June 3rd
Kevin And Bean Breakfast Show,
Kroq Radio,
Los Angeles, CA

recording exists, may be FM recording or from webcast. Not May 31st as initially reported.

1. Intro
2. In My Place (Acoustic)
3. Interview
4. [Questions & Answers]
5. Don't Panic (Acoustic)
6. [Questions & Answers]
7. Clocks (Acoustic)
8. [Questions & Answers]
9. The Scientist (Acoustic)
10. Outro

You can listen to the edited version here of the breakfast - http://www.kroq.com/kroqnow/kroqnow.html

This review and stuff is all from Trouble_Inna, she seems to be the only person on here that went to the show! Thread has pictures from the breakfast show:


Scientist synopsis: Great acoustic radio show.

entist synopsis:




So here’s how it was… We had to come there at 6 o’clock in the morning. I had to wake up at 4am to be there on time… anyway, we came to the House of Blues and they really had food for us there! There were all kinds of doughnuts, but I’m sure you don’t care about that. Lol …So we had to wait for Coldplay from 6 till 9. It seemed like those 3 hours lasted for eternity.

Finally, the guys came at 9. They performed In My Place first. Something was wrong with Jonny’s guitar – it wasn’t working and he had to lift it up to the microphone so we could hear it. Lol Will didn’t play drums during this song (it was acoustic) and looked very lonely and sad while everyone else played. So during the break, my friend, another girl and I screamed “Will, you ROCK!” and he looked at us and smiled. Also, during the break, Jonny fixed his guitar and was trying it out when Chris joined him and so they played a little bit of some song I’ve never heard before.

When the break was over, Chris was the only one who answered the questions. Everybody else just stood there and said something only when Chris told them to answer the question. They looked very tired since they performed at the concert the night before and had to wake up so early in the morning for this breakfast thing. Strangely, Chris was the only energetic one. Will and Jonny talked a little bit, but Guy didn’t say anything AT ALL. He was just standing there, looking good, rubbing his eyes Lol (he was very sleepy), and smiling at times.

During another break, some girl gave Chris a letter. He sat behind the piano and read a little, then said, “I think I need to read this at home” or something like that.

There were lots of funny moments during the interview. Like this other girl said that she has a HUGE crush on Jonny and then asked him a question about MTF, and he stood there for a few seconds speechless! God, too bad you guys couldn’t see his reaction! He stood there for a few seconds, like hypnotized. Everyone started laughing and Chris said “She fancies Jonny” and then Jonny said, “I know.. I.. um… you’ve never seen me up close you know, it’s...” Lol... Aww, he got shy...


June 03:
San Diego Arena
San Diego, CA

md aud exists, but some light distortion on highs due to too high levels

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost (with a bit of "Rock Your Body")
The World Turns Upside Down
The Scientist/What a Wonderful World

In My Place

1 easy to please review
Eisley Forum pics

where are the SD pics??

Scientist synopsis: Sounds like an unpassionate crowd overall. Still sounds like a good performance though.


Dscully: Just returned from the SD show. probably the most amazing coldplay experience i've had so far because i was in the pit with all the sweaty jumpy people. the lads were great. i had a wonderful time!

virtually the same/similar set list to the hollywood bowl shows.
i'm not sure if that's in the right order. i didn't bother to write it down figuring someone would have it up on the boards.

something chris didn't do last night at the bowl...he had the house lights turned on and the stage lights off (for most of the song) during the last song amsterdam.
anyway, it's been a long day full of driving so it's off to bed!

Shushu: I just came from the SD show, too!! Absolutely amazing.

Paulucla: That was my first experience with Coldplay live. Absolutely incredible. Nothing like a live rock band in full flight, clicking on all cylinders with 10,000 people right there with them.

Mayfaire: coldplay was absolutely wonderful at cox arena but does anyone else agree that 75% of the audience last night was pretty lame? maybe it was where we were seated (section q) but very few people seemed to be familiar with the music, sat glued to their seats until chris cajoled them to stand for yellow near the end of the show, and i was surrounded with people conversing loudly and completely oblivious that people were actually there to see the band play (a novel idea) until being asked to hush.

the crowd at the open air theatre show last september put *most* of last night's audience to shame with the exception of the true fans who i saw singing their heart's out and bouncing along to the music - you guys made me proud

Madcircle : The show in SD sucked too. Yeah, we go a few goodies such Amsterdam, which almost made it great, but the people in SD are losers. Stuck to their chairs, and smoking pot.
I left wanting more.


Fairydust: I hated the cox arena seats, too. You feel like you have to stay seated cuz people are packed in like sardines, and can't see a thing if you stand. And the stink was not necessarily a pot thing , but rather a stinky, unshowered, overweight man smell (YUCK)...I was outta my seats and up behind the top railing, dancing and free from stench before Politik was over!! *sorry for the nasty details!*

radiacabeza: I saw alot of people dancing on the floor, including a girl with some trippy devil-stick with scarves attached; twirling away all by herself in the back of the pit. It definitely looked like the floor was the place to be...but I still managed to groove to my favorite band, and sing my lungs out...however much it annoyed the snooty snots and the bored security people (who imo, had the BEST job in the world last night!).

thot the sd show was pretty good. the crowd was lame. nobody would stand up. that was weak! my poor sis had some drunken ho next to her who insisted on talking at the top of her lungs during the show.

bsides that, the show rocked!! we got to meet the band before the show too!!! that was the best part.

Kebylynn: Yeah I really enjoyed that show in Cox. Chris was really jammin on the piano. HOwever, most people there, on the floor...on the seats on the the Arena werent' real fans of theirs. I noticed that no one was really singing along when "Everythings Not Lost" came on...when Martin prompted the crowd to sing along..
oh well..

I should have been the one on the floor!!! Dammit! Like right by the stage! Better luck with tickets next time.

To the one who remarked that 75% of the audience was lame....I coudln't agree MORE with you...
but I lost my voice that night...sang to EVERY song!
You should be proud of me..haha!

HalfBrit5: WOW! It was one of the most fantastic COLDPLAY shows I've ever seen. My friend and I went down there (road trip) and had such a great time! WE really want to post the pictures that we took and show everyone because some of them are really AMAZING! We were in the pit, so we were v. close (which made it even more fantastic!) - so the pics are good. How do you convert something from a camera on mac to a smaller jpg? they can be converted from php to jpg, but will that make them small enough to post as a link/ on the board? I just think that everyone would really like these pics because I was even amazed. So, we'd love to share them! Just post here if you have any ideas on how to go about this. ALSO - my friend and I were right in the direction of one of the side lights so the band could see us and twice CHRIS smiled right at us! It was so sweet - we were yelling and clapping the whole time! AND I wore my blue coldplay shirt (details you all probably don't want to know) (sorry). Also - the band had lots of energy and just loved playing at the cox arena because it was a bunch of college students and people close to our age who were really into the music. I went to hollywood bowl the night before and chris and the band just seemed really really tired and not too thrilled! but it was a totally different night at san diego so I hope some of you were there and can post on here what you thought! SORRY for the babble. Hope you guys help us figure out the pics situation - thanks!

Devinr: Last night, I went to the Coldplay concert in San Diego. It was the best time I have ever had in my life. It was so fun that I almost started crying. LOL. Well I would not trade it for anything in the world. Since we had not the best seats. (Obstructed View)...LOL.. we are planning on saving up and buying our tickets faster next time. I Love you Coldplay and so do A LOT of other people... so stay cool!