May 21
Max Bell Centre
Calgary, Canada

at least 1 aud recording exists but it has bad recording levels and is "collector's only status".

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost (w/ Sk8er Boi & My Heart Will Go On)
Poor Me

In My Place




I of the Mourning:
Holy Christmas! I went to the concert for one thing and one thing only - to see Coldplay. But Oh My God..."The Music" blew me away! It's hard to describe them in words - sort of like a dancy rock, but really complex and heavy, they were just f***ing awesome. Coldplay were great too. Setlist very similar to Edmonton, with the notable exclusion of "Trouble"

That show was so amazing!! Wasn't too crazy about the opening bands though. But Coldplay was soooo amazing! I couldn't sit still or take my eyes off the stage for one second. Except when there were people falling on me. hmmm...odd but still, AMAZING!!! Wow...

ARHHH! that was so AMAZING. The Music. WOW. they are SO good in concert. ANYHOW. when Coldplay came on. ha we just lept out of our seats (2nd Row Floor) and got to the FRONT. i was like 2 FEET from Chris!!!!! x0 i would see them again ANY DAY. hes just so energetic. just wow. when he knocked over the microphone and smiled ;; haha.

i dont know why everyone wasnt standing. a lot of the people around me were really old. 2nd row seats and you SIT???? CRAZY. the man beside me sat with his legs REALLY wide open so i had to squish over to keep away from him. when Coldplay came on we just jumped the front row and rushed the stage. i got some AWESOME photo ops of Chris and Guy. i hope they turn out well. when i was in the front, me and my friend were dancing and singing like CRAZY. i swear Chris looked at me and laughed. probably because i looked like a fool. even at the front i looked around and like NO ONE was dancing. just a few random people. me and my friend had a screaming match with some guy behind us. good man, he danced crazy too. but mostly i was surrounded by older people with drinks. they didnt deserve to be up front as much.

The Calgary concert was WAY better for sound than Edmonton. I don't mean technically, I mean, Coldplay played better. But you guys were robbed of Trouble...too bad! I had the best time ever. My friends and I were the only ones on the floor who stood for the whole Music set! We went MENTAL!! Robbie totally acknowledged us during the People when he sang "I can't get enough of your love". So we went even more nuts!! We totally collapsed in our seats after that. The view was totally unobstructed so it felt like they were playing just for us!!! I'm glad they impressed the hell out of Calgary too!!! BUY THE CD!!!! Coldplay was AMAZING!!!! it was so funny to actually see the full effect of the green light in clocks. In Edmonton, we were on the side so we just saw this laser...Ha ha ha...I actually thought it was just one ray of light! What a moron! In Calgary, I finally got to see the gorgeous smoke effect going through the fan of green light!! What a freaking awesome show!! Chris was more charming in Edmonton but who cares when they played their asses off in Calgary!! Both were amazing shows...

My sister and I went to the concert last night. Eisley were alright although the sound quality wasn't very good. The Music were interesting performers and I liked the music although I haven't heard them before. It was great seeing Coldplay live although Chris didn't speak much, maybe because the crowd was mostly as still as the borrowed audience in the Clocks video. I felt restrained myself until everyone stood up and joined in when "Yellow" was played. I felt looser after that and joined in when "Clocks" and "In My Place" was played. I'm sorry if I was the one that spoiled some of the show for the person above by my singing. I was standing second from the back row of the upper balcony opposite the stage. The patterned purple laser light covering the floor with white spotlights on the band members during "Don't Panic" and the green misted effect during "Clocks" were really well done, I thought. My sister, who also enjoyed the show, thought it would have been a nice effect to have stars revolving around the arena during "Yellow". All the songs were good although The Scientist, Yellow, Poor Me, and In My Place were the highlights for me. Hopefully, some the band browses here sometimes because I'd like to thank them for coming to Calgary. It was a good concert although it was too bad it wasn't longer.

From the 7th row center on the floor, the show was amazing. The sound mix was incredible. I've seen hundreds of bands live, but I can honestly say that Coldplay put off a flawless show. Absolutely amazing. I'm still in shock. They are much better live than on their albums. The albums only scratch the surface my friends. The musicianship was on par with one of the tightest bands I've ever seen. Very well polished. Highlights for me were: Everything's Not Lost, Spies, One I Love, In My Place, and Don't Panic (the harmonica solo was brilliant)... MIA: Trouble, Warning Sign This was my first Coldplay show, having only seen the boys perform on TV twice live, so I really had no real idea how they were live until last night, and I was NOT disappointed. The camera angles were awesome! The green laser blew my mind. Thanks to Coldplay for actually coming to Calgary for a show! I'll never forget it!

I totally agree with you. I especially loved the harmonica during Don't Panic because that's my driving song I was sad that they didn't play Trouble or Green Eyes and that Chris didn't talk very much though... I was sitting at the top of the stairs in section 223. I could've stood but I was looking foolish enough already with my skirt from going to my friends' grad ceremony and all and I was singing along anyway so I didn't want to annoy people too much :P (excuses, excuses, I know) But I have to agree the crowd wasn't very good. I expected people to stand and sing along to stuff but when I actually stopped and listened I realized the only people I can hear were Chris and myself I ran out of the show just in time to see Chris signing autographs!!! I unfortunately didn't get one (long and embarrassing story) but I still got to see him up close and hear him say a few things, which was nice. The Music were *so great*, I was totally impressed by the lead singer (I think his name is Robert)'s dancing! My friend and I also talked to Phil (I have no idea what he does in the band ) before the show, which was cool. I was a bit surprised by how nice some of these guys were!

Holy fuck the show was great last night!! I was in section 216 front row! The Music were awesome!! They are great live. And Coldplay just blew me out of the water! I had my lighter out for The Scientist and burned my thumb after 2 minutes..... its all good though! all good!

That show was amazing!! Before the concert I thought my expectations were too high, but holy shit! They put on a show way beyond my expectations! I must apologize if I wrecked anyone's show with my terrible singing, but I was just too excited to just be boring like the rest of the crowd and sit down. I stood for the whole thing, and probably made a fool out of myself but I enjoyed every single second of it! I really liked Amsterdam, Yellow, and Clocks, however it was slightly disappointing that Chris didn't talk all that much. I was also lucky enough to get Chris' signature after the show. Damn, how I wish I could hang out with them all sometime, they seem like really cool guys. Oh and by the by, his eyes are even more gorgeous in person than in pictures! Thanks to Coldplay for coming to Calgary, and hopefully they'll come back, knowing how many fans they have here!

Well, I've got to hand it to them: Coldplay did an amazing job. Being the indie-rock snob that I am, I've been programmed to hate Coldplay, and slag them as Radiohead wannabe's. But those brainwashing indie nerds can't turn me away now. If there was ever any doubt about those boys' abilities as musicians, they were squashed last night. Sure, Chris acts like Thom Yorke's younger, peppier brother, but they can sure as shit hold their own. They put on such a fantastic show that I don't know why I haven't got Parachutes. I was in the nose-bleeds, at the very top row in the back, and I still had an amazing time. Their energy was astounding, and Chris Martin has placed himself hansomly in my favourite musicians of current times. The Scientist is definitely one of the greatest songs ever written, and even when they played their big hit (Yellow), I jumped up and was singing. Dang. I thought I hated that song...Anyways, I was thoroughly impressed at Eisley (the lead girl is only 14!) and even moreso impressed by The Music. Coldplay simply blew me away. Congrats kids, you made me an official fan.

Shit, just got back from Calgary and it's been a couple days since the concert, but here goes.. IT FUCKIN' ROCKED! My favorite was Yellow, and Everything's Not Lost, especcially when Chris dropped the mike stand. The Music totally blew me away at the start, and once Coldplay came on it was nuts. The only crappy thing was that during the show, Both The Music and COldplay, me and my friends got up to "dance" and some fucking pricks behind us were like "we can't see." We told them to get up but they wouldn't and said they were here to enjoy music and not get into a fight. So I spend the whole concert in my fucking seat. It sucked not standing, but I'd rather not get kicked out. So to all those who commented on the lack of standing, blame the dicks that sat at the back and made every one sit down. Apparently it happened all around the arena. The best part was that Chris' piano was right in front of me, and when he played, it was like he was looking at me. IT WAS AWESOME. If I was gay, I probably would have passed out. Coolest thing happened after the show, when we were waiting around for autographs. Coldplay left right away, but after two hours I ended up with both Adam and Phil from The Music's autographs. I wanted to say stuff like "You guys are fucking awesome and I've almost worn out your album," but it came out as "Ughhhhh...."