May 20
Shaw Conference Cntr
Edmonton, Canada

FM Broadcasted on Edmonton's The Bear and is missing Moses & Poor Me. Also the Music's (opening band) set was also broadcast.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me

In My Place



The_Lost_Gallagher: What a show...Coldplay is such an amazing band to see live. I loved every minute of it. The light show during the concert even suprised me. Great encore ( 3 songs )...which only added more fuel to the crowd. The show was amazing...i'm gonna go to sleep a very happy boy.

vermillion man: Loved it, amazing show. They also played an unreleased song if I'm not mistaken. (Endless it was on one of there 2 cd's before Parachuets and AROBTTH) The lyrics went something like "You broke your self in 2, oh what you gunna do/ I don't know why I am here, oh why don't you go and cry." Those are just the lyrics that for no particular reason stuck out at me. The song sounded like a mix between Daylight and The Scientist (IMO) but it was much more dynamic then either of those 2 songs.
Anyway, wicked show last night. Plus the played "One I Love" so I'm quite happy with that !

JessLovesColdplay: I got to the venue around 2 pm. There was already a lineup except it was outside which is different from the concerts that I normally go to at The Shaw. I could go on about how security were absolutely fucking useless and c.unted up everything by allowing people from the back of the line to bud. Whatever, Iím not bitter. *grits teeth*
So my friend and I wandered around the Shaw. We ate our lunch outside away from the lineup and saw the tour buses. I had my eye out for The Music and Coldplay. No such luck. So we went back to the lineup. My friend and I were sitting on the stairs when I saw Adam from The Music walking up the stairs towards me with his security guard. I had to seize this opportunity. I looked at him and said ĎExcuse me. Hi, Iím such a big fan of yours. Iím so glad you were able to come to Edmonton. I love your music. I was wondering if you could sign my CD?í to which he smiled and replied yes. He asked if I had a Sharpie. I gave him my CD and my Super Sharpie. He took one look at it and went Ďwhoa! Look at the size of this thing!í. He handed back my CD and I said ĎThank you so much. Enjoy the show.í I was such a nerd around him but he was so nice and gracious. It was weird how he kept bowing to me when I gave him the compliments. How cute! After that, tons of girls rushed up to me and asked me what happened and who that was. Then later I met Robert and Phil from The Music out on the terrace. They were doing an interview so I waited until they were done. I was once again my nerdy self. I said ĎHi, Iím Jessica. Itís so nice to meet you. You guys rock!í and they introduced themselves which was really cute and proper of them to do. Then I said ĎI already met Adam earlier and basically babbled in front of him so really, I donít know what to say. Thank you for coming here! Um, could you please sign my CD please?í They giggled and said 'yes'. I gave Robert my Super Sharpie and his eyes widened. I said ĎItís a Super Sharpie. Yeah, itís pretty big, eh?í then he sniffed it and said ĎYeah, super strong too!í I also got a picture with them which was great. I went back to the lineup and ate the second half my lunch on terrace and saw them again except they were down below so I waved. They waved back. It was cool. Yeah, I know... Iím a nerd.
EDIT: I think I may have said something about their music being 'mindblowing' to Adam. I should never be allowed around famous people.
So because security was totally useless, I ended up at the far left of the stage. I basically had to watch the show with my neck at a 90 degree angle to the left. I think I managed to get some decent pics. Iíll develop them tomorrow and share them with you all.
Eisley really impressed me. Theyíre so young! I love the lead singerís voice.
The Music blew my socks off! I had heard Rob was really into his set but this far surpassed my expectations. They were so good live.

Now onto Coldplay. I was a Coldplay virgin (as Mel put it ) up until this moment. When they came on, it just felt so surreal. Finally! After 3 years of liking this band, they finally make an appearance in my hometown. I still canít believe that I finally got to see them live.

I took a sense of pride in being the only person to know the words to Poor Me. I was right by the speaker so the sound was pretty strong. Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah, I may or may not have shed a tear during Amsterdam. Everything just hit me during that song. Yes, I was here finally seeing Coldplay live. What a special moment. Yes, I am going to have dinner with them in 20 days. What a special moment that will be. No one has any idea what this band means to me. Not even my closest friends and they have some idea but thatís just the tip of the iceberg. I think my journey with them is almost complete. What better way to end it than on a high note. Itís late. I donít know what Iím talking about anymore. I think Iíll edit tomorrow. Goodnight!

Chukman: hehe that was an amazing show last night!!!!!
i was kinda disapointed with the crowd... seem like too many people who'd one single and bought a ticket. i dunno, i was goin apeshit and didn't give a damn!
hehe but ya hte music were great!!!!! really energetic!
and coldplay! hehe amazing!! ya i think if the broadcast didn't happen, i bet the would've started later and played a couple more songs. hehe but ahhh was still an amazing show!!!

Brewerbabe: I'm glad everyone who went last night had an amazing time. It was so good! Like Jess I was a Coldplay virgin, now I can't wait to see them again.
The opening bands were both very good, definately check out Eisley if you get the chance.
I'm hoping the guy I was with got some good pics, because I'm kicking myself now for not bringing my camera. Really security was a joke because they didn't check for anything.
Also I got to meet Guy Berryman that afternoon. It was really quite suprising as I didn't think anyone from Coldplay would be out and about, but there he was shopping at the HMV in Edmonton Centre. I was such a geek though, the only thing I could think to say was that " I really like your band". But he was sweet and said he hoped I would enjoy the show.
But my first experience of Coldplay was great, and I was wish I could go see them again tonight in Calgary.