Palo Alto



1. In My Place
2. Don't Panic
3. Yellow
4. The Scientist

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shakermaker9: the palo alto thing, for me, was fantastic cos it was just normal and sorta felt like it used to. it was chris and jonny and they only did yellow, don't panic, in my place and the scientist i think with a little q and a session but it was great. they spent some time with some of us who had waited out back too which kinda made my day. on the other hand, the big gig had a good point cos i got to meet another boardie but i think i'll just try to erase the shoreline. the vibe was just not good- it's a gig, not a carnival. the soul is slippppping away...


as for questions, there were a lot of lame ones. some guy asked how long they'd been together, another girl asked for a hug. she got firm handshakes, after which chris told her she was healed. someone asked who yellow was about and chris said the word was inspired by a nearby yellowpages. another guy asked if they ever recorded under the influence-chris said he didn't smoke weed much, then said "i mean at all"...just said that once guy had been on something or other and recorded such a crap bass piece that they had to spend the next week fixing it. another girl asked for jonny's harmonica, and chris said he'd hit a girl in the head with it recently, but jon said it was her hand. then chris said something that either way, it was a lawsuit. he did end up tossing it to her. some guy asked what their most meaningful songs were and i just remember jon saying god put a smile...someone else asked if there were any artists that really annoyed them and i think chris sorta danced around that, saying something how they actually respect justin timerlake for being genuine or something, etc. another q was their musical influences. i don't remember all of them, but beatles, oasis, the cure, radiohead and i think leonard cohen were a few of them. that's all that i can remember at the moment.