May 31
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA

(broadcasted on KFOG San Fransisco and is complete with the new songs)
An audience vesion exists as well.
Audience dvd exists but is partial recording.

God Put a Smile on Your Face
Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist
What a Wonderful World (cover)

In My Place


uclaterry’s picture of my ticket!
coldplaying review

Scientist synopsis: "I Believe I Can Fly" cover snippet? Oh Chris leave those young girls alone!



bee_lish: I saw the 5/31 show, I didn't have great seats but it was a great show nevertheless. I really enjoy Chris' performance, I think he's passionate, energetic..even though i could hear a few giggles about his "spastic" behavior, I loved it. It was truly a genuine performance. It was fun seeing Chris Martin rock out....It was my first show and I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to their next tour, whenever that will be.

audball34: Last night's show was brilliant! The Hollywood Bowl first off is a beautiful outdoor venue. The weather was perfect, not too cold. Our seats were dead center, row 4 from the stage on the aisle. I unfortunately got their a bit late due to the wonderful traffic jam outside and missed Eisley, but I'll catch them on Monday. Ron was up next. I'm not a big fan of his but his music does seem to grow on me after hearing him several times, and Gold in Them Hills is a great song, with or without Chris. After Ron left the stage I started getting really ecstatic. What followed was what I've been eagerly awaiting since I last saw them in Feb.

The guys came running on stage and took their spots. Gone were the 4 video screens behind them, and instead were two large screens on the left and right of the stage. Chris's piano was set up at a slight angle so that he was facing the audience more rather than vertically to the audience. Will was positioned closer to Guy than Chris, or maybe it was just my perspective, not sure. Guy was sporting a black blazer which he later took off to reveal the same brown button up collar shirt he's been sporting during earlier shows this year, Chris wore his black D & G jacket, which he later peeled off, over a white cotton shirt, Jonny a black short-sleev collared shirt, and I couldn't make out Will's attire or rather I just don't remember. Opening song Politik is the perfect opener. I never fully appreciated this song until I heard it live. It's the perfect song to get you fired up for a great show. Somewhere in the beginning Chris mentioned he couldn't believe they were playing at the Hollywood Bowl after such a short period of time and that if this had been American Idol they would have made it there in two weeks.

Daylight was a standout and hearing Jonny sing vocals here is a big plus. Although would have like to hear him do his solo bit but it didn't happen this time. Daylight is another song I never really took a liking to initially till I heard it live. Lighting for this song was original. They had lightning effects on the backdrop, switching from orange lighting to white lightning bolts across a black/blue backdrop. Chris introduced Trouble saying something to the extent of, "sorry the next song is somewhat of a depressing song." Lighting here consisted of makeshift spider webs cast onto the balls that hover over the stage. One I Love is one of my favorite songs and Chris's energy as he bounces left then right, is classic here. During Don't Panic I shoved my way up the aisle in attempt to catch Jonny's harmonica for my friend but unfortunately he forwent tossing it into the crowd and instead tossed it back to a stagehand. Then Moses, a new song I'm not the fondest of, followed. I would have much more preferred to hear Ladder to the Sun or Gravity which I haven't heard live yet, or some of the other ones, maybe Solid Ground or Sweet Marianne. Chris switched in lyrics during Everything's Not Lost with "everything's not lost, when you shave your head and regret it later¨ Poor Me followed. I say the same for Poor Me as I do for Moses.

Yellow of course got anyone who wasn't already standing, on their feet. We were in the Pool/Pit area and most of us were already standing, but turning around 180 degrees to look at the people behind us was a sight and it definitely looked like the whole house was standing. I can't even fathom what goes through the guys' minds when they look up and see 18,000 people staring back at them. Anyway, this is a song I don't like on the album but absolutely love live. Maybe it's just the excitement and the thrill of seeing the energy Chris exudes during this number mixed in with the crowd's energy. Yellow lights filled the stage as Chris danced his way around, minus his guitar. Yes, the guitar tech was seen off the stage playing Chris's part. They finished up with Chris on the piano for the Scientist and a cover of What a Wonderful World. He also did two other covers during the course of the evening, an R Kelly one and one I did not recognize at all. and then they left the stage, much to the disappointment of the crowd who tried to cheer them back on. After a very brief pause, just long enough for fog to fill the stage and the mid section of the Bowl, in the Super Seats area, the guys came running onstage again for their encore.

They began with Clocks with green laser lights piercing through the fog and through the Bowl, emanating from the stage and ending in the far reaches of the venue. I turned around just to see this awesome lighting effect. Will's drumming introduced their hit single In My Place and displayed Chris's talent to go entirely spastic as he danced and jumped up and down. He interacted with the audience in the pool coming out fairly close to us. It's somewhat blurry but I believe it was during this song that Chris wandered over to Jonny and kind of crept up directly behind him and teased him as he played his guitar. There was also one song where Chris forgot the words and ended up collapsing on the floor laughing only to get up and continue correctly. I can't remember to which song that was to though. And finally a brilliant version of Amsterdam, a song I have never heard live, topped it all off. Starry lights floated behind Chris and Will (on backup vocals) and white rays of light shot out in different directions into the audience. Guy and Jonny took their spots midway through the song. Then as quickly as it had begun, it was all over, just like that. The four hugged each other and convened at the edge of the stage and thanked everyone, waving good bye to the audience. A very sweet sight to see the four of them standing there, smiles beaming on their faces.

There was a mad rush of people in the pit rushing to the stage chanting and hoping for a second encore. Instead we were treating to glimpses of Ms. Paltrow peering and pointing at the crowd through a square window in the backstage door. The guys never came out again but we can only hope for a possible second encore and a few more songs at Monday's show. Show was a typical 15-16 song setlist as it's been at almost every show on the AROBTTH tour. I know lots of people were expecting more than a 80 minute show, but I'd take their 80 minutes over anyone else's 2 hour set. Anyhow it's good to hope. I somewhat doubt they'll deviate much from their set list, however they have before so I'll continue to hope. I'm also crossing my fingers for a duet with Ron and Chris for Gold in Them Hills.

RussellHammond: I had a Pool B Row 2 ticket for last night's show and I have to say that seeing them in that setting was fantastic.
An interesting thing.....I asked everybody else in the section how they got their tickets and to a man EVERYBODY said that they got their tickets through It's good to know that all the real fans got the tickets down in front.

Thecriminal: Was my second Coldplay show, first being Earl's Court last month...while I didn't think they could match their performance in London, they did play a great show...
I think they are peaking as a band right now, though it took them a few songs to feel's such an intimidating place and space...

Politik didn't seem to have the same manic energy, but still the best way to open...
Glad to see they changed up their set list just a little...keeps them from being totally predictable...
I was pretty far back, P1, but the view of everyone from up there is pretty cool...
The best part of the show for me was the crowd refusing to leave...10-15 minutes of folks sort of moving out, sort of staying, everyone shouting and banging the seat cushions against the bleacher seats...and the stage lights came on for a second just as a tease, and then Chris came out and tried to just wave everyone out!

Can't wait to see them in San Diego and Red Rocks next week!!
That show at Red Rocks is going to kick a**...

Xbeverlyx:  oh parking was an absolute miserable nightmare. From Franklin & Highland it took about 45 minutes to get to the hollywood bowl actual parking lot. Being nice we let a car in front of us that was merging over. That car was the last car that made it into the parking lot before they put a bearier because the lot was full. So much for being nice so...we had to drive back the other way in the lovely traffic and decided to park at the Hollywood & Highland parking lot. We circled and circled and got to the very last level and i am not joking got the very last parking spot. Basically all the cars had to make a U-turn behind us because there was a wall. The parking people love to make you go around in circles but lead people into a dead end.

We contemplated missing the show because the idea of walking to the bowl in uncomfortable shoes just didn't set well and we were already running late.

Walking around in a daze of disbelief of what we just encountered we lead ourselves to the shuttle stop at hollywood & highland. Upon approaching we hear VRooooooom. It sounds like a bus. Sure enough it was. It was indeed the very last shuttle to the bowl and we just missed it. There was a unbelievely kind security guard there that insisted that the walk was really not that bad. He said it took about fifteen minutes.

We still would not be able to make the walk in time. So we were just about to walk away when he worked some magic and got a taxi delivered to us super fast. These two girls that were basically in a similar situation we were offered to split the cab. Wooo hoo! We still had some hope. The Cab took us to the main entrance of the venue $17.00 later. A little steap but well worth it.
We scrurried to find our seats in section far up there. We decided to stand by some bushes behind section L and had an amazing view. The ushers at the hollywood bowl totally left us alone because we were not in anyones way.

I am so glad we made it.

ChrisRoxMySox: Hello there kids, i sat in section M k Coldplay kicked ass, Chris cracked me up, i mean i was disappointed and still am bout them not coming out the 2nd time cuz dude my sis and i and hella lot of people stuck it out unlike some people who were leaving during the last song, Amsterdam. And it cracked me up how guys were using the seat cushions to bang on the benches. but ok...there was this chick who was infront of me, i swear this woman would not stay still i'm trying to look through the binoculars to get a look of chris and her head just kept getting in the way. and later her and her boyfriend offered my sister weed. Then there was this Chimney lady who was in a row infront of us. She was just puffing like i think 11 cigarettes one after another. I dont think she even moved from her seat. She just kept on smokin. The only famous person i saw was Jamie Lee Curtis in the parking lot near the Kodak Theatre. And she turned around because my sis and i were acting like dorks speakin in french accents saying "yellow yellow." she probably thought we were saying hello? who knows. but yeah chris oh man...

LSK: I had never been to the Bowl before and was quite intimidated by the venue (actually, just straight scared!). But the Park and Ride over went pretty smoothly even with the traffic and there was no hassle whatsoever getting inside. The alternate entrance we used was a godsend. I also didn't realize how beautiful the layout of the venue is. I was definitely in awe. I only wished I had arrived sooner to have more time to take it all in. I'm such a tourist. And I really wanted to have time to focus on the sets by Eisley and Ron Sexsmith, who both sounded pretty good. And that Ron has such a beautiful voice!

Some highlights:

-Opening with "Politik"; it's nothing new, but I love that song so much and it's the perfect song to always start the show. Like Audball34, I didn't realize how awesome it was until I saw it live as well
-The somersault Chris did towards the end of the set
-Chris singing a bit of "What a Wonderful World"
-The sign language interpreter (especially when "playing the piano" to the intro of "Clocks")
-The majority of the crowd refusing to leave after the band left the stage, and people in the pit turning around and rasing their hands towards everyone in the upper levels to keep shouting and clapping for another encore clapping for another encore

katskids3: I was at the Hollywood Bowl show last night and although I agree that the parking was a disaster ( we had to wait an hour in our car before we got out of the parking lot), the show was so worth the minor headache afterwards. This is my second time seeing Coldplay (first being in the Star lounge) and I don't think any other concert that I may see in the future will top it. I had such an amazing time. I was one of the ones that waited around after, hoping that they would come back out. The only complaint that I have is that the show wasn't long enough. I could have listened to them much longer. Hope to see them next time they come to California. As for seeing any celebs, Alysa Milano was two boxes away from us and my sister ran into Christina Applegate. Thanks guys for such an awesome performance

StrykeR: got out of work at 530..came home got dressed headed onto stuck in traffic before the to the bowl around 715..paid 20 bucks for parking cause it said easy out parking..lies..took an hour to get outta there..ah was funny seeing the old lady yelling shutup to everyone haha...As far as the first time to the hollywood bowl was simply awesome..Eisley was pretty good..Coldplay was freakin awesome though..When Chris rolled back kinda bumping his head with enough time to say oh yeah..if you were there u know what i mean..The R.Kelley crack was pretty funny..Everythings not lost sounded so awesome..i loved that song..rush of blood to the head was great too..they did seem kinda nervous at first then they did get more relaxed the usually energetic style of chris..I was sitting in Section F..wasnt too far..or close..but perfect..I wish i had tickets to Mondays show..Can't wait till they come the way what was playing before coldplay came out during the intermission..was that radiohead?? sounded nice

Uclaterry: Thanks to Audball for the great review. Also are you the same Audball (duh how many could there be!) who sold me the incredible tickets? Oh my GOD - There were 4 of us in the first two rows of pool on the left that I bought from you, and another 4 of us in garden box 423 that I got from a season seat holder. We were pretty much standing and dancing the entire show. None of us had ever seen Coldplay live but all went away in awe. I had heard they were great so I was kind of expecting great, but they far exceeded my expectations. Unlike many bands they sound so MUCH BETTER live. The passion Chris displays, along with the haunting music and poetic lyrics, really gets to me. My two favorites are The Scientist and Amsterdam. Its almost painful (in a good way) to listen to and feel those songs - especially live. I dodged the bald security guard and got a couple of great pictures which are uploaded in another post.

Any of us longtime LA residents know the best way is to go early and picnic. We got there around 5:45 and got parking right away adjacent to the bowl, then hiked up to picnic area #3. It was a beautiful night - perfect weather - and wow what a great view of the bowl from up there. I'm going back tonight and I'll be in box 423 Oh and yeah I saw Elizabeth Berkeley too - also saw Gary Shandling - actually those two should never appear in the same sentence - sorry Elizabeth!

Exciter: Concert Performance: awesome concert but same complains as others. Wish they played shiver, spies, and ladder to the sun. but very happy to hear moses and poor me. I was hoping they changed up the setlist and surprised us, but they didn't. Politiks and Clocks were the best. Sound was great, wish it was a lil louder, cuz i can hear people near me conversing during the slower songs. Even though many were really into the show, not many people stood up or cheered loudly. I guess thats a characteristic of the "hollywood cool" crowd that coldplay appeals to.

during the encore break, the the girl infront of me asked the guy next to me if the band would come back to play more, The guy says to her, "i think so, they should play another 30 minutes or so".. since I know the setlist from this board, I interupted them and told them that there will be three more songs. He asks me if by any chance i know which songs? so i told him "In My Place, Clocks and Amsterdam". after the band got back on stage and played In My Place, he thought i was some kind of psychic. Then after they played Clocks. he was amazed and turned to his friend and say "that guy (pointing at me) knew exactly which songs the band will play". His friend responded by saying "what? you mean he knows which songs the band plays before the band plays it? no ways!".. I jokingly say "yeah, I am the person that picked out the songs that the band plays". Anyways, it was funny how so many people never take advantage of the resources of msg. boards.

Hollywool Bowl: the venue was huge. Being in the Superseats (middle) section, it was hard for me to see the band members. I can't imagine what its like for the people in the upper sections. And parking was the worst I've ever seen. Its bad enuff to pay $17 for stack parking, but between the inefficiencies of stack parking and the horrendous traffic, I spent over an hour in trying to leave. Staples center is a bigger venue but every time i go there for a concert, there is no traffic leaving.
p.s. ron sexsmith's duet with Chris Martin, "gold in them hills", is a masterpiece. It was awesome live. Such a shame to see more than half of the audience wasn't there to see one of the best songs performed last nite.

LAChickClicks: Just came back from the concert! Enjoyed the show even if I was sitting in Section D!! Chris seemed really exhausted though...aww...but I enjoyed every minute of the show. Ron was fabulous!!!! I was the only one in that section (maybe) who was yelling out for his name! LOL.

Bought some great merch too, coldplay tee, coldplay keychain, a Ron t-shirt, and another Ron t-shirt for my bro.

Fenixfreak: I went to the show...just got back. Good show. Except it was freezing cold so i was cuddled up against my boyfriend the whole nite...My mother recorded the broadcast from the radio. I'm listening to it now. Sounds great. I'll be there for the June 2nd show. Only I'm working the show. Yes I'm getting paid to see Coldplay! Hehe. I work as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl. Or actually Monday's my first nite. But it'll be an awesome first nite judging from tonites show...

Dohboi7217: it was a great show...
my first coldplay ever, my fourth concert ever...
I really enjoyed the show, except the idiots behind me kept giggling throughout the entire concert and I felt like I was going to die of secondhand smoke. the concert also seemed a bit short, but is still memorable.

IShivered HOLY and SHIT!!! I had so much fun! I arrived a couple of minutes late, and it took even longer to actually get through to the Pool section, but I eventually settled down and ended up being 4 feet away from the band! I took so many pictures until the staff told me to put away the camera. After the notice, I was more cautious of my picture taking...I kept screaming "Your fly is down, Chris!" because it was actually somewhat open! He looked at me and smiled....he fixed himself after the encore. "Poor Me" was great, even though it seemed that I was the only one around me who had a clue about the song. Just as the concert comes to an end and the crowd is screaming for an encore, I see my friend on the stage, walking around with a huge drunk smile!!! I start screaming out like the typical groupie that had filled around the stage for some water bottles under the piano and even the music set list on the floor of the stage. He ends up going for them and hands them to me. Not only that, but he lies to the guards so I could go through...but they didn't. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close in getting in there. Apparently, you needed make up, heels, and a nice pair of breasts to be let in because a lot of women w/o the proper credentials were being let in with the help of the security guards. Times like these...I wish I had boobs. Well..that's all for now, I lost my voice after the 4th song, so I'm too tired to even continue. It's time for bed. I'll be sure to post the pics as soon as I can! Good night.......see you all on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bass: I went tonight. Very disappointed in the show. They played well and the lighting/sound were great, but the show was WAY too short. I'm sorry, $60 a seat for 61 minutes of music?
I like the band a lot but I feel pretty gipped after seeing them for the first time. Do they always play that short?

brdemi That was a great show!
The only negatives I can think of had nothing to do with the band:

--with the fog, it got colder than I had planned
--no one wanted to stand during the concert and they would yell at anyone who did
--there were some losers near me smoking pot too

Other than that I had an amazing time. The friend I took with me hasn't been a fan and didn't know many of the songs and I was afraid she wouldn't have a good time but when we left I swear she was almost more excited than I was! I'm so glad she liked them--maybe she'll get more interested and become a fan

tealwonder: well i have to say, for my first coldplay concert that was the most AMAZING thing i have ever been too!!! I had a such a good time and i thought the band sounded great!!
chris was also soooooooooo hyper! he was bouncing aorund the stage and he even did a somersault!! he was skipping around like a little schoolgirl and jumping around jonny. He was cracking little jokes and sang a little of "i believe i can fly" by r. kelly.

I was so happy with the concert and it was one of the best experieneces of my life! All those people who are complaining about the short set should enjoy what they heard. And maybe their watches were slow, because coldplay started at about 9:05 and ended at 10:30, it was definitely more than an hour. and they actually couldn't play longer because the hollywood bowl has a curfew of 10:30.
so if anyone hasn't seen coldplay live, go see them! such an amazing concert!! the lighting, sound, everything was great!

Tri: man i dont know but i loved it, see i barely got into the coldplay scene recently when i my friend (shes cute to) introduced me to them so i decided to get tickets so we can go i had a great time i believe i have found a good band and she only lives a few blocks away which is perfect we didnt even to deal with parking we just walked.