June 9
UIC Pavillion

At least 2 aud recordings
Taper: Louis Choi Sony MZ-R700 > Sound Prof. Cardiod mics > Cool Edit Pro > Shn
Taper: Butta (not as good)

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Your World Turned Upside Down
The Scientist /What a Wonderful World finale
In My Place

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Scientist synopsis: Not a great crowd but a top notch show.



IceIceBaby54321: I can't even start to describe how amazing last night was at the coldplay concert in chicago.......i got to the venue at 3pm...and first thing we got to do.....talk to chris martin (he siad he really appreciated what we doing to help) so then we were at our booth and Eisley came up and talked to us..and we got a pic and their autographs...THEN...we got to be in the "pit" for the entire cplay show..they were soooooooooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!! Wow. this day was great..but it got even better. After the show, Ben Branzel got our stuff that we put backstage to keep safe....most volunteers left. but he forgot my poster, and concert booklet...so we went backstage, and there was an aftershow party goin' on!!!.....SOO we got to meet, talk to, take pics with, and get autographs from both Jonny & Will!!!!!!!!!!!! I could't even believe it....and they were both SOOOO nice!!!
What a great time..

Lunkey: I would give the show a B. Was a great perfomance, but the crowd didn't seem too into it and also the band seemed pretty tired. Touring will do that to you though.
My favorite part was at the end of clocks when he was slowing down on his piano part and the crowd started clapping along, and then he started speeding back up going faster and faster and faster till he couldn't play anymore. That was so cool. Also Gweneth was at the show - was like 10 feet from me! In case none of you knew, that's the reason he had them turn on the lights - so that she could get escorted down without getting hurt while moving through the crowd.

Dbiernacki: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that crowd was pathetic. Seeing as how I felt like the oldest person at the show, I would expect a lot more from a college-aged crowd. Chris Martin was out there killing himself and I was in a section that sat down through the entire show until they played Yellow. If any "sitters" are reading this post YOU'RE LAME!!!!! Liven up!!!! Have a good time. It was a great show, I just hope the band knows that we had a good time even if the majority of the crowd didn't show it.

Highspeedgirl: The show was not as good as the one in September, but I think like many of you mentioned, it was because of the crowd. It was great to hear some new songs though. I didn't know that the lights were turned on for Gwyneth LOL I liked that Jonny did that harmonica bit. Chris was GREAT on stage.
Overall, pretty ok, plus we got to meet some interesting people from Michigan

StarGazerKel: i agree about the audience participation...not enough...and there was the whole section of people not standing...
as far as I know, I could hear myself singing and no one i was sitting by was singing or anything...Very dissapointing. There were a few points when the audience was into it though...that was good. But I thought the concert was amazing. I do think that the last year was better though. mainly because of audience...but as far as energy...chris was soo into it and thats what I love about coldplay concerts, the energy!

trick_07: Oh no! First of all this is my first post here yay im a newbie! Second wow u ppl r so darn lucky! I didn't know Gwyneth was there. oh well. I did attend the show yesterday at the pavilion. It was GREAT!!!!! Chris, Guy, Will, Jon were amazing especially Chris with his energy. I was a bit dissapointed though because what was wrong with the crowd? They all looked dead. I was on the balcony(embarrassed) hehe and I was the only one screaming, dancing, singing n saying "We love u chris".lol Then I looked to the people aside of me and the looked all dead.lol They had to livin up. Overall I had a fantastic job though no cameras were allowed to take pics, but I still saw flashes!

Drummer_Dude: THis was my first time at a show of COldplay, and I thought the band (especially Chris) did their part to get the crowd 'into' the show, but the people were just LAME!!! I have been to over 300 concerts (I'm old!) and I have never seen such a mellow crowd! I felt like I was at a Neil Diamond show! What's wrong with these college kids now a days?

Comicbookstud: The crowd was dead cuz of the first two bands! They were great and all, but man! Talk about mellow! Ron Sexsmith especially slowed things down. I mean, I was just zoning out the entire time while he was playing because it was just so mellow. Wish I could have seen him perform somewhere smaller, he probably sounds great. Anyhow, that's my theory on why the crowd wasn't very excited. Maybe if Chris had talked to the audience more too, that would have helped. But hey, who knows?

Either way, I had a fantastic time! Coldplay's by far the best band I've ever seen in concert. I saw them before a couple years ago when they came to Chicago to perform at the Aragon, and they were awesome then too. Good thing they came out with "A Rush..." cuz those songs are much more suited for the larger venues like what they played last night. Thankfully everyone was standing around the area I was sitting, so I didn't feel too out of place, even though most of them were just standing there. But man! That show was so good! I was just enthralled with every song they did! Kinda disappointed they didn't do 'Shiver' or 'Spies', but they covered all the songs I liked off of "A Rush..." Overall, a wonderful performance. Chris' energy (and John's (sp?) are infectious, even if I can barely make them out.
Best part about the whole thing was that they got my girlfriend (who bought the tickets for me as a late Christmas gift!) hooked on them! I knew I could count on those guys to help her see the light.

abertawe33: I was at the show last night as well and thought Coldplay were brilliant. I have to disagree a bit about the crowd being "lame" though. I'd say I was in one of the mellow sections where a lot of people were sitting, and I didn't mind really as I then was able to see really well. However, I'd like to say something in defense of some of the quieter fans. Just because they aren't making loads of noise doesn't mean they don't appreciate the music or aren't having a great time. At least they aren't speaking through songs about how hot Chris is so other fans around them can't hear the music. Most of the people in my section, although they were "sitters," were respectful and definitely appreciative of the music - which we can all agree was excellent!!

Chickie: I was at the UIC show a few days ago, that was awesome! It was my first Coldplay concert. I went with 2 of my friends, we're all UIC students (juniors). I get dizzy standing for GA shows, so we had seats lol, that was just fine though. We were on campus by my friend's apartment, then when we finally walked a few blocks to the concert we were like sooo many people standing outside (well, more than we usually see on that street corner). Too bad the audience wasn't a bit more lively but oh well! It was great overall!