May 30:
Mountain View
Shoreline Amp.

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God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
A Rush of Blood to the Head


One I Love

Don't Panic


Everything's Not Lost

Poor Me


The Scientist


In My Place


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SFgate article by Neva Chonin:

Friday's concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre marked a turning point for Coldplay, and three songs into the British band's set, singer-songwriter Chris Martin paused to capture the moment. "I've just been told that this is our biggest show ever, and if everyone here had voted for us we would have won 'American Idol,' " he quipped before turning to his piano to sing "Trouble" a track off of 1999's "The Blue Room" EP. By song's end, half the amphitheater was singing along. Referencing the band's new popularity before playing an old favorite was a telling gesture. Since releasing its Grammy-winning second album, "A Rush of Blood to the Head," last year, Coldplay's stateside following has swelled from a devoted fan base to a broader mainstream audience that missed its brilliant (also Grammy-winning) debut, 2000's "Parachutes." The quartet is now a radio staple; "A Rush of Blood" has gone platinum; Martin is dating Gwyneth Paltrow (at least it's not Winona).

At Shoreline, the crowd boasted a trans-cultural melange of indie kids, older prog-rockers and fresh converts who discovered the band through their local modern-rock stations.

Is good fortune a bad thing? Not for Martin, who repeatedly marveled at the size of the audience and venue. But for veteran Coldplay fans, who have watched their group move from relatively intimate sets at Bimbo's and the Fillmore to the Greek Theatre and finally the 20,000-capacity Shoreline, this transition from inspired underdogs to rock stars probably carries a bittersweet aftertaste. Yet the progression is as fitting as it is fortunate. Coldplay's expansive sound, in which even piano ballads seem built for cathedral recitals, is perfectly suited to huge venues, and on Friday it effortlessly filled the amphitheater's sprawling space.

If Coldplay's 90-minute performance felt rote after a year of touring, it still sounded magnificent. The band kicked off with its standard opener, "Politik," a classic Coldplay arrangement in which hushed, confessional verses ignite into choruses of Wagnerian scale. The loud-soft dynamic worked well on "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Don't Panic," and reached its pinnacle with "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face." Starting as an acoustic ballad, the song built into a symphony of acid-rock distortion and soaring, bittersweet vocals as Martin cut loose to dance across the stage with his guitar. Whether hunkering at the piano or whirling in circles like an ecstatic dervish, Martin has developed a stage presence kinetic enough to reach the lawn seats. His keening vocals fill the music with soulful veracity, whether toning down the treacle in "Everything's Not Lost" to create an inspirational anthem or adding a melancholic touch to the lilting melody of "The Scientist." On the neo-psychedelic "Daylight," Martin even managed to make verses extolling sunshine sound dark as lead guitarist Jon Buckland wove through Eastern-tinged riffs. At times Coldplay's lavish sound echoed early U2, particularly on the mid- tempo "One I Love" and the new song "Moses"; at others, particularly in the lush dream pop of its first hit single, "Yellow," it recalled the band's days at the vanguard of Brit-pop's second wave.

Coldplay has found that rare middle ground between accessibility and complex musicianship: Exchanges between guitars and piano shifted the music's mood and texture, while bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion created a rhythmic backdrop that provided a booming, danceable vibe. The encore included the ubiquitous "Clocks" and "In My Place," still powerful and achingly beautiful after a thousand airplays. Dedicating the night's final number, the piano tune "Amsterdam," "to my lady and my dad," Martin told the crowd, "We thought there's no way we can be a soft rock band with short hair. We've proved that we can." They've proved more than that -- among other things, that a gifted and adventurous rock group can enjoy mainstream success without whoring its talent.

We might never see them play Bimbo's again, but witnessing Coldplay's uncompromised success is a fair trade.

Axeman: Back from the Shoreline show, and my fifth ever Coldplay show in the same city/area. I must say that I was really spoiled being able to see Coldplay perform in much smaller intimate venues, but it was also exciting to see them perform in a huge amphitheater venue (Shoreline can fit somewhere between 15 to 20 thousand people), although the feeling was not quite the same.
Saw Eisley and Ron Sexsmith's sets. Can't say I was impressed...Eisley's lead singer looked like Avril Lavigne from where I was. The highlight of Ron's set was Gold In Them Hills....maybe sometime towards the end of the tour Chris might come out and join him in a duet like he did on Ron's album for that song.

Coldplay's setlist was virtually identical to Sacramento's:

Politik (the major opener, flashing strobes during the heavy downbeats)

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Chris got very energetic and did various 360 spins while strumming...this was wild)

Rush of Blood to the Head (closest song you will ever get to Bigger Stronger)

Daylight (a great jam song that always sounds great live)

Trouble (It seems very routine that Chris uses this time before playing the song to say hello and make a few comments)

One I Love (loud and bold. I thought Politik was the loudest song, but this song really cranks the amps!)

Don't Panic (They finally got rid of the long instrumental jam intro, and Chris did a few strums, then launched right into the intro chords just like the album version)

Moses. The 104.9 FM DJ said that he saw Gwynneth, and as I was sitting 10 rows from the stage, I noted a couple standing on the elevated platform off the stage...they were acting very lovey dovey, and the girl had a ponytail. My friend and I noted and assumed they were Chris and Gwynneth. On a side note, Chris's dad was also present at the show, who flew all the way from the UK.)

Everything's Not Lost (around this time some idiots thought it was cool to toss around Live 105 beach balls. One of them actually hit Chris's mic, but he didn't seem to mind. When the beach ball got to the stage near Chris yet again, he ad libbed a verse and sang "is this someone's idea of a condom? Then you're not going to be that lucky anyway" or something like that)

Poor Me (no introduction, just launched right into the song)

Yellow (we saw the roadie to the left of the stage behind some of the stacks strumming away quietly. Chris went wild and did some crazy dances. Yellow flashing lights, and the crowd went nuts. Probably one of the best performances of the song to date!)

The Scientist (well executed. Nothing more to say)

A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong] (A very beautiful improv jazzy piano piece)

Clocks (killer green flashing pyramidal shaped have to be there to know what I mean. You can tell a lof of the people at the concert were new fans or those who only know this song thanks to radio overplaying it, as several people went wild when the first 3 notes on the piano were played)

In My Place (another song where Chris runs around the stage and goes buck wild. Supposed to have been the last song!)

Amsterdam (Chris was probably in a real good mood, and decided to do one more. A major treat to the die hard fans who see this song as highly underrated, a true gem to the AROBTTH album). (dedicated to "his girl")

So yep, Shiver is gone, ditto for Spies. At least we got Poor Me and Moses. (What happened to Ladder to the Sun?)
All in a all, quite a good and entertaining show. It was nice to see the lads having a great time on stage, but I guess perhaps the fad is starting to fade a bit for me. The setlist does seem a bit fixed, and doesn't seem that different from the rest of the North American summer tour. Perhaps they will vary the set a bit as they are in Los Angeles both nights.

Breezytrackstar: i saw coldplay twice at bimbo's in the city, and it pains me to say this, but the truth is... nothing will beat those shows. last night's concert was my 5th one, and this was probably the worst coldplay show i've ever been too. don't get me wrong though, i love their music. it's just that the majority of the audience did not rub me the right way. there were some serious vh1 viewers in the house tonight. i wonder how many of the fillmore gig-attendees came last night. i was at the fillmore, and my oh my, how i miss "sparks". are the fillmore kids still here on this message board? i didn't recognize anyone around me at the shoreline. i felt as if someone placed me in the middle of a yanni audience.

now for some of my complaints - no "warning sign"? boo! no "shiver"? boo! damn, i just remembered when they played 1.36 at bimbo's last august. no one was expecting that.
hell, no one even knew that song existed.

jonny buckland is cute and guy berryman is fuckin' sexy. yum.

chris didn't play the guitar on "yellow" last night. i noticed he had his bandage on his right wrist. does anyone know if chris has carpal tunnel syndrome? perhaps he should playing the guitar like a natural lefty? speaking of guitar playing, there was one point in the concert where it seemed as if chris was either gonna toss his guitar into the crowd, or play the guitar behind his head like jimi hendrix. he did neither, however, and just placed his guitar over his head for a few good seconds. he could've done something really spectacular, but nah. i guess chris isn't that kind of person.
jonny, on the other hand, was an animal on the guitar! give him a few years, and he'll set the whole fuckin' stage on fire. at the beginning of the concert, jonny did NOT go into his spot light - you could only see his shoes - but when "god put a smile" kicked into high gear, wow! the metamorphosis from shy guy to guitar god.......

guy berryman was cool and sexy as usual. i think he was wearing the outfit he wore at the winterland gig. this was the furthest i've been from the stage (the closest was at bimbo's, and i mean CLOSE, like chris' sweat and spit falling on me and my friends) and man, i can STILL tell guy is a hot person! how is that possible? is it the way he stands? is it those gorgeous locks of his? pheromones?!?!?!
will was a champ on the drums and background vocals. he accompanied the audience in that part where, you know when chris invites the audience to sing in "everything's not lost"? well that part. i'm glad to see that will had one screen during that time. i just don't understand why chris had the other three.
cutest moment of the night... chris slapping jonny's cute ass during "in my place".

Robhimself: The show was awesome...the first coldplay concert I've been to. I could just feel the energy from the stage, awesome stuff. I think he really handled that beachball hitting his head real well, real classy I ended up buying the Eisley cd as well as a coldplay t-shirt.

Eisley was great!

HeatherP: This is my second coldplay show. I thought it was great and a lot of fun. I do agree that I also missed hearing shiver, green eyes, spies, etc. Playing amsterdam, though was a real treat for the audience. It's one of my favorites. I saw them in berkeley last September and if I recall correctly they played everything from both cd's. I heard moses last nite for the first time on the radio and then at the show, and it's such a beautiful song.

I agree that the show seemed "practiced", but it seems to me that these guys have been on the road non-stop for at least a year (except for christmas) and are probably exhausted. I think that if they were given some time off things would probably be "fresher" on stage.
I loved the show, had a blast and I can't wait for my next chance to see them.

RB2H: last nite i saw COLDPLAY at shoreline also. i went with my boyfriend and it couldnt have been a more wonderful experience.

for me this was my first time seeing them live and even though we were very far and could barely see the stage, i had a great time.

i think the setlist was a great selection and they played a lot of my favorite songs (even though all coldplay songs are my favorite). i think the best peformances were YELLOW and POLITIK, and i got a little emotional over SCIENTIST

All in all i would have to say this concert was AWESOME!!!

Bigj: Last night's how was great, but the big venues are a weird palce to see them. Being close at Shoreline helps though, and what was with security just letting people crowd around the stage at the beginning of the show? I have never seen that at Shoreline before and I probably go there 3-5 itmes a year.

Coledplay: yeah i like saw the kicked jonny tremaine's ass!...yeah i indeed saw chris and a "chick" (prob. gwen) on the like roof...i took a pic but i'm not sure it like got the shadows...did anyone else notice them cover up the backstage? Ha oh chris and his privacy! Yeah, that show was me and growingtakesproteins (mikeael) first cp show. Politik blew me away like yesterdays ham sandwich. THe lights were fuckin awesome and uh chris was The beachball thing was hilar (yet stupid except for chris' comment) and the chick behind me like blew it up...dumb bitch. Yeah a couple in front of us moved cuz we were yelling like "CHRIS MARTIN!" and "JONNY RACKIN IT!"...dumb strawberry blondes. HAHAHAHAAHAHh this guy next to me didnt know who they were...whatta killer..he got his uh fix... Hmmm what else...i took lots of pics and ill post em whenever i get my 1 hour foto. HA like a movie. My fav songs were yellow, politik, amsterdam, clocks, daylight, god put a smile, poor me...fuck it they all were good...louie armstrong kicked some major ass and like blasted me into the 6th dementia. Yeah, our throats were ded and our legs were like ded...but we did buy alot...hmmm t-shirts, keychain (for the mike) and program. They shoulda had more. Ronny Sex was OK...too like country...but these days and gold in them hills rocked. Eisley was OK too...those chicks were fuckin hot...i'd bone their gone...chris was like looking from ABOVE! Ok thats it...anyone near us? We were sec.102 Row O Seats 31,32? Uh yeah...we were loud. Chris said it was their biggest show...awesome...hopefully they like put that on their website w/ VIDEO!...cuz like some guy came and took video shots of us...yeah!

smit099: I enjoyed last night's show at Shoreline, however, I believe that a few fans did not respect Coldplay while they were performing. Some guy near me was constantly commenting about irrelevant things. I'm not saying that discussions need to be all Coldplay all the time but if he wanted to talk about the beauty of the turkey sandwiches at Arby's, he could've at least waited until the song was over. Other than rude fans, it was a good time. I was a little dissapointed that they didn't play "Spies" and "Green Eyes" but the band is awesome and Chris Martin's voice is amazing.Amazing I say.

ceridwen84: I was in the middle of 202 near the soundboards....It was an awesome in regards to those stupid yellow beachballs...i mean maybe at a phish or flaming lips concert--but this was Coldplay! I was thoroughly annoyed with a lot of the people around me, a couple rows of which seemed to be coworkers from the same company. trying to yell into thier cellphones during the *quiet* songs just far as the band goes I thought they were tight and I really enjoyed the performance, I too missed "green eyes" but they had all of my other favorites so i'm not complaining

I was at the gate at about 6:30 and the group of kids in front of me all had mop tops and looked like something out of "That 70's show"...when I got to my seat I spotted that group again down about 8 rows from the stage on right...and then saw a couple of them brake away and dissapper back my surprise that was eisly...I thought they were really good. I however didn't care much for sexsmith. 'nuf said...I hope everyone had a good time! ~ceri

Lyndsie: well i think coldplay is one of the best bands out there ever. at the shoreline last night..i loved them..yet i was on the lawn and the music wasn't that loud...i still love them so much. the first time i saw them was in a much more intimate and smaller that concert was much better than this one...but i can never say that i went to a bad coldplay concert.

MandyGurl: i was in section 202 at the shoreline amphitheatre, and i thought it was a pretty good show. i had never seen coldplay live before, so i was just blown away. although i could have gone without a drunk guy grabbing my ass (as well as my friend's), it was still an awesome show. but i do agree that we could have gone without some of the fans at the show. still, an amazing experience, and i can't wait to see them again.

Palo Alto (radio show)


1. In My Place
2. Don't Panic
3. Yellow
4. The Scientist

Star_Machina’s s:

shakermaker9: the palo alto thing, for me, was fantastic cos it was just normal and sorta felt like it used to. it was chris and jonny and they only did yellow, don't panic, in my place and the scientist i think with a little q and a session but it was great. they spent some time with some of us who had waited out back too which kinda made my day. on the other hand, the big gig had a good point cos i got to meet another boardie but i think i'll just try to erase the shoreline. the vibe was just not good- it's a gig, not a carnival. the soul is slippppping away...

as for questions, there were a lot of lame ones. some guy asked how long they'd been together, another girl asked for a hug. she got firm handshakes, after which chris told her she was healed. someone asked who yellow was about and chris said the word was inspired by a nearby yellowpages. another guy asked if they ever recorded under the influence-chris said he didn't smoke weed much, then said "i mean at all"...just said that once guy had been on something or other and recorded such a crap bass piece that they had to spend the next week fixing it. another girl asked for jonny's harmonica, and chris said he'd hit a girl in the head with it recently, but jon said it was her hand. then chris said something that either way, it was a lawsuit. he did end up tossing it to her. some guy asked what their most meaningful songs were and i just remember jon saying god put a smile...someone else asked if there were any artists that really annoyed them and i think chris sorta danced around that, saying something how they actually respect justin timerlake for being genuine or something, etc. another q was their musical influences. i don't remember all of them, but beatles, oasis, the cure, radiohead and i think leonard cohen were a few of them. that's all that i can remember at the moment.