May 28
Sac Valley Amp.
Sacramento, CA
no recording has surfaced yet

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Rush of Blood to the Head
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist
A Wonderful World

In My Place

Scientist synopsis:



Bonoman: I am a 33 year old newbie to this board (been browsing it for about 3 months) but not a newbie to CP. However, last night was my first opportunity to see them live. I was supposed to see them at SLANE with the U2 Elevation Tour, but didn't get to make that trip.

Last night's show was the normal 15 song setlist ending with Amsterdam. I was about 5th row in the GA right in front of Chris. I've read alot about the sets being short, not enough songs like Warning Sign, Spies, etc...U2 is by far my favorite band, hands down, and I've seen them live more than 20 times, many times as close as I was to CP last night. And all I have to say is "WOW"!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the energy and charisma of Chris, even playing a hick venue like the Sleep Train Amp way the hell out in the middle of nowhere in 100 degree heat. Sure it would be great to hear a few additional songs, but I left feeling EXTREMELY satisfied (who wouldn't want to hear more). Anyone who lives in the SAC area knows that the SAC Valley Amp is abysmal, I mean the venue is OK, but it is way WAY out there. Chris was definitely humerous about this with comments like "umm, not sure exactly where we are, think we drove like an hour from Sacramento". He seemed also impressed with the crowd size considering they'd never played in this area before and the number of fans they had in this area.

I'm off tomorrow to Shoreline (I'm from that area originally) where the crowd will be bigger and hopefully more UP, although the SAC crowd did a fair job at the sing-a-long sections.
Final of the band look tired/bored/going through the motions. They play great, don't get me wrong, but Chris truly makes the show work. Reminds me a bit of U2's frontman. I sure hope CP will be around years to come so we can all continue to enjoy the music we love.
Oh yeah, and Chris was REALLY pissed last night during Moses when he realized his guitar was completely out of tune, but like a pro, he yelled a bit at his tech and then went on giving the best performance of the song he could.

asianz88: This is the 2nd time I've seen coldplay live, first time was at the Berkeley Greek Theatre which is an incredible venue. I still am shocked that they played at the sac valley amphitheatre, b/c marysville like chris mentioned is in the middle of nowhere. the town is so empty and desert like but nonetheless great if you like small town places.

chris does make the show work..his energy and enthuisiasm and the jokes. i loved the comment about the location of the venue, he is quite a humor. i left satisfied but thought the show was a bit short, no complaints though. i was front row dead center and caught chris's water bottle.
any thoughts on the sound quality? i thought it was okay, I think it could be better but maybe the size of the venue makes it difficult for the quality to be good.

any other thoughts? anyone meet the guys? i waited after the show, but they got in their tour bus and left. that's okay..i enjoyed the show and the make trade fair booth. quite a crowd, the guy behind me was pretty good at predicting the songs.

Ilmagister: I don't have a whole lot to say about the show last night except that I was very pleased with all aspects of the performance. The crowd was OK for the most part, save for the drunk idiots sitting behind me who wouldn't shut the hell up. The set length felt just right (I didn't think it was too short), and Chris definately did make the performance come alive as the other guys tended to be more reserved... but this is what I expected from seeing videos of other live performances, etc.
It was hard to tell whether or not the band was into the show or not, being as they usually are, mostly laid back. Regardless though, they sounded great and the music seemed to be performed with great care and dedication, especially on the part of Chris' vocals. Besides what was already said in the above posts, I for one can't wait to see them again. They are a great modern band and perform well on par with the quality of their albums.

Nurdygrl: I myself also enjoyed the show last night. I HATE that damn ampitheatre; it's out in the middle of nowhere, to get there you have to drive forever and then on a 2-lane highway and whatnot, and the sound is not good at all- if you can hear the conversation two rows behind you while the show is on, that's never a good thing.

However, with all that said, the show was still good, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show. Mountain View is a good venue, I think. God knows it's not in the middle of BFE and the sound is much better.

I also saw them at Berkely last year, and this is such a change of scenery, isn't it?! Well, I'll see some of you there (and not know it, of course!).

Catzygirl: Last night at Marysville was my first Coldplay concert.
During the concert, I kept thinking to myself "Whoa, this is totally surreal!" I've listened to their music and watched their videos so many times, and so watching them last night was unbelievable.
Will was really rockin' the drums, while Johnny and Guy were just laid back as usual. Wow, Chris brought so much energy and passion to the concert! Not only was his comments about Marysville funny, but it was great when out of the blue, Chris sang to Johnny, that made Johnny smile. It's great to see the band members smile once in a while.
Overall, my concert experience was great, except for the fact that a couple of drunk idiots were rudely pushing their way to the front and blocking some of my view. I had a rush of blood to the head and felt like knocking them upside their heads. Despite their stupidity, I had a wonderful experience and am looking forward to going to another one of Coldplay's concerts.

Simbarashe A: i was dead centre up front on the floor as well (only black guy in the area so i was sort of hard to miss) and i had some strong opinions before the show had even began. i saw them way back the first time they came to the states when chris martin was ill, and i had this funny feeling that they were just nervous throughout the set. i didn't give them high marks that night, and so when they came through the bay area last year i turned down the opportunity to see them.
of course, this was before a rush of blood to the head turned itself into a formidable sophomore album. after seeing their various television performances, i was eager to give them a second live shot.
of the opening acts, it seemed as though people were more into the eisleys, even though ron sexsmith received louder applauds. the music was ok, but he kept singng out of tune.
i agree with the crowd, chris was in rare form in marysville, (yes the rice patties remark was funny indeed), my only gripe was the face that the crowd in the seated section were so...well...boring. the singalongs (esp. on everything's not lost) didn't feel as though it should've had the power that it did, and ultimately i kept thinking to myself, "damn, you drive all the way the hell out here to sit down all night?" i felt defensive for chris when he has to ask more than once to get the right section to stand up during yellow.

best moment for me was when chris cursed out that person in the 2nd row for throwing the (bean bag?) ... she knows who she is!

p.s. amsterdam was brilliant. when chris initially said in my place would be the last song i was pissed. that's my favourite coldplay song. lucky for those of you who bought the friday tickets at shoreline. perhaps they'll outdo radiohead.

Englandborn: was 2 rows back, a little to the right of Chris, if your facing the stage. I couldnt see the drums, i was upset. Anyway, it was my BIRTHDAY and the show WAS AWESOME. My friends Honeyspot were playing in the VIP lounge before, Eisley did great. The other guy, so so. i was in the 2nd row from the stage and was in awww the whole time. I happen to love that venue. Its small and intimate enough, yet big enough for big names. I was really excited to hear that Coldplay would be in this town on my birthday. Being from the UK, i really miss the good ol british music. Oh and What a wonderful world is my all time favorite song and i was almost in tears when he started singing that. It made my night perfect. So now, im heading to England for 2 and a half weeks next month and i think im flying to Belgium to catch them on the 29th for my 2nd show.

ahilton06: I thought the show was amazing, My sister and I had front row center. By far the best show I have been to since the Rolling Stones. Although the only problem I had was that Chris's zipper was half way un-done not that it really matters...Anyway AWESOME show and I can't wait to see them again!!!