April 17:
Earl's Court,

FM recording exists (Broadcasted on XFMair date: 19th April 2003 @ 19:00BST)- April 17, 2003 [Radio Broadcast]. Mp3 version exists and plentiful, be careful!

audience recording?

God Put A Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don´t Panic
Everything´s Not Lost (If somebody doesn’t really like your band And they start spreading a pack of lies Yeah, you should just give them this advice Ahhhhh yeahhhh Why don’t you shave between your eyes)

In My Place

Life is For Living

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Scientist synopsis: Much better show than the night before it sounds like! Jab at Noel Gallagher and longer different setlist.



clocks is beautiful:
Thought id tell u bout the concert on 17th of april at earls court. actually i cant tell u, ud have to see with ur own eyes to believe, and hear urself, just amazing and beautiful. u know the thing about coldplay is they sing bout all the important things in life and life itself. there's meaning in the lyrics, true beauty in the sound and just four top people making the music helps. the concert was just amazing, unfortunatley i was in seating area but i still managed to get up and dance like a nutter. you just cant help it though, can you, when u hear those soul touching songs and ur heart begins to ache, something just runs through ur body and u feel no shame at throwing ur limbs and torso round. coldplay really do sing bout life, there's no need to hate any1 or try and hurt any1, just love every1. it would be so much easier to live that way. 2 days have gone now since ive seen them and i feel so empty, i miss them with all my heart, i miss every1 there who loves coldplay. cant really describe the concert, just beautiful, amazing, but even those words dont come close. all my love, a coldplay fan.

I was sitin 1st row of seating right down the middle and ground level, to far away really but my m8 bought the tickets, so i didnt have a choice but i would much rather of stood, though every1 stood up in the end. It wasn't that short but of course it was coz it's one of those moments you just want to last forever. i really miss the guys and just miss that night now, really wana go back and just do it all over again. was really amazing, ive been listening to coldplay for over 3 years now and this was the 1st time id seen them in concert, it was just really touching to see them play the songs that ud lived ur life to for the past 3 years. hey one of the new songs, sounds really quality, "one i love".

Jimbobjeff :
What a great gig. The acoustics were a bit crap, but not as bad as everyone made them out to be. Ian Mculloghe came on and there were like 100 people in the audience, we couldnt hear a word he was saying, although we were near the back. Coldplay finally decided to come on about 9.10 and spent about hour and 20 minutes on stage. A bit disapppoitned by the length but Feeder were supporting and played through a few songs on their new album. They even played Buck Rogers and said it was one of the last times they would play it! The setlist was fairly good by Coldplay, all good songs but where was Warning Sign? Also yellow, Clocks, trouble, in my place were left to last. Big sing alongs for Everythings not lost and yellow and we went ape when he came on for the encore and played clocks. All in all a really good gig, cept maybe for the dodgy acoustics and the short length of time Coldplay were on stage.

That was the most amazing gig, I knew it would be good but that was beyond all my very high expectations. They put their all into every single track, and I've never seen any band do it like that before. Great camera set up, although from where I was sitting (or should I say standing on my seat) a speaker was blocking Guy's screen, which I was less happy about. Highlights were Politik, the Scientist, Yellow, In My Place and Everything's Not Lost. And of course Clocks. Beautiful. Ah, dreaming of Berryman......

There have probably been threads about this already, but sod it, OH MY GOD, I have never felt so blissful in my life!!!! they were bloody amazing (I especially liked the little reference to Liam during ENL ). However, I would have to be in the toilets when Yellow started, wouldn't I?!! If anyone was there at the time, I was the girl shouting "Fuck!" very loudly whilst running back. You don't know joy 'til you hear the deafening sounds of an arena full of people singing along so enthusiastically to Coldplay that their lungs might burst. Ooh, and Feeder played Just a Day in the end - heaven!

Singing along to IMP, Yellow and ENL was just amazing. Loved Chris' little comments, like after Politik : "By the way, we're Coldplay... we're a four-piece" Coldplay - last of the true British Eccentrics

Feeder were truly amazing: Buck Rogers, Just A Day etc... Simply Amazing, no better way to get everybody on a high! Then came Coldplay and blew them away!.. Politik is simply amazing live but Chris didn't go that crazy at the piano like he does. I was so gutted that I took 2 pics of Coldplay!... So gutted... And it's there last European tour date! Gutted... But I still enjoyed myself! However, I feel sorry for some girl who fainted right before they started, and I mean right before they started. She gave me this look and her eyes were wide open and they scared the shit out of me! I was a bit unhappy with the setlist though. It was all a bit mixed up... Trouble near the end, the scientist way too early. But I was glad I got Amsterdam and Life is for Living! Two truly amazing songs - I had some guy who was wasted going 'This song is fucking amazing!' and I just couldn't stop laughing. What a way to end the show.

But the singalongs were fucking amazing! But I wanted SHIVER!... But noooooooooooooooooooo!... That would have been amazing.. Always wanted to hear it live! But it was my first concert and I'm fucking happy that I saw Coldplay first!

Last night rocked !!! Was my first major music concert and i couldnt have picked a better one to go to. Singing so loud to every single song soaking in the atmosphere, having the time of my life Hats off coldplay, fantastic gig.

it was so fuckin good! and it was hilarious wen chris sang about monobrows... and changed the words to 'shave between your eyes'! definitley my best coldplay gig! ahhh i still can believe that i was so near 2 chris! amazing.. and i will be putting my 2 camera films in 2 b developed 2day! feeder were wicked 2.. and they said it would be the last time they played buck rogers.. which was wicked!

I was there! It was wonderful! It was great! It was fantastic! Better than Birmingham last year when I was stuck in the seats at the back. My only prob was I left my spare film at home so only took a few photos before my film ran out

I went! I've been into coldplay forever but never felt inclined to see them live...this one was the best gig I've ever been to, not just for the eye candy but for the whole experience! I've been to loads of gigs since I was a teenager but none as good as this one, which is what has prompted me to come on here... I was one from the front in standing, just to the right of the middle, got there before the gates opened, and thoroughly enjoyed myself - wish I'd had a camera, I would have got some wicked shots Was a plus I got to be on one of the big screens in the background with a few others when Chris was tinkling on the ivories... nice one Respect to Feeder who were also very good....