May 25
Les Schwab Ampitheatre
Bend, Oregon

A recording has not surfaced

God Put A Smile
A Rush of Blood
One I Love
Don't Panic
Moses Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist

In My Place



jzombie We are back ...And "WHAT A SHOW"!!! I know now that I wont ever miss another ColdPlay show if its with-in 1000 miles!
I have to say that this is most likely the best performance that I have ever seen! Superb!!!

AlottaPinata Hey! wow... that's about all i can say. My group and I had a wonderful time camping and going to the concert. The little rain on saturday didn't bother us either! lemme tell ya, that Damien Rice was something else.... having never heard the guy, after his first two songs i went and bought his CD. Great concert... Eisly was pretty sweet, Coldplay was amazing, the light show was beautiful and their new song Moses was great! Too bad they didn't play green eyes... all the same it was great! I will never miss another coldplay show in my area again.. they just need to come to eugene oregon now.

ReznoR My wife and I drove down from Washington (east of Tacoma) and had I F'ing blast. We were pleasantly suprised by the coolness of the crowd----no a-holes mouthing off or drunk dipshits---just good times all around. As far as a the show- the new material sounds NICE!! Moses, The One I Love and the other (didnt catch the name) sounded sweet. And ending the show w/ Amsterdam was just damn brilliant. A great time had by all!

Thanks to all who went and thanks to Coldplay for putting out some the best music out there!

nanook yeah!! i just got back from the bend concert. i have nothing to say. it was incredible. maybe i'll be able to formulate coherent thoughts relating to the concert in a few weeks once the euphoria has worn off. as for the weather, it couldn't have been better. it rained on us in line off and on, but that just added interest. it was perfect for the concert.

R11 Just found this thread (and message board). Awesome show!! First time seeing CP live and I was pleasantly surprised. I was a little apprehensive it might be too mellow but they did a good job with the set list. They definitely were on and really seemed to feed off the crowd. Like Chris said at the end, I think they were surprised by how well it turned out. A full house, er hillside, of enthusiastic fans. Good intensity. Really makes me wish I'd seen them in their previous visits to Porland now. Oh well, I'll be on the lookout next time!

tourquoisedream Coldplay in Bend kicked major bloody ass!! I drove down from northern washington to hit the concert in bend, i wasn't displeased. it was such a great concert, the lazers and all the dancing chris martin did on stage was awesome. there was this part, around the beginning where chris started thanking us all for coming and was discussing the folks that rowed up in the river next to the venue to see them and said "this song's called 'trouble'." and pauses to continue with "it's about people who don't know how to row" previous before that statement he was craking jokes that they might drown, so yeah. when they played "clocks" that was great, it was during the encore all the lazers were hardcore. "the scientist" was great live as well, they did a great job.