June 6
Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Morrison, CO (Denver)

A Full aud recording exists, many partial recordings, a FM recording (with an assortment of songs), and a Matrix recording (with the FM material mixed with a partial recording)

FM:01. DJ 02. Politik 03. Chris speaks 04. Trouble 05. A Rush of Blood to the Head 06. Daylight 07. Yellow 08. Scientist 09. What a Wonderful World 10. DJ 11. Clocks 12. In My Place 13. Lips Like Sugar (FM version with missing songs and Trouble out of order)

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't Panic
One I Love
Everything's Not Lost (Chris added in BJ Thomas' "Raindrops keep falling on my head, but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red)
The World Turns Upside Down
The Scientist/What a Wonderful World (Turned it in one verse to "what a wonderful crowd")

In My Place

2nd Encore:
Lips Like Sugar
Life is For Living

my http://coldplaycolorado.tripod.com/RedRocks/

Scientist synopsis: Top notch show 20 years after U2's Under a Blood Red Sky and with as much rain. Incredible.



Shawn (me): While yesterday the boys were just happy being here (very giddy, playful, and a few mistakes) they came to perform tonight. Its almost like the first night was a great dress rehearsal and last night was the real show.

Got in 1st row with some help from my friends! It started raining about 30 minutes before CP came on and never stopped. We really got drenched as it was VERY much like the U2 Under a Blood Sky show if you've ever seen the footage from 20 years ago. It would have been miserable if not for CP putting on a fantastic performance.

Double encore and they kept thanking us for weathering the storm. The crowd in turn was even better than the night before and were VERY passionate. Luckily they started the opening bands much earlier and CP went on about an hour earlier. The drive home was scary as hell as the rain was so thick and it was so dark that visability was terrible.

oasisjennie:Truely amazing. Jen (booradley) and I got there around 1:00 and met up with Audree (audball34) in line. There were only 6 people in front of us. They let people tour the ampitheatre and the area so we actually cut through the venue a couple times! Hung out in line for about an hour and a half, it sprinkled off and on but what a nice day...so far. Awesome view of Red Rocks and the horizon. Met Liz (hey I have your sweater!!), very cool. Got a call that Traci and Keith that they had arrived so we hiked down and started to grill burgers and drink jungle juice, lots of jungle juice! They brought like what, 6 gallons?? It was insane! Had a great time meeting people and chatting about Coldplay and concerts. It was perfect!

Around 5:30 I hiked up allll those stairs to get to the front of the line. By this time the stairs were full of people. Luckily no one complained as I budged my way in by Audree. They let us in about 6:00 and we high-tailed it for the front row. Where did I end up? Front row center!!! Counld't ask for a better spot. We saved a spot for Jen and got Chris's Nuts, Robin, and Liz down there as well. Except for the old annoying people next to us it was great.

The wind started to pick up immensely as Eisley came one. At one point Robin and I went to use the restroom and buy some stuff, and the display t-shirts were flying off the wall as the wind was so bad! She and I both bought the one that says 'Play' on the front in elements and Coldplay on the back.

So after Eisley was done they were going to be meeting fans over on the other side so Liz and I went over. I got all of their autographs and a few pictures. Grabbed a beer and went back to our spots and watched Ron Sexsmith. I can't remember if it started to rain during his set or if it was between him and Coldplay...anyhow by the time Coldplay came on it was RAINING, then it turned into almost a downpour! It is so weird to be chilled to the bone from the rain but not even care because you are watching Coldplay from the front row! The guys brought so much energy, it was sensational. We were all partying in the front row, the whole crowd was one. Afterwards I got a setlist. (Liz, sorry I didn't give it to you, if you want it I can get it to you! It's all crumpled and ripped, but still readable :-)

I haven't been that soaked from a concert since I saw REM in St. Paul back in '99; the difference being then it was probably 75 degrees out, and people were getting naked. A little too cold for that last night! And I left my car in Boulder at Jen's so I have to get over there today sometime...

Ah everything was so worth it, fantastic night, brilliant show, great people. THANK YOU COLDPLAY! I can't wait for next time!


Wow, I think I am still drying out from last nights performance. The actual show has been summed up in the posts before so I wont elaborate anymore on that. I originally had reserved seating, section 40 but when I walked in I saw that GA was wide open so I ended up sitting about 10 rows up and a little to the right. The show was taped and it is only a matter of time before it surfaces so just be patient I also ran into Chrisís Nuts and he had the prime seats, right up front. So I decided to let him borrow my trusty digi cam so he could take some close up shots. He ended up taking about 140 pictures all at super high resolution and they came out beautiful! I think he is stopping by tonight to pick up the cd of pics and will be uploading them to a site shortly. I will be doing the same on my site but probably not for another day or so. Anyways what a great night and check out a couple of the pics, big thanks to Shawn for taking these!


It's about 3am on Sunday morning and I just got back home from Denver. I'm super tired but wanted to see what reviews were up. Great reviews so far!

I just wanna say I'm soooo jealous of all you CO people Red Rocks is so beautiful and breathtaking. I took 3 rolls of just the scenery and landscape. I walked all the way to the top of the venue and from the last row you can see the horizon hovering above the stage, downtown Denver on the left, green hills of grass interrupted by mountains of red rocks and a small lake on the right. Gorgeous!

I went to both the Thursday and Friday show and Friday blew the socks off the first night. Despite the rain, the boys seemed to be more into the show and had much more energy. I had to laugh when they first took the stage, all four huddled under one umbrella. By the time Politik started I was completely drenched save for my head since I luckily brought a hooded jacket. Soggy jeans, socks, and shoes was a bit uncomfy at first but I think I grew numb after 15 minutes of rain and realized I couldn't actually get any wetter than I already was so I just forgot about it. I took many many rolls since we were so close and I was so worried I had ruined my camera but it's still working! I was talking to Rob before the show and he agreed to try to tape One I Love on his dig. camera but they saw him filming and made him delete it all But thanks for trying Rob!

I'm so happy I finally got to hear Lips Like Sugar live. My friend back at home is gonna be so pissed cuz he's like an Echo and the Bunnymen diehard.

There are some great people on the board from Denver. I was in line around 8 am and Brynn and Karen arrived shortly after. The night prior they got to go backstage but the boys had left already. They were able to grab some memorabilia from the dressing rooms though! Suppossedly the dressing rooms have red rocks jutting out of the walls and corners since they couldn't cut through it all. How cool is that!?

We had our 'lil tailgate shingdig around 4. Didn't think it'd actually happen but I'm glad we pulled it off. Thanks for bringing all that stuff Traci. Then around 5:30 the doors opened and we were able to get about 9 of us down in the front row. After being in Row 25 on Thursday this was a real treat. However the true showcase from the lighting can't be seen from up close so the view from the upper rows is definitely a great sight as well. Also with the slope being so graduated, you can really see the whole audience in front of you and the energy everyone possesses as they dance to the music. The vibe at Red Rocks is amazing. Feels like the crowd is one with each other. Chris didn't even have to request that the audience stand like he has at both LA shows and the San Diego show cuz everyone was already standing before Politik even started.

THere were lots of people from out of state. Rob was from South Carolina I think. And the girls behind him were from Utah. Two girls I saw at the airport wearing CP shirts said they came from Houston. My friend and his friends flew in from Dallas and Chicago.


*2nd encore with TWO songs versus one on 06/01, our gift for toughing out the rain.

*"I see fields of green, Red Rocks too..." - Wonderful World

*Chris's duck dance with Jonny during In My Place

*The one minute rock out and Jonny and Chris's synchronized jump in front of Will at the end of The World Turns Upside Down

*Will's mad drumming during Lips Like Sugar, esp. at the end of the song.

*short U2 intro for Everything's Not Lost

*"I don't care if everyone knows this is for my girlfriend." Chris introducing Moses.

I'm going to send my pics to ChrisNut's (Shawn) shortly and he's going to set up a page with pics since he has some webspace. Liz, I'd love to see the pro's pics! Jennie, hope your tour book is safe and dried out now. Hopefully that one picture in there is not ruined at all (u know which one I'm talking about Robin, thanks for the beer Jen, I'm curious with what ends up happening with D. Hope she comps. you with somethinge else, sucks what happened Viv/Derrick, great running into you guys, what ended up happening afterwards? Gerald/Neil - thanks for DRAGGING me to the Adams Mart Hotel. I told you they'd be gone!


Hey everyone, i showed up ten minutes late for burgers and jungle juice but still got to meet Tracy and Keith, fun people. too bad I didn't get to meet more of you, they told me some of the screen names that showed up and I lurk here a lot more than I post. From Lincoln, NE myself.

had some notes from the show that I wanted to check on because I'm writing a review for an online mag.

Chris mentioned U2 20 years ago and I looked that up, they played 6.5 and 6.6 as well. Pretty cool. After mentioning this he went into Moses and during the song he did some humming from "With or Without You" Did anyone else catch this? It'll show up on the boot.

And I had written down for the comment about Gwyneth, "I wrote this song for my girlfriend, I don't care if you know her." Is this accurate?

I loved the line "tonight's the kind of night for some Prodigy or Korn, sorry you have to hear a soft ballad group like COldplay."


what a wonderful crowd!!!

Chris was absolutely right - it was a wonderful crowd. And just an absolutely incredible show. I could have died happy that night. I mean, even though the rain was FREEZING - it somehow made the show seem that much more special and made the crowd seem that much more dedicated and made the venue just completely come alive. I couldn't have asked for anything more... well... except to have gotten my 7 inch signed. But there was no chance I was going to hold it in the rain waiting for them to notice. Aside from that absolutely miniscule wish, I was so inspired by their talent and how much fun I had, the next day I bought my ticket to England. I leave in 15 days! I'll be seeing them at either the Witness Festival or T in the Park (one's in Scotland and one's in Ireland on the same weekend so I can't do both I don't think) and then again at the V Festival on Aug 16 - anyone feeling adventurous enough to meet me there???

I hope no one's camera got ruined and that Jennie's tour book and Audree's photo album survived. Shawn and Robin, thank you so much for not kicking me out of the front row when I was bouncing around like a maniac in front of you. I was really really trying to contain myself but I was just too excited to be there. Can't wait to see the photos - going to check out the site right after this. And my photographer friend said he'd be bringing me my copies of the photos he took sometime this week!!!

I can't thank you all enough for squeezing me in with you. Jen, I hope you get that e-bay bullshit sorted. If you need me to kick someone's ass, I'm there for you girl. Tracy and the Ft. Collins crew - thank you so so much for the BBQ & the jungle juice! I'm so sorry I didn't come back down but those stairs are a killer and after two cups of jungle juice, I wasn't feeling very motivated. And the burger offering to the people around me was definitely a good idea because they were totally cool about it when Shawn & Robin came and got in line with me. So, thank you!!!

Who were those cute girls on my left??? Did you see their HARMONICA sign??? They were trying to get Johnny to throw it to them when he finished his bit during "Don't Panic". I don't think he even saw the sign though.

Overall, just an incredible show. What a night.