May 23
Pontiac Theatre

Vancouver, Canada

rumor of a recording, but it has not surfaced

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost

In My Plac
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Any fans have any pics they haven't shared?




ski-gal: On May 23 I went to my first major concert and was blown away. When Coldplay walked onto stage at GM place and started playing Politik my excitement was undesrcibable! I loved the different video angles shot up onto the screens above the band and the lights to Daylight. The band was so geuine and personnalbe on stage, it felt like a small club. I was so impressed that the band seemed to make an effort to relate to Canadians by talking about Avril Lavigne and American idol and how they tried to reach out to the people with the nose bleed seats at the back. Chris sang amazingly on Rush of Blood to the Head (my new favorite song). After the concert my friends and I hung out at the back and waited for Coldplay to come out. We got their autographs and got to get in a few questions. What a night, it was the best money I ever spent! I can't wait till they come back! Coldplay, I'm a fan for life!

Natalia003: Wow, what an amazing concert! I had been looking forward to it for months and it totally exceeded my expectations. I love coldplay. They are extremely talented and their live show kicked my ass. I had a great time, hope everyone else did too who went.

tessa_cola: WOW what an awesome night!the band wowed us with their talents, and in between (and sometimes during!) songs, Chris would crack everyone up. one of the best comments of the night was before singing "the scientist" chris joked "for all u in the back of the arena there, in the other time zones, this song will reach you in about 10 minutes, alright?"After the show at gate 9 we met w/the lead singer of The Music and after about 3 hours a lot of rain finally the boys of Coldplay came out and so graciously signed autographs, gave hugs, shook hands and chit-chatted. all in all the show was incredible and it had a sweet ending! i luv coldplay!!!
PS -- chris is even more gorgeous up close than in pictures/videos!!!!

Kimbloomfield: Coldplay lit up GM place like no other act I've seen. The music was literally unreal, it was a life experience just being there. For those who complained about the performance being short; try to imagine jumping around like Chris Martin did for an hour and 15. He gave 'er. My first live Coldplay experience, but definately not my last. The best concert ever.

Kirsten: I left that concert in awe.... IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Best concert ever!!! I can't shutup about Coldplay now!!! I love them!! I got a shirt.
Can't wait until they come back!

Pipmsn: Although I swore that I would never post, here I am - but it'll probably be the only time!
Vancouver was one of the funnest Coldplay shows I've attended. I was simply dreading the hockey arena space, but I was 11th row and center. The sound turned out good - much better than the Paramount in Seattle last September (god that was awful). The only thing I did not like was the bright white lights that hurt my eyes.
for pictures of the show.

I went into a moment of panic when Chris coughed after starting Amsterdam, as that is the song I really wanted to hear, but it turned out well!
Now for comments on other threads:
The group bow at the end was totally endearing and I loved it - I cannot understand how this would put some people off. Guy looked so shy and awkward while they were all standing there at the end. I felt the bow was for his benefit!! I also think it was Will who got everyone to come forward - he was applauding the audience even before he left his drum set.
Did they do a group bow at any other show???????

and don't forget to pledge blind allegiance!
Wolverine is cool. Anything that hints of Bushism is not cool.
As far as meeting Chris: He's been gracious and nice both times I met him - he even sat down with my daughter and I while we ate lunch. But that was a year and a half ago - things have changed for them. Guy was the MOST sweet and also sat down and chatted about record stores, college, etc. but that was two years ago. I don't think they fit well with being treated like an object - Chris handles it better than the others, but it must get so tiresome - no matter how gracious one wants to be. They give enough of themselves in their music, shows, and $ for good causes - they cannot bleed themselves dry!

crazyclimber182: Oh god, the best concert ever!!!!! I am soo jealous I didn't get to meet them tohugh!!! WAH! But yes, the energy, the light show, the music were all amazing!!!!!!! I love Coldplay soo much!!!! YAY I didn't get a shirt either. :'( But yes the concert was amazing and i still love them forever. Cheers all

illhouseyou: I saw the show. it was AMAZING!! Top notch. This band is a real class act. Great sense of humour, and most of all AMAZING MUSIC. The Sound, lighting and visuals were great. I recommend seeing them !!!