June 02
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA

audience DVD recording exists of entire show.

God Put a Smile on My Face
Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)

Encore 1
In My Place

Encore 2
The World Turns Upside Down
** (first appearance)

Charlesp’s : http://www.phamiliardesigns.com/personal/sight/030602.coldplay/
Uclaterry’s : http://www.msnusers.com/ColdplayJune2HollywoodBowl/shoebox.msnw
coldplaying review


Scientist synopsis: The premiere of The World Turns Upside Down.



greeneyes-chick: saw coldplay at the hollywood bowl on monday june 2, i was so overwhelmed with how well they played, i was on the verge of tears with every song especiall politik with which they opened with, oh my god, and their new music is soooooo good, i cant believe how energized these guys were!!!! i love them, they rock!!

audball34: Highlights -
*After ROBTTH Chris said it was about time to say a proper Hello and mentioned something about the LA crowd being in quite good spirits as they continued their 2 nite residency at the Bowl.
*I believe it was during Daylight that Chris lost his breath and kind of stumbled over his words while on the piano, then laughed it off.
*Chris singing to Gwenyth Paltrow's garden box seat on the right side of the stage during Moses.
*Chris sadly having to ask the audience to stand at the beginning of Yellow.
*Chris running around the entire stage in circles during Yellow.
*Jonny and Chris's stolen moments during In My Place.
*Will singing backup on Amsterdam.
*Chris substituting "Everythings Not Lost, even if you support the Dixie Chicks," or something to that effect.
*And the best highlight of the evening: Hearing a brand new song that Chris said he wrote that morning called The World Turns Upside Down. The only lyrics I could really catch were ..."i feel it, the shadows coming over me" and "it is what it is but it isn't," and "I am what I am, but i'm not." The first lyrics about the shadows, I might be totally off but that's what I thought I heard. Sound wasn't perfect in the pit area because we just had little speakers lined up along the stage.
*I also got a setlist and a drum shield ( or whatever they're called) and my friend scored Will's drumstick. Sweet

Celebrity sightings:
In the garden box: Steven Speilberg, Christian Slater, Gwenyth Paltrow.
In the Pool: Ryan Star (if she counts) sitting two rows behind us to the right.
Was able to catch Jonny after the show and chatted very briefly with him. Awesome! Asked him what he thought of the crowd and he turned the question back on me, asked him about why the harmonica isn't thrown out anymore, a little talk about Amoeba Records. I just love how he's such a sincere and humble fella.

I also spoke to Ron Sexsmith briefly. If you enjoy his music, he says he'll be trying to come back to LA to headline his own shows in the fall or when the new record comes out.

Tealwonder: Well, Coldplay once again blew my mind!! They were so excellent again Monday night! And they definitely played 90 minutes, if not a little more!! And they were just awesome....I called some of my friends during Trouble and Clocks so they could hear it and they loved it and said it sounded great! I had a little closer seat on Monday from Saturday, and it was well worth going again too see them closer! Chris was still pretty spastic and funny like he was Saturday! And in trouble, I think his voice cracked a little at one high note and he started chuckling a little bit! During ENL, he said something like "if you're in the band the Dixie chicks, then you’re supported by us" or something like that. And the boys seemed more relaxed from the beginning of this concert. Once again, they amaze me!

And for my highlight of the night, I came soooo close to meeting Chris Martin!!! Right after Eisley stopped playing, I’m sitting in my Terrace box and I see this guy come out of the stage area and walk right through the garden boxes, and I realize it's Chris walking with his hat on low and a security guard!! No one else even realized it! So I jump down from my seat and walk over to where i see him go, and he had gone and sat down next to Gwyneth in the back of a garden box. They were talking and cuddling, and I walked by again and it was definitely him, and then I asked the security guard if i could just say "hi", and he's like "well Chris is kinda busy." But the security guy was really nice and he's like "what's your name I’ll tell him you say hi." and of course i know there's 0.00001% chance he actually told him, but it was still a nice gesture. I could kick myself though for not at least yelling out "hi Chris!" and getting a wave or something. And then him and Gwyneth went backstage and i didn't have a chance to intercept them. Oh well! But it was so funny how no one else realized it was him! Ahhh what a night.

iheart_chrismartin: Aw...the concert was great. It's the best concert I've ever attended. Unfortunately there was some REALLY annoying people sitting behind us. I was so surprised that they came back the 3rd time to sing a brand new song that they wrote that same day. Anyways, what's up with Chris singing "cry me a river"? lol last time it was "shake your body".
My sister didn't take her camera cuz she feared they'd make her go back to the parking lot and mine's broken so no pictures

After the concert I was let in at the VIP party...i think. I saw Bob Saget, "Laverne" from the Laverne and Shirley show, Chris Kattan from SNL. My sister thought she saw Ellen DeGeneres and Sheyl Crow but she could be mistaking..

I wanted to meet COLDPLAY but there was no sign of them and it smelled like who knows what so I got out and left. Who knows, maybe they were somewhere else. No fair...
By the way, I really like Eisley. They're pretty good. Ron Sexsmith, too.

Pookiebear: OMG...Coldplay was utterly awesome last night! I thought I was gonna die! You'd think I'd never seen them live before...lol. It was just a great night, all the songs, Chris' energy, and just the overall enthusiam of the crowd. Granted I could have done w/o the pot smokers sitting right next to us, but you get over it.

Took a bunch of pics, hopefully some actually came out good...when I get them developed I'll post em and share em...

Oh yeah on the way out we saw Eisley walking the opposite direction, not to mention Sheryl Crow, and Kirsten Dunst. You would never think that celebs go to concerts...hehehe
Hope you all had fun!!!

Sfbabb: Coldplay has some great fans on this board, but some of the folks at the bowl were getting on my nerves. There were too many folks smoking weed where I was (Section G1 in the Superseats) maybe things were tamer where you folks were in the box seats.
If I can figure out how to upload that last encore song, I will, since it came out the best.
BTW, this was my 1st Coldplay concert, though I've been trying to see them live for at least a year, and have both CDs and some of their EP stuff from the Internet. I know long-time fans and frequent Coldplay concert attendees can always find things to criticize, but from my perspective, they were fantastic.

Cheers folks and keep good music alive

Floaty: Amazing. It was a dreamy type of show. I thought I was gonna die when they played Clocks (not because I was suprised, i knew they would play it during the encore, but because it was more lovely than i can desrcibe).

I had been looking forward to this show for about 4 months. I've seen Coldplay 3 years at KROQ acoustic xmas but never headlining their own show.
The traffic going there was HORRIBLE. It took over an hour to get there and we ended up parking at Hollywood and Highland cause we couldn't take it anymore. This ended up being a very good decision since it would have been hell trying to get out of the parking lot there.

I had been to the Hollywood Bowl before but never to a sold out show and I don't remember it being that HUGE. It's an outdoor venue and I think it seats like 15,000 people or something. There wer about 7 sections and we were in the 2nd row of the 3rd section so our seats were pretty good. I could see well the whole time except at the end when some girl sat her fat ass on the rail on front of me.
They opened with Politik and ended with The Scientist. The lighting was fantastic. We were far back and they looked so little on the stage but you could still see Chris Martin doing his little dances and running around and humping his piano bench. There were a few times when Chris would ask the audience to sing. I always find it so awesome to hear LOTS of people singing the same song together. Makes you feel like you are a part of something rather than just watching. They played about 3 new songs. As soon as they started playing the The Scientist you could hear a lot of people go "ooohhhhhhhh" (incuding me) it was pretty funny. At the end of The Scientist he played the chorus of What a Wonderful World. It was beautiful.

They did 2 encores and the first one started with CLOCKS. That was the highlight of the night. There was a green light that projected a horizontal light from the stage and the smoke made really cool patterns on it. During the second encore they played one song that they wrote today.
The other Coldplay performances I have seen were very high energy and fun. This was really different cause the venue was 5 times as big and so much more classic looking and the stage was huge too. The worst thing about the show was that most of the audience was lame. Everyone (except those lucky bastards in the pit!) was sitting down nearly the whole time. I wanted to stand up so bad but I was in the 2nd row and I wasn't gonna ruin the view for everyeone else. It was really hard to sit down and watch but I got used to it and got so caught up in the music anyway that it didn't matter after a while. FINALLY when they played Yellow (3rd to the last song) everyone in the whole place stood up (when Chris ASKED the audience to) and rocked out and that was cool.

I was honestly expecting more (a longer performance) but it was still fantastic. Still enough to put tears in my eyes at some points. Big venues just don't do it for me. I've been so spoiled. They said they probably won't play in LA for another few years so I felt very happy to be there. Everytime I see them it makes me think about how great life is and how GORGEOUS music can be. Their music had so much beauty in it that almost imposible to realize it all at once and take it ALL in.

Becknudge: Saw both shows at the Hollywood Bowl making this the 5th time that I have seen them and they just get better and better.....

Uclaterry: Fantastic night again - been so busy at work today I have had no time to post! Great reviews too - you guys are so cool! Anyway I was in box 423 so a completely different view from the night before. Lauren Holly was in the box right behind ours and Blythe Danner (Gweneth's mom) off to our right a few boxes. I loved the new song he played during the encore - how do these guys do that? Write a song in the morning and practice it enough to play it that night? Unbelievable. Anyway I was able to take a LOT more pictures last night without baldy standing next to me so I'll put the best ones in a folder and post a link a little later.

Now I want to travel somewhere and see them again!

Fairydust: I just have to say that this show ROCKED!!!!!!!
I had a single garden box tic in 413. And I stood the *entire* time!! I didn't pay $90 on Ebay to be polite and consider other's feelings, and I don't think asking someone to sit is fair anyway
So, if someone had asked me to sit I would have smiled politely and answered that it was simply not possible! All that beautiful, spiritually emotional music needs to be moved with, and sung along with. That said...I didn't even notice who was sitting next to me, or around me, except for a cool couple I sat with. I got so wrapped up in the performance and the lights (in
the awesome show they put on!!) that I really don't think it would have mattered if a celebrity was seated right next to me...unless they were standing and dancing and getting into the show, I would not have noticed them. But it is kinda cool to learn what a cool area I was in!!!
And I have to say that although I was worried about the formulaic nature of their semi-set setlist...it wasn't even an issue!
This band brings so much quality to their live show. They are just amazing, amazing artists and musicians. I feel totally blessed to have been able to see them. The Goddess gave me some grace and a great big perma-grin smile last night!!!!!!!!

Silverfox: Being an LA native I have come to expect some piss poor audiences, but even I jumped up at the start of the show (granted I was excited to see them) but then no one else in my section (H) stood, let alone most of the Bowl, so I sat again. But then when they started playing God Put A Smile on My Face I was up again until I was pelted in the head by someones wadded up trash. I mean come on people, you are at a great venue for an awesome band, what is the deal? Luckily it didn't hamper my concert experience as nothing could when I see a band that I am really looking forward to. All in all Coldplay sounded great, the venue was gorgeous, kudos to the light show and I can't wait to see them again!

mamaboy: what an experience. if you haven't seen this band live...get that ticket next time they come to your show! i was blown away by moses, what a surprise! that song just ROCKS! the only gripe i had was the l.a. traffic and the horrible parking. This band got me with yellow....then politik just knocked me off of my feet....and i just can't wait to go the see them live again. I can't wait to hear the studio version of MOSES and the future album. YOU GUYS ROCKED....thanks

Forfenhiemer: I was there, section N seat row 13 seat 1... I had some pretty bad seats, and not to mention the pot heads in front of me who were singing the songs off key and putting thier hands in the air trying to dance... But other than that it was AWSOME... Not as good as the concert on Februrary 7th however, probably because that was no assigned seating and i could push my way to the front! But I still loved it. I am so glad that someone in the front row took pictures and mini videos of the concert, i was thinking, Next time i go to a coldplay concert, bring your digital camera, how stupid am I??? But i just wanted to thank you. Coldplay amazes me. I am looking for new songs constantly on Kazaa and if you guys got the mp3's or wav files of the concert i would be your best friend if you sent them to me or posted an email adress or somthin...

The crowds were pretty horrific, and I really wish i had had better seats. Too bad i had to call in to get my tickets because i was out of town, otherwise i would have been in the pit but all you other fans took the good seats and left crap for me hehe... But hey, at least i wasnt in o-z seating Whew!
Well, have a great time at any other concerts you are going to, and hey, maybe i will see you at one of them !

blank_dog: What a Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame Lame Audience.
This was my first time at The Bowl. It's a beautiful venue with great acoustics. Band was on great form again. A bit better than the Shoreline gig on Friday, but Chris' voice was sounding a little tired. I couldn't really tell apart from a couple of coughs, but my wife (a voice coach) tells me it was !!
But I haven't seen such a lame audience since the Phoenix gig earlier in the year where most of the audience sat down as well. I was in section D and most of them were sitting, as were the majority of the rest of the audience from my view. I did see that the Pit and most of the lower boxes were standing and getting into it. Then there were the annoying people that were asking people to sit down. I won't say too much about them...

I have one thing to say. Get up off your arses and give back some energy to the band. This is not some orchestral recital.

On this point the Shoreline audience wins hands down.
There was also a generally different feel to the audience. I know it probably a cliche, but I think that a significant proportion of the audience in LA were there either "to be seen at a Coldplay concert", or "to say they'd been to a Coldplay concert".
Overall score:
Band - 10
Concert - 9
Audience - 4 (as they did all get into it when Yellow started)

Fleurs86: I liked the second night better than the first one. We had better seats, we were with people who really enjoyed the music, and the band was totally rocking out. Jonny looked so hott too. hehe. so i would take monday's concert and saturday's after party.

Rawmean: Good day. Concert rocked. They did two semi-encores....the crowd blew!! everyone was soo friggin' drunk and no one stood up...bastards what's up with the lame ass losers!!! i mean you'll be sitting in traffic ...sooo why not just stand up and give those legs a break? Still can't believe they didn't play sparks, shiver, or green eyes. other than that it rocked....alll the morons who go to concerts and sit their asses down need to just not show up!!! A friend and i came up with a theory. peeps at the first concert where the 'coldplay fans' and the second concert they were the coldplay wanna be fans.....cause they just knew lyrics to yellow and clocks.....which gets the most airplay...maybe i am just high...no clue...

that's all.........i thought the 5/31 show was much more of an exciting crowd that this one

CrazyApe: The crowd blew! Losers kept spilling beer on me and interrupting and distracting the experience by walking by to get beer, return with beer, and then 5 minutes later, leave with said beer. Beer is for cretins I guess. And sitting? How lame! Get off your asses you lazy pieces of shit! They better not be like that at Radiohead or I may end up hurting somebody.

Anyway, the show was great. Aside from the crowd, the only problem was the setlist. Wasn't it exactly the same as the one from Saturday? Rather inconsiderate if you ask me. And still no Ladder to the Sun? Oy. It was cool how we got that completely new song though. When I saw them at the 9:30 club last year, they did 1:36, apparently for the first time ever.

And the Hollywood Bowl itself is a mess. I did the park and ride from Westwood, and it took forever to get there because of traffic, but it's far better than trying to park at the bowl. Stack parking is a joke! And the traffic was horrible! I found that less crowded elevator entrance, and they said to go up on the second elevator to level 3 to get to our seats. Well, did that. But everything lead to a dead end so we had to wait for the elevator again and go down to level 2, which is where the Make Trade Fair people and vendors and huge lines were. Oh, I should mention that there was supposed to be a way to get to our seats this way, but some asshole had it blocked off at that time for some unknown reason. By the time I got down there, the first opening act was already playing. 7:30 already?
The concessions are hell. Overpriced. Long lines. But that's everywhere. And I didn't find out about the hamburgers until it was too late. Mmmm, they sure smelled good. Insanely long line though. Oh, if you want popcorn, and you want something to drink to wash down that popcorn, which you should, unless you want to choke to death and dehydrate, you have to get in another line for a drink. They could at least have bottles of something! Apparently Sean William Scott was around, but I didn't see him.

Anyhow, the show was great. Truly a great performance. Obviously they are all rather exhausted by now, but I hope the off-day helped a little. Some setlist variety would be nice, like alternating some of the new songs *coughs LADDER TO THE SUN!*. Chris prancing around during Yellow and In My Place was classic. And wasn't that green laser during Clocks the coolest? I'd say the highlight of the evening was Everything's Not Lost. Wow. Could it possibly have been more beautiful? And I looved the line about "If you're the Dixie Chicks, then you have our full support" or something to that effect. Also, I didn't expect a second encore, that was great, especially since we got a new song. We're so special.

ck_dm101: Last night was a lot of fun and quite the experience i must say it was my first time hearing them live and they were amazing!

I agree some people in the crowd were being snobby (depending on where you were seated I suppose) in the sense that they didn't want to get up off their seats, but after they played yellow that had everyone standing up and it stayed that way througout the following encores till they wrapped things up Although, some people weren't getting all that "into" it, but i didn't care, i sang right along

Oh and I really liked the new song that we got as a special *treat*Loved the whole rock, drum beat it had going and just made you want to dance (reminded me a bit of u2?)

Overall, the boys sounded great