June 10
Tower City Ampitheatre

recording has not surfaced

god put a smile upon your face
a rush of blood to the head
one i love
dont panic
everythings not lost
the world turned
the scientist

in my place

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Scientist synopsis: Lot of pics of this show. Interesting venue.



Orourkebr: What a show...the guys were just eating it up and loving the crowd so much...telling us how many times he was surprised at the reaction. I was about 10th row, gosh it was nice...the lights, everything and the energy is just something else by everyone. Daylight was just amazing, probably my favorite all night. And we got Amsterdam all because of the girl with the yellow balloon!! Thanks! It wasnt on the setlist either, after IMP Chris said let's do another, so the band left and he did Amsterdam and they all came back out when they jump in at the end...'twas fantastic.

Percivale: The concert was amazing. I was so happy they played "Amsterdam" even though the piano was messed up. I was toward the back and had some amazon blocking my view (nothing like a six foot chick swaying back and forth), so my pictures came out crappy.
And, whilst it is my fervent hope that the lads make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (eventually), I do wish they'd come back to Cleveland before that. Several times

Brokenvision: The Cleveland show was amazing, the burst of energy the audience got with the opening song, politik, was just amazing. I thought it was pretty cool it was their first show in Cleveland and the merch counter after the show was freakin' packed! but i got my two shirts, haha. did anyone else that went to the show see that lady get hit by the cop on the way out? everyone was leaving the show and a cop was coming thru the crowd with his sirens blarrin' and when he was almost all the way thru the crowd he clipped some chick! and then just drove off! that was bullshit. overall it was an unbelieveable show and it definitely will not be the last one i go too.

Poo: This was my first coldplay show! I have no idea what row I was in, but I was close enough to see all the band members clearly. I can't really make my mind up about which song was my favourite last night, probably everything's not lost or daylight. Oh, I managed to get to the third row halfway through the concert! I got my sister to take some photos but it might be a week or so before I get it developed. I'll try to post them once I do that.
By the time I got home it was 5:00 am, but the concert was worth the lack of sleep!

Don'tUShiver?: I'm still reeling about how great the show was...don't forget to add "Happy Birthday Vickie" on the setlist
And yes, the yellow Amsterdam ballon was a great idea. My neck hurts so much from dancing...well worth it, I can't believe they actually liked Cleveland but they did.
I was 5th row, I'll never be so close to rock stars again.

Simplyjustin: That too was my first Coldplay show and it was well overdue, I was amazed Politik was incredible (the lights and all) I drove a good 4 hours to get there(by myself), so worth it. by the way what the hell was up with that venue, you would think that they would have figured out the simple fact that they need more than one stairwell for the exit. ....

NorthernGirl227: The Cleveland show was awsome! My friends and I drove from Erie Pennsylvania, about an hour away and got to Tower City around 1pm, at that point there was only a handful of people lined up so we decided to leave and check into our hotel and come back, we arived again at around 3pm and our awaiting began. At first it was nice, my friend and I peaked through the fence and saw Chris at the piano during the soundcheck, it was nice to hear them play while we waited on that damn hard pavement for 5 hours. I kinda felt bad because my friend and I dragged our boyfriends and gave them no choice but to sit there and wait with us and we got up and decided to kill some time in the Tower City mall, aren't we bitches!? But we brought them back Playboy's and Arby's so it wasn't a total loss for them. Then it began to rain around 6 or so, and it wasn't looking too good, but let me tell you if I would have known how crowded and uncomfortable it was gonna be in that damn "tent" I would have prefered the rain anyday!

so finally, they began to let people in, but if my dumbass didn't try to smuggle in my friends monstrocity of a camera, I probably would have ended up in the front row, but when i tried to play the "large object" of as a pack of cigarettes to the security guard, he sent me on my merry little way back to the car 6 blocks away to get rid of my camera, that jackass wouldn't even take the film. So needless to say, my waiting was completly worthless. As you could imagine, I had a pretty hefty temper tantrum on my way back to the car. So not only did I lose my place in line, I lost some pretty good photo opporitunities. But all was not lost, I made it back in time that it still wasn't overly crowded and I found my friends up near the center-front of the stage.

In my opinion the venue was pretty crappy. I probably wouldn't see another concert there if I could help it. Chris put it well when he said it was a tent on a parking lot. The smelly, dirty Cuyahoga river was quite a site and so were all the rusty train tracks and what was up with those half bridges all over the place? It wasn't the most impressive atmousphere, but I didn't really think of it once the band came onstage. Eisley was suprisingly good...and Ron Sexmith was okay, and I'm sure I would like him better if I wasn't standing in a sardine can, impatiently waiting for the best band in the world to come out 30 feet away from me. Halfway throught Eisley I thought I was going to die of heat exsaustion/dehydration, but I kept thinking to myeslef, "I made it through Rolling Rock surrounded by 40,000 sweaty, muddy people for 8 hours, so I can do this! The anticipation was awful! But my 3 months of waiting since the Pittsburgh show and my long gruling day of extreme periods of time sitting and then standing paid off when Chris smirked and giggled at the monsterous cheering at the very beginning of Politik, did anyone else catch that? That was the best part! I was about 25-30 feet away from Chris, but its not easy being small with about 10 beefcakes blocking your view. All in all the show was outstanding, and his energy was enourmous. The lighting of course was amazing as well, and I was really pleased with Clocks and Amsterdam, and I liked all of his whitty little comments, however I could feel the vibes of utter exhaustion from the whole band, which is totally understandable, but it was still an amazing show. I can't wait to see them again. Thanks LAWMAN for posting those pictures, I'm glad some of you got some good shots you'll have to give me your camera-smuggling secret! Did anyone get to meet the band afterwards? There were too many people, so I didn't get to...but I got to see a bunch of dumbasses climbing over barbed wire fenses and people getting hit by police cars!! Anyone else have any interesting stories?? I hope they make there way to buffalo sometime and the next time they are in the cleveland area, i would like to see them @ Blossom!

Mexican: man what a show ive been waiting 3 yrs for them to come here and it sure was worth the wait to top it off i scored the setlist the soundman was using definately the best show ive seen in 2 yrs

GabbylovesLleyton: OMG......that show fuckin kicked ass!!! It was so awesome! I was like 4th row and Chris was in plain sight and I got some good pictures and I am going to get them developed today!!!! I even cried I was so happy........I was having an out of body experience!!!

OffAxis: Cleveland show rocked!! Glad to see a setlist and see the names of some of the new stuff, even if there is some controversy. Good to Amsterdam, thanks to the girl with the balloon! My brother and I were there in the front. My brother was the guy with the red hair that got the water bottle after In My Place and I was the one with the SKI shirt on. It was kind of weird like 10 people came up and asked my brother about the water bottle after the show. He was like a mini celebrity for catching a water bottle.
I have to admit I was little upset not to hear Shiver and the fact they never came out a talked to some of the people who were there ridiculously early. U2 does that sometimes and I think it's class act thing to do.

ShadyKatie585: Wow, what a show!
I've been a fan since "Yellow", and absolutely loved the second album, but what really got me hellbent on seeing them live was watching their performance of "Politik" at the Grammys. I pretty much secured tickets the next day! So, needless to say, as I'm standing there, probably about 10-15 feet from the stage, I'm thinking it's going to be a good concert..........it was absofuckinglutely incredible (excuse the language, but I can't think of a more perfectly descriptive word!)! "Politik" was awesome, "The World Turns Upside Down" was awesome...favorites of the night had to be "Everything's Not Lost", "Amsterdam", "and "Trouble"..."Trouble" killed me, I was crying the whole song..."Clocks" was awesome too! "Everything's Not Lost" was, at least for me, the best song of the evening....Chris on the piano and the audience singing, it was incredible! The band, especially Chris, seemed to really dig us and our response, and lord knows we loved them! Gotta love Chris and the way he plays piano...my friend (who actually disliked Coldplay, but thankfully was converted to a fan after the concert) actually asked me how much I thought it would cost to buy that piano bench... Thanks to the girls with the balloon - you guys rock! The only downside to the evening was a) the drunk guy who spilled half a glass of beer down the front of me during "Trouble" (jerk), and b) trying to get out of the amphitheater...can't believe the cop car actually was pushing through the crowd, that's insane....anyways, regardless of all that, it was an INCREDIBLE concert. I am sure it will be my first of many visits to see them live here in Cleveland and in Charleston (where I go to school).

u2fan: I've been a huge U2 fan for a long time and just recently I've been getting into Coldplay. I was intrigued when Rolling Stone called them "the next U2" and bought both albums. I really enjoyed them, but to measure up to U2 you have to be great live so I decided to wait till this Cleveland show to make any judgments. I have to say, I was very impressed. I was not close or anything, but they were on par musically with U2 live, which is saying a lot coming from me. I really really enjoyed every song, particularly "One I Love." I didn't know this song so I looked it up on here under the posted setlists and downloaded it. Chris Martin isn't quite up to Bono-level yet in stage presence, but not many are. Rolling Stone may be right. It's difficult to compare bands, but I think Coldplay has a good chance of matching U2's success. I am glad the British Isles have produced yet another great band. Count me in as a new big Coldplay fan.

JenKan14: The Cleveland show was amazing! The whole show took me to another world! (Besides the people having conversations next to me). I was about 10 rows back, and the breeze felt now and then was refreshing. I was so impressed with the show and how great everything sounded....I didnt want it to end!

T2NAZx2: The show was fuckin awesome. I was a Coldplay virgin...front row rocked...LEAH Rocked with the Amsterdam balloon! Woohoo Leah! You inspired Coldplay and brought joy to the concert...go girl! It was great meeting everyone...sad that our time was short
Will definitely not be my last Coldplay concert. And Will was great...so was Johnny and I got to
rub Chris's head! Yayyyy!

Lexiee: hey i as there at the concert too...it was just awsome, i was the one with the lighter..hehehe the orange one....thanks to the dude with the group who borrowed it and let me share your goodies..... i think i was the oldest person there but who cares.....about 7 rows back...i was also there when that cop hit that person wtf was that about he didn't even stop........my complaint is they need to figure out a better way of streaming out people intead of those small stairs that was sheer madness people jumping over the fences etc.........ah well hey post some more pics pls i had never been there before and if i would of known it i would of snuck in my digi too...boo hoo next time i will know better.....

thenryo2greeneyes: (My plan of getting there that early didn't work) but I was definitely close! It was an amazing concert! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Mariabell: I drove 6 hours to Cleveland from baltimore last night to finally see Coldplay. I missed the last two concerts in my area. It was well worth it, and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd sucked, I didn't even think half those folks like Coldplay they were just there because their friends and co-workers were there. But Coldplay kicked ass and Ilove them more than before

coldplaylover_16: yea how close were u to them.......i was about 3 or 4 deep.......i thought the crowd was awesome.........the people in the front so didnt deserve to be their they werent even that excited!!.......that was the only thing i was pissed about o yea besides that i didnt get to meet the band!........i had my autograph picture waiting and everything......this guy in front of me was all over me........he was REALLY into it........lol..........jumping on my feet and everything......i dont even think he realized he was so close to me.....well we got some awesome pics......me and my sis gabby.....(gabbylovesllyeton).......i had tears in my eyes for the first song politik.......i was going crazy screaming i love you chris every 10seconds....lol!

incudorkus: OMG! i was there too! (im excited can u tell?) well i was like in the rd row and i was screaming my head off. i seen that blonde girl and her boyfriend, they were right next to me. did you guys see all these people faint? like 3 ppl did! it was crazy! i thought it was the best live show ever! i took pictures but they sucked oh well it was so worth it! when amsterdam came on I started bouncing my head up and down and going crazy! best day of my life! i was disappointed that they didnt play green eyes or warning sign or shiver but oh well it was great!

Deny_you: I was there with the balloon and i thought the crowd was great. I saw them in CT, and the crowd there sucked. The MSG show was pretty good, but people around me sat, which really pissed me off. Cleveland was the smallest of the venues that i have seen them at, so i thought that it was a pretty good crowd.

Crazymary: Um well, Cleveland was my 8th coldplay show and I traveled 6 hours at least to get there and i got to the venue early that morning so I def. deserved to have front row. But, I have had front row at every cp show i have been too, except one but thats only because it was seating. I love Coldplay, obviously and I thought the crowd was amazing. Being in front row you can feel the energy from the whold crowd behind you, and for being a small venue, I thought the crowd was great! I also got to meet Will before the show and after, along with Chris and Jonny after, too. I have met them a total of 5 times now and they are so nice, sorry you didnt get to, but with an attitude like that, I am not surprised!

Ness28: The Cleveland show was AWESOME! The weather was beautiful and the crowd was great - sold out at about 6500 people. You could not have asked for a better night. Coldplay was great, the sound and lights were remarkable to say the least. I go to a lot of shows and this by far was one of the best. I am so glad I did not miss it-I would be kicking myself for sure. I liked Coldplay before, but now even more.

Percivale: once COLDPLAY hit the stage, it was, quite simply, a breathtaking experience. The power and intimacy of the band shone through, starting with "Politik."
The "new U2" followed with "God Put a Smile on Your Face" and then "A Rush of Blood to the Head." Lead singer Chris Martin then introduced "Trouble" as a ballad that Celine Dion passed on; thank God, since it's still my favourite Coldplay song. The b-side "One I Love" (which many people didn't recognise) and "Don't Panic" were followed by an amazing performance of "Daylight," which until last night was one of my least favourite tracks off their new album. They played a new song, "Moses," then "Everything's Not Lost" with a verse of Satchmo's "It's a Beautiful World" appended to it. Another b-side, "Crests of Waves" (which even fewer people recognised) preceded a happy little moment, when Chris presented their band assistant Vicki Taylor with a bouquet of flowers onstage and led the audience in serenading her with "Happy Birthday!" Then they got back to business with their first hit, "Yellow" and then closed with my four favourite tracks from A Rush of Blood to the Head, "The Scientist," "Clocks," and "In My Place" including Chris' impromptu lyrics "And if you go if you go/and let your mustaches grow/then I'll wait for you" aimed at guitarist Jonny Buckland (cheeky bugger). For the encore, Chris brushed aside a baulky piano to perform "Amsterdam," citing the small yellow balloon floating near the stage on which someone had written "PLAY AMSTERDAM."

Lulu: I was there, front row with my head rubbers....and we had a great time.
I think Chris actually liked the pile of crap. He and Jonny were sitting up there during Ron Sexsmith. It was funny because when Jonny went to sit down at the top of it, he kind of fell and slid down a little bit.
but the show was great. We got there at 8am and spent the entire day hanging out. Met Will before the show, he was great, came out and talked to us.
Now the show...I was slightly left of middle in the front row and had a perfect view. The only bad thing was the guy next to me, front row center, who kept checking his text messages
Chris wasn't as energetic as I've seen him before (this was my 5th Coldplay show), but he was still into it, very happy. Jonny with his 70s mustache seemed to be in a good mood as well. Guy seemed to be also, although he didn't come out afterwards. He was right backstage for most of Ron Sexsmith drinking beer, lol. And he smiled a lot more than he usually does during the show.
I was happily surprised to hear the World Turned Upside Down. I think it's a great song. and it definitely was World Turned Upside Down. One of my friends got a set list, and also the pictures on the screens, if you looked at them, were spinning....get it?
during the Scientist...I cried, as usual.
Chris seemed really happy with the response from the crowd after Clocks (I think, I can't remember), so he went and started Amsterdam while Will and Guy went to smoke and Jonny did something, and then they all came out once the full band kicks in in the song...I thought that was cool. I was kind of disappointed there was no second encore, but getting Amsterdam (we were the ones with the yellow balloon that said 'Play Amsterdam') made it worth it.
Afterwards, there were sooo many people out to meet the band...everyone except Guy came out. My friend Todd got to rub Chris's head hehe. Brilliant. I also got my picture with Chris because I told him how none of the pictures I'd gotten before turned out (he actually remembered me! ). Hopefully it will turn out this time....*crosses fingers*
We left the venue at about 2am...all in all a wonderful day. Not the best Coldplay experience I've had, though. A couple of things were missing

kitten_ohio: The show last night - what can I say? I cried when they closed with Amsterdam! My God what a show. The venue - Tower City Amphitheatre was "standing/club" setting. An outdoor tent near the river.
I didn't mind waiting through Eisley & Ron Sexsmith. Chris Martin was just unbelievable. I am still numb!