his normal witty way & jokeingly said something about you must have gotten in here for free. He handled it very well. And when he sat down to play Scientist - he said it was Politik as a joke. It doesn't seem like that incident bothered him so much which it really shouldn't have. Also when he started playing Scientist the loud, drunk, obnoxius woman next to me yelled, "She's the luckiest woman in the world!" He had to stop playing cause he was laughing & smiling & said that was the funniest thing he ever heard.

I have been to a few of PLJ's shows & they are usually AWESOME - 1.5 hours of great music from cool bands. The format is always discussed with the band 1st & sometimes dictated by the band, this may have been a way of preserving their voices. & yes I would have prefered 3 more songs to any of the questions - but what can u do. We were warned when we won the tix. The crowd was rude, they couldn't shut up when ppl were asking questions let alone when the band was answering. & those drunk women!! ARG!! All the crowd proved that night was that NY stero types are true, I was embrassed.

EVERYONE quieted BUT that drunk girl...who somehow pushed her way to the front. I have a pretty good memory of who was to the left and right of me and for the first like half of it there were 2 guys at the left but towards the end was this drunken stupid girl who just did not understand...i was truly pissed. Amsterdam is one of my favorite songs and now when they replay it you are gonna hear all of the audience say shut the fuck up:/ Chris looked annoyed through some parts of the show. I mean, I've said in another post I loved it still, but I can understand fully from what some of you have said about it. WPLJ is utter crap. They have an occasional U2 song on there, but the perfect example of how bad they are was listening to wplj as we waited for coldplay to come on stage. On air they played the same 5 songs looped like 3 times. And when me and my friend were driving home, I flipped passed wplj on the radio and one of the same songs was playing again. I never NEVER listen to that station and I don't plan to for a while now. Not that it is the only repetitive shite station there are many others. Basically the radio is crap, I just listen to CDs nowadays. I had some disappointments there, but I made the best of it. That will prob be the closest I'll ever be to the band. I love their music and it's gotten me through some tough situations. It's Unfortunate it was so short.

if you looked at the list at the door, the list of competition winners was small compared to the list of industry and people who know people. the majority of the audience seemed like rich housewives from long island and new jersey. hate to foster stereotypes, but it made me want to puke. especially the drunk women in front of jonny who insisted on whooping during amsterdam even though chris kindly requested everyone to be silent.

a note to fans: when chris says to be silent, do it. and have respect for the quiet songs and don't dance like a slut during them. one of my favorite chris quotes was at Radio City back in 2001. during a very quiet song the girls in the front were dancing and whooping, and he said "have a seat girls" in a very matter-of-fact way. he doesn't like the slutty dancing. and you are not at a Bon Jovi concert.