June 11
Molson Ampitheatre
Toronto, Canada

FM broadcast exists without the new songs in red

God put a Smile upon your face
A rush of blood to the head
One I love
Don't panic
Everything's not lost
The world turned upside down
The scientist
What a Wonderful world

In my place

2nd encore
lips like sugar
life is for living

JessLovesColdplay’s ‘Dinner with Coldplay in Toronto’ http://coldplay.artscience.net/vbb/showthr...9032&highlight=dinner+coldplay

Scientist synopsis: Well documented concert!!




M=y=K=e:THIS was BY FAR one of the better concerts at the AMP. Not only was it a PERFECT day....it was sunny, not to HOT not to COLD. The crowd was mainly peopl ein their mid 20's and may i add a VERY GOOD looking crowd.Now the Concert....they played all my FAV songs...including THE SCIENTIST .... The crowd was INTO it (although there were some people just standing and not even clappin but whatever) most of the people were into it ...screaming...clapping....moving around....NOT TO MENTION SINGING ALONG!!!!!!!! it was amazing to see the entire crowd sing with Chris....and he seemed to enjoy it ...lettin us do it more then a few times. AND the ENDING....BOY do the FEW people who left at 10:45 feel STUPID....... the band said Thanks have a good night at around 10:45 and walked of the stage......a few people here and there left....but the rest of the AMP was on their FEET (although most of the AMP was on thier feet the enitre concert) and was CLAPPIN screaming...for a good 5 min. The band came back and played few songs......they left and again people went nuts for a good 3 min which got CHRIS back on stage....he played a song and then the band joined in....and you could almost say there was a 3rd encore as the MAKE TRADE FREE.com logo went up and they almost started walkin off when CHRIS ran to the piano and played ONE MORE SONG....
THIS IS was one of the BEST concerts........people who were not there you missed out....BUT at least it was LIVE to air so i'm sure there were many people listening with their friends on a porch or backyard......to think of it probably felt just like you were there

OK enough of me .....can't wait to see the boys again (after their makeover LOL)

KatG: TONIGHT WAS AMAZING...CP was great...i loved chris' little dances...jonny's mustashe makes him look kinda funny and u could tell that he is getting bugged by the other guys...

Alana: Best Concert Ever!!! Wow, that was incredible....I can't believe how good they are live! Those are amazing pics Guyute...thanks for posting them. I took many...but I don't know how they turned out. Overall it was a great day/night. I hung out with "Comic Book Guy" and his friend in line. I know you're a member here! Somehow we ended up in the middle of the front row. Yes, I was one of the cheezy girls with the sign that said "Thanks for not cancelling the concert...music is the best therapy". It was so cool...chris looked at our sign and shook his head 'yes' at us...then right after that he got into his speech about Toronto and how the fans 'were worried that they wouldn't show...but we [Coldplay] were scared that you wouldn't show up'. Totally cool! Though...Chris was totally cool and energic onstage....I couldn't get over how cool Guy was!! There was just a total coolness to him!

funkadelic_superstar: ABSOLUTLEY PHENOMENAL!! 11 1/2 hours later and i'm still blissing out
well ladies and gentlemen we all know how absolutely blessed we were when the lads decided to come out and PLAY!!!
I was about 6 rows back from the stage but still close enough (limited view of jonny)
It was my third time watching COLDPLAY & they were in top form
Did y'all feel the love last night? completely TRANSCENDENTAL
Can't wait another couple of years--next stop V2003!!!

Crystal_synapse: I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove COLDPLAY!!!!!!!
They were SUPER amazing! I think it was even better than the ACC show!!!

Felicity: Yeah, the show was pretty good. I enjoyed it, although if i don't get GA for another amp show, i doubt i'd go. watching the show on the video screen isn't as cool as being up close.
However, COLDPLAY killed, they put on an awesome show. Just the lame-ass people around me sucked!

Mysterio:I loved it too. Chris talked about Toronto a lot and that was cool.
Clocks was awesome. For me to really enjoy a concert, the artist has to have energy. And Chris had plenty of it. Eventhough his falsettos were off, it was still great because he pounded away at his guuitar and piano and he jumped around a lot.
Here's to nose jobs!

Joonie: Wasn't the show sooooooooooo great last nite. I've only heard "lips like sugar" once, but the cover was amazing!!! It made me realize just how talented the boys really are. The encores totally blew me away, I thought I was gonna pass out! The energy of the band and the crowd was soooo incredible! I have to say, being from Buffalo, you can tell the boys really are quite fond of Toronto, and likewise, Toronto seem quite fond of Coldplay! One I Love also had amazing energy, one of the best songs all nite! I loved Chris's blurb about ozzfest and being stuck with Coldplay instead! Such a great nite!!!!!!

*-ness-*: wow that was an amazing concert even though i was back on the lawn and could just make out who everyone was i was still blown away!
oh and did anyone get a pic of when chris sang with ron sexsmith my friend that came with me loves ron and was so sad she couldnt get a pic of the two of them singing together as its not something that happens often!
thanks to the boys of coldplay for one of the most amazing experiences ive had in awhile!

Slowmotions: I don't no what to say that someone hasn't covered already...good times. Even better live - The place was packed! A couple of my buddies said the live to air on 102.1 was great too.
Anyway - Hopefully will be seeing them shortly!

Sexy Kitty: Wow, what a great show. I had kick ass seats. 4th row! Everyone was so into it. I didnt stop dancing for a minute. All the songs they played sounded great. They had so much energy. Chris is so sexy on stage. Shake those hips! I definetly hope this isnt thier last show in TO. I LOVE YOU COLDPLAY!

SweetTreatX: I came all the way from Montreal, must have been at least a $500 investment, but WELL worth it. "Cuz in the end... There's only love..."

Redmine: Last Night I had my first Coldplay Experience and let me just say…ok I can’t even put into words the show I was apart of last night At the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. Right now it is 11:45am and the show was last night and in about 15min I am going to go to lunch. The first thing I am going to do it buy both Coldplay albums. Judging by your post and the show I was apart of last night, it is going to be a lot of fun becoming a Coldplay Fan. I took about 7 Digital pic’s and I will post them as soon as I can. Talk to ya Soon

Cinderella: The show last nite was absolutely amazing!!!! It was my first coldplay show and I can still feel the energy and excitement. I had an AWESOME time and Coldplay definetly knows how to put on a show!!! I can't believe they did two encores--now thats a REAL band for you! Coldplay rocks!!!

Junipergrrrl: How amazing was this show? VERY.
It was my first time seeing Coldplay live and I was blown away by how good they are live! I was on the floor, very close to Chris too...but on the other side of the piano. He came over a few times to sing to our side of the stage....what an awesome presence! I would love some pix of the show if you feel like sharing. Definitely worth the money and today's sore feet!

Mezzamera: only coldplay live can make me forget for 1.5 hours that i have to pee!
that show was amazing!! best of the 3 i've seen em do in toronto!
bravo boys

IbrokeMyToe: Last night's show was awesome.. I had such a great time. I was about three people from the very front and had a really good view. I've never been that close to the stage at any concert and it was amazing! The guys were great... Wicked show!!

Lucyinthesky: AMAZING show ... better than the September 21st ACC show ... this was just brilliant. Thank you to the band so much for making it such a f*cking AWESOME night of music, energy and intensity

smiley-eyes: Wow, out of all the times I've seen CP, last night was by far the best performance ever! Fav moments...Gold in Them Hills with Ron and Chris and one of my fav songs Amsterdam played live which was a first for me to hear.
I was in Section 203 and it was perfect, nobody in my way..awesome view and like others have mentioned we couldn't ask for better weather.

cat2150: such a great show! they played lips like sugar!!!!!!!!!! *dies happy* i had lawn seats, but it was great anyways! lots of weed was smoked (not by me, by the people around me). the lighting was awesome!

datathe3: Man, last night was fucking amazing! It was just great, I still have no voice and im still high from all that second weed smoke.
It was brilliant and there was this amazingly beautiful girl siting 6 seats down from me that I just can't get out my mind.
O and did I mention free TTC home? Man it was great.
Got to find a bootleg of this concert.

Coldplayfreak: the show was amazing.....i was like 2nd row on the floors right in front of chris....after the show i even got a setlist and one of will's drum skins......what a great night...coldplay is definetly one of the biggest bands in the world

NoData: Comment on the show: I saw Coldplay in Montréal in Feb. and I have to say that the 6hr drive to see the show was really worth it. The ambiance was really nice, ppl were into it, and so did Chris. I have to say that Guy was kinda dull, he rarely looked in the audience (he looked at the floor the whole show) and didn't seem into it. I guess he's getting tired of touring.

Dea: The coldplay concert was absolutely amazing. I have never seen them live before, but I have been counting down the days until the concert since feb. 12th. I was fully impressed with the crowd, except for the ones behind us....there were like, 20 people sitting down...i couldn't believe it! I was on my chair trying to see (I was in the back of section 201) and the security was repeatedly trying to tell us to get off the chairs because the people behind us couldn't see anything. I told them to stand up!!!
The best part of the concert was during clocks....chris played with one hand and reached up with his other hand to touch the lazer, as though to touch every one of his devoted fans. Thank you to everyone at the concert who made the experience great, I am so glad that most people were just as energetic as I was ( I was the loudest in my area). seriously the best concert ever. I am still reminissing in the memory that is the coldplay experience.

amanda_coldplay5: Left to get to the molson ampitheatre at about 4:30. we arrived there and then spent 25 minutes looking for parking. damn $15 parking. so we found some $9 parking and then went into the lawn line. by that time it was about 5:35. while in line, the band came out on a balcony. someone further behind me started yelling out "GUY! GUY!". then the band waved to us and everyone started cheering. then at about 6:35 we got let in. i think i got the best lawn seats possible! no one (when coldplay were playing) was in front of us and they were very much in the center. when we were waiting for coldplay to come on there were just two girls in front of us. eisley came on about 7:40 and ended about 8. Then they had to set up for ron sexsmith for a little while. ron came on at about 8:30 or so (i think). when ron started to play gold in them hills chris came out and did the duet with him! before he started singing he went over to the mike and said "what did i do?". then around 9:30 or 9:45 (somewhere in there) after it was setup, coldplay came on! right when the music started everyone was on their feet! they opened with politik.
(or were they they other way around?)
it was soo amazing! best concert i've ever been to! the security wouldn't let us against the wire though. people needed to be able to walk through. he kept on telling us to stop going against it. right after the scientist i was going to yell out "sing it backwards!!" (not that he would be able to hear me). but then he went straight into what a wonderful world. the new songs moses and your world turns upside down were really good! i was so happy when they performed lips like suger. one i love was really good. did you see jonny during it? he was really into it. chris' dancing was really funny. he kept spinning. he also did a little kick.
the sound quality was really good. but did anyone hear a problem during part of the show? the music was so great! what a night that was. the lights were stunning! i loved them. the lights for clocks went over all of the crowd. they were really cool. i was singing along most of the time. so was everyone around me. in trouble... "and they spun a web i think i can turn this into a big singalong. we also had one during everything's not lost.

thank you coldplay: I saw the concert and it was fantastic.It was amazing.It was my frist concert and i thought it was worth th elong wait.Coldplay is the most amazing band and deserves all the attentio the get.I live near toronto and where i live not alot of people like them or have even have heard of the band, there lost.The opening acts where also very good and ron sexsmith and coldplay chris martin song together was one of my favourites parts of the concert.The music of coldplay have competely change my life and music is my drive for life.The sound was clear as a bell and so what if i had lawn seat at was there.The people around me were great and we talk alot befoe and after the concert.The clothes are perfect and i got a cp t shirt.I love the kind nature and love for the audience.Even when toronto was going though a tough time the where there.Martin said he was whorried that we(The audience weren't going show up).i knew they would show up.They started of with politik and ended off with sugat lips.Martin seems to love the city and commented during the song evenything not lost that we weren't lost about going to the ozzy concert.He mess up a couple times were all human and cover very well.The audience was great and i never did sit down and you can tell who are devoted fans and who aren't.I know every word of each song and was very very happy to be there with my dad.I still have the after concert high and just reimagine it put a smile on my face.I hope that the band keep together because of the so callled ''ENGAMENT'' to the actress gytneth paltrow.His kind nature an voice.talent will make any girl fall for him.I like him but how can'y you not.I also love the music to.I don't belive they are getting married until i hear it from him and and see it happen.I would like many pic and any coldplay stuff you are willing to sell. thanks coldplay i really mean it.

lillie: wow.....that was by far the greatest show ive ever beeen to.
its almost a week later and i still can stop singing every song in my head. coldplay are fucking gods!

BreatheInForLuck: the concert was just about a week ago..or was it exactly a week? meh..i don't even know what day it is right now so ask me again later when i've attained a somewhat more conscious mental status..i'll recoup. from exams sooner or later..
hearing the live recordings of the songs they played that night still makes me all happy and giddy. I sang at the top of my lungs (my deepest appologies if you were one of the unfortuante ones on the floor that had to listen) and strained my voice and face by singing and smiling far too much for my own good and it was WONDERFUL!!
I'd never had the opportunity to see Coldplay live before and now i regret not making it a point of seeing them perform sooner. their performance was brilliant...i left that night, although throughly exhausted and moving quite sloth-like out of the amp. , feeling completely and totally elated.