June 5
Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Morrison, CO (Denver)

A Full aud recording exists

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't Panic
One I Love
Everything's Not Lost (with a bit of U2 "40")
The World Turns Upside Down
The Scientist/What a Wonderful World

In My Place

eisley http://www.eisley.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1292
eisley http://www.eisley.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1340

Scientist synopsis: A great fun concert but still a warm-up for the following night blowout.



Chris's Nuts (me):
Weather started out terrible in the morning but got progressively better during the day. Sprinkled only 3 times i think and only for a couple of minutes.

So anyway getting in there wasn't bad, 12th row but could have gotten 10th. Good seats anyway, but maybe closer tomorrow. Eisley wasn't too bad, kind of reminded me of Belly or Juliana Hatfield. (their just babies!!) Ron was great as always and a lot of newcomers liked him i think, a slightly better reception. Anyway Coldplay came on with Politik as always and brought the sold out crowd to their feet. (some industry types were in front side section and were evidently lackluster but everyone else stood and was very receptive (no sitting! ). He said a few things early in the show but he raced past the mic each time that it was hard to understand. A Rush replaced Spies (thank god!!) and they launched into it a little quick. Daylight was awesome as always and then they said how great it was they were playing at Red Rocks and how they've come a long way since they played for 4 people here 3 years ago. He then introduced Trouble and said its a song about when you piss off your girlfriend. Chris launched into the vocals of Trouble way early and brought the song to a hilarious halt. Got a mediocre singalong with Trouble (had to stop and correct us) and then he got us clapping in time to anticipate for Don't Panic. He went for the regular version without the long intro (had some problems i think).

Then launched into a rocking One I Love and then Moses. Actually Everything's Not Lost was a highlight for me even though i often think of it as filler. He used his lyrical substitution with "If you've already made too many mistakes this concert, just remember that you're playing at Red Rocks". Then during the quiet bit he did a bit of U2's 40-"How long must we sing this song..." A great climax as he urged everyone to sing at the end.

New song The World Turns Upside Down was great. Unusual beginning (wasn't quite into at first, but it grows on you) but it finishes with a great 1 minute jam. Went into Yellow and there was just the same great recepetion as most songs for it but not people suddenly waking up as had been said in other cities. Chris was dancing all around the stage (skipping really). Scientist came across really well. The What a Wonderful World cover was really pretty and he threw in the "I see skies of blue, Red Rocks too..." And then they went off. They got fog machines going full force on Clocks and the laser over the crowd was amazing. In My Place was great and Chris was going nuts and really egged on the crowd. He said we deserved one more song for all the mistakes (was REALLY hoping to hear the Sunday Blood Sunday cover they were working on during soundcheck) and played a great version of Amsterdam.

So all in all great show (not too short ) and a very enthusiastic Chris. He was all over the stage (jamming, skipping, dancing, waddling at one point over to Jonny. Jonny was in a great mood and was laughing a lot. Him and Chris met up a few times during the show to rock out. While the show had just a few mistakes and a missed note or two it added to the character of the show. Good crowd, all standing. Could have been a little better at singing along but that's not a big issue with me. Anyway a top notch show and i got my tourbook!

yes, this was the best show ever, my sister and i agreed. we were front row baby! i was the girl with the idlewild hoodie and occasionally a blur beanie. it was soo worth having a bird shit on my glasses while i was waiting in line!