May 24,
Gorge Ampitheatre,
George, WA
SASQUATCH! Music Festival

Artist Lineup: Coldplay Flaming Lips Jurassic 5 Modest Mouse Neko Case Jason Mraz Death Cab For Cutie DJ Cherry Canoe Master of Ceremonies, El Vez Calexico Maktub Joseph Arthur Pedro the Lion Sam Roberts Kathleen Edwards Eisley Minus The Bear Reclinerland Brandi Carlile

there was said to be 3 tapers there but none has surfaced yet. There is a dvd audience recording of the show available..

God Put A Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
One I Love
Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost (Yoshimi And The Pink Robots)
In My Place

Palo Alto radio gig-before the concert

1.In My Place
2.Don't Panic
4.The Scientist
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I went to the Sasquatch Fest yesterday at the Gorge and it was amazing. The line up for the day was pretty good... Jurrassic 5 was off the hook but the best part of the day by far was of course Coldplay... THEY ROCKED THE STAGE!! I havent seen a band perform as well on stage as them for a long time. I was sad when the show was over, but the Gorge was by far the most amazing place to see them play... IT ROCKED!

I just posted in the Vancouver thread but yes the Sasquatch festival was great. I went to the show in Vancouver and at the Gorge and I enjoyed both immensly but there was something about the Gorge show that was better. Chris was more animated and talkative, the sound quality was amazing and the setting was unbeatable. There was just this amazing atmosphere of incredibal energy and at the same time mellowness. The 15,000 plus crowd was well behaved and yet partying at the same time. No drunken brawls or weird thing happening that I was aware of. The rest of the music was really good and well worth going for.

I must say Coldplay put on quite the show! I was lucky enough to move my way up to the front of the crowd just in time for the Coldplay set. The only thing that made me upset was the fact that they didn't play as long as I thought they would. I would have been a lot more happy if the show were to go on itleast a half hour more. Yeah the crowd was very mellow, considering I've been to other shows where the crowd behaved like jerks. I was surprised...Coldplay Rocks!!!

Amazing show at the Gorge. Arguably the most beautiful venue there is. Though I hope this doesn't mean the days of Coldplay playing theatres and clubs are over. Anyway, my girlfriend luckily had her hands near her face when Johnny tossed his harmonica into the crowd. We were about 40 or 50 feet from the front and unable to see the harmonica flying through the air due to the backlighting on the stage and the dark night sky. It cut and bruised her knuckles a bit so after the set we got some ice from the first aid booth. To make a long story short, the crew at the Gorge were super cool and about 20 minutes later we found ourselves backstage talking to the boys from Coldplay and getting autographs with a group of people who had won a "barbeque with Coldplay" from a local radio station. While I am not that starstruck by celebrity, it was definitely a surreal experience that I will not forget. On another note, the Flaming Lips are brilliant. This was the second time I have seen them and they are by far the most giving and entertaining band I have seen in a long time. And they are not afraid to be upstaged by animals humping on stage.

staceluvsmusic :
I so enjoyed this show. It was the first time I have ever seen Coldplay so I was just in awe the whole time. I was really impressed with his presence on stage and I LOOVED it when he sang the Flaming Lips verse...that was priceless