April 16:
Earl's Court,

audience recording exists, no source info

God Put A Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don´t Panic
Everything´s Not Lost
Poor Me

In My Place

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Scientist synopsis: Some say it was great, others were disappointed....Venue's poor sound and akward seating was a great part of the griping.



That was totally amazing!!! I'm still buzzing! They did Amsterdam last- yay! I've not heard that live before! And they didn't do shiver, but they did do spies!! And chris said "sorry if any of you think we're cheesy or selling out, because we really try not to!!" And feeder were really good too!!!

I just got back in too...fucking amazing I must say, and yours truely was front-row centre *smarmy-get type grins* lol, it was bloody excellent, and I got to meet a lot of you lovely lot there too which was a super bonus...sigh, what a day I loved when poor me kicked in, and everyone went silent, and I was belting it out haha, amazing...

It was FOOKIN AMAZING. Oh my God, I'm the "play Shiver" girl. And Ian McCullogh hates me...Ian who? I hope the people who go tomorrow have just as much fun. Oh my God I was front row center! Ha ha ha! And Feeder ruled. I think I was the only one who knew the words to Feeder in the whole front row AND I've got their set list and a press badge...shame it didn't get me backstage Coldplay fookin rule.

Ian McCulloch won't forget me and neither will the second guitarist from Feeder! And Guy looked at me a few times. Siiiigh it was FOOKIN WICKED.

Fairy Sarah:
hi everyone! last night was amazing, we were 2nd row right by guy and apart from some drugged up twats behind us it was a great night! feeder totally blew me away, i wish they could've played a few more songs and i got to meet some of u lovely boardies

That was the first time i have seen Coldplay live and all i can say if that was them not playing brilliantly then they must be like Gods when they play well. I got the pre-release tickets off "In my place", and i was sitting in block 1 right at the front so i had i side view of Chris for most of the night ( it wasn't the best but so what!). But i still thought it was a mind blowing gig, although it was hard to hear Chris when he was talking and going on about "BROS" i was too busy enjoying the gig instead of looking for things to complain about, like some people seem to! I got in my seat at about 6:20 so i was sat on my arse with my girlfriend looking like a fool being the only person with a seat being their before 7:00 but i didn't care!

I think we were behind the VIP section of the crowd because when Coldplay came on they suddenly appeared! That is my one and only complaint though i asked my mum about this she said it happens all the time (i can't really say since i have been to only standing gigs before). But the amount of bloody people getting up and down to go for a piss/fag/drink was shocking, it didn't matter if it was in the middle of the song or not they got up stood around blocking everyone's view while they decided what to do then came back (usually in the middle of the next song!), And i hope that couple that decided to come back just as Politik started are happy that they ruined it for me and the other people on my row and the people behind making me get up at the start of the song bastards! I mean if anyone had a medical condition that meant they have to keep coming and going fair enough but just because you didn't go for a piss before you came, so you have to spoil it for everyone else, well shame on you!

Anyway i really enjoyed it and it was the best gig i've been to it took me until about half-way through Coldplay's set before i actully relised that i was there and not dreaming listening to a live cd ( i was a bit star stuck, my girlfriend told me afterwards that i had started shaking when Feeder finished, i think i was a bit excited), i thought they were "MEGA" (as Chris would say)! Anyway for all you "snobs" who didn't enjoy it (insert insult for me here), just count yourself lucky that you went i know at least 20 people that wanted to go and couldn't find tickets. I'm sure they would have took your place without thinking. I for one was just happy to see the best band in the world in a big room with lots of other people enjoying it and singing along (well the people around me were, when Chris told us too before you start about that!) and having a good time. I did think it was funny how i was the only person in my area who had heard "Poor Me" before! Anyway i had the time of my life so i'm happy and i will go again!!

Captain Concerto:
OK, now before I beef, I REALLY like their music. BUT, having got the pre-release tickets, I ended up in the Gods at the back. What is the point of that. Surely the point of getting the pre-release is that they are the good seats for being good honest members of the ColdPlay Web-Ring.... Sort it out for next time boys.... And then the gig itself. Could those acoustics be any worse, I think not!!! The only time I could hear anything was when Chris was playing the piano and singing. As soon as the rest of the band kicked in, that was it, I was invaded by noise... Stick to Wembley in future, you rocked that joint. I will see these guys in Roskilde and see what they are like outdoors.

i was up there with you - stall 25, felt completely out of it as no one seemed to be on any kind of vibe until Yellow when the whole arena rocked. would have preferred to have taken my chances with the crush at the front!! still, just being within a mile of the band was super cool!! so no regrets!

I just want to say that I thought the gig was brilliant, especially as I've never seen them before and I thought I wasn't going to be able to get a ticket until just about a month before hand. I thought they were very rock n roll for such and un-rock and roll band. Chris is a great front man and Johnny is a brilliant guitarist. And having listened to them on CD for such a long time and getting this 'sensitive' vibe, I was quite amazed how a group of pasty faced whiteboys can create such a noise! I sat in the first stand up front to the left of the stage and the view, staging and sound was great. There were a few whingers telling us the sit down, but hey, what's the point of going if you not going to get up and get in to it!

craig williams:
Last nite's gig was disappionting, because we had crap echoing sound and the band seemed to be rushing through the songs. Chris hardly spoke 2 us unlike wembley last october where the atmosphere was tonnes better and we had about 2 hours, unlike an hour and half last nite. Who else went last nite and wot did ya think? Note The guitar problems too on spies.

Now please don't be angry with me, not that I would ever say a bad word against Coldplay because I have loved them for years, but yes I would have to agree that Wednesday 16th was'nt the best I'd been to, I have seen them twice b4 in outdoor venues which may have had something to do with it, in Earls Court we could only get seated and it felt very restricting, we were quite far away aswell, I also felt they rushed through the set and could'nt wait to go home, I'd waited so long to see them again and it was over in what felt like half hour, anyway sorry to you all who may be offended by these comments but trust me, I am one of their number one fans, at the age of 31 - single female (well divorced) I have massive glass pictures of Coldplay all over my bedroom wall, how cool and hip am I ?

We saw Coldplay at Earls Court last night for the second time. First time was at Wembley last October. The Wembley gig was so jaw-droppingly good that we couldn't wait to see them again. However, we are both very disappointed with yesterday's performance. The accoustics were VERY bad with echos going round the whole arena, and Coldplay seemed to rush through every track as if they were in a hurry to be somewhere else. Chris Martin chatted to us all at Wembley like we were old friends, but last night there was very little chat and when he did say something the sound was so bad that nobody could make out what he was saying. The show was over after barely an hour. Three quick encores (although the sound was a bit better by now) and that was that. At Wembley we got nearly 2 hours. Don't get me wrong. Coldplay are my favourite band and I'm sure the venue is to blame as much as anything, but after such a fantastic time at Wembley, I'm afraid the Earls Court gig just left us all feeling a little bit let-down. Next time they do London, I think they should just do more dates at Wembley and get it right!

I've got to say that if last night was your first ever Coldplay gig then it probably was mind-blowing.

hmmm, well ive been to a lot of gigs over the last few years and ive got to say i was pretty impressed with last night, although i havent got another coldplay performance to compare it against as that was my first coldplay gig, but from where i was standing down the front the sound didnt seem to be too bad certainly not as bad as you all seem to be making out anyway, oh well i enjoyed myself thats the main thing but yea shame there was no shiver.

I thought the whole night was fucking amazing... you lot are all MAD!!!! Were you at a different gig to me and Andy?????? Seriously it was fantastic, we were 3 rows back by Jonny and maybe apart from the forum gig it was the best gig I've been to Chris did speak a lot and was funny as usual.. the Liam Gallagher reference during ENL was hilarious So in conclusion...WOW!!!!

Earls Court Weds - Brilliant, no matter what you 'hardcore' fans say! I had the time of my life at Earls Court last night and wish I were there again now I don't understand the hundreds of compliants listed earlier - I had no problem with the sound at all. I was stood well infront of the sound desk with a pretty decent view for most of the time and could hear just about everything Chris said fine (and I think he chatted enough - it was nice to hear from him but you're there to hear the music after all). Compared to the sound quality at the only other Coldplay gig I've been to (Brixton March 2001) this was incredible. I'm glad I was standing and I can see how being sat at the back would limit your enjoyment. I usually hate crowds but everyone was in such a good mood and really enjoying themselves so I think it enhanced the experience. The band in my opinion were on great form. Singing Yellow with tens of thousands of people was incredible. Everythings not lost, Clocks and of course In My Place were superb. I may not be a 'hardcore' fan (I don't know Chris Martin's favourite colour), this is only the second time I've posted and I wasn't queueing for hours to stand at the front .......but Coldplay are one of my favourite bands and last night was wonderful!

What a superb, excellent, fantastic etc. etc. nite!!! We started out second row in from the front which was a massive bonus...then after a blinding set from Feeder (big thumbs up to them, am now a big fan!!) the coldplay boys came on stage and we were kinda shunted a couple of rows further back but still closer than I thought we would get!! Managed to get some half decent photo's which is always an added bonus, although I wouldn't mind seeing any other fellow earl's court go-ers photo's from the 16th!! I loved some of Chris's comments, especially the "high school geek" one, hence including it into my signature. The Liam Gallagher ones were hilarious...good on ya Chris!!! There were a bunch of over-enthusiastic beer boys near us who found it highly amusing to jump up constantly, no probs with that whatsoever, until they started just aimlessly whacking people, barging into them and basically freaking us out!!! It was funny though!! Just felt for the poor lil lad who came to see Feeder and kept getting stamped on by the beer boys!! His lil face!!! Bless. And Guy??!! Well, he is just so darn cute....I love the knee bend move he kept doing!!! And how much energy does Chris have on stage??!!! He's amazing!!! Not too sure bout the remark he made b4 playing "The Scientist"...."this next one's cheesy but you all like it"....it isn't cheesy!!! Its a beautiful track and u couldn't imagine anyone apart from Chris singing it!! Message to Miss Paltrow....BE VERY PROUD OF YOUR MAN!!!!

I'm not hardcore either. I just think that because they were so incredible the last time I saw them (Brighton 02) that I knew all along they weren't going to top it, and surprise surprise, they didn't. It wasn't a shit gig in the slightest, far from it. BUT It's true, they did seem to rush, and the set just didn't flow as well as it could have.

Just been to the Earl's Court gig...pretty damn cool. First time ive seen em live and definetely wont be the last! Bit disappointed in the omission of Shiver, but apart from that it was excellent. Was anyone else there? If you havent seen them yet..GO DO SO!

And was it just me or was it really hard to hear what he was saying when he spoke? I just got loads of reverb...veeeeery annoying

I must admit that I was surprised that they were on for such a short period of time...definetely the shortest concert Ive been to, and i was a bit miffed by the AWFUL acoustics in Earls Court (dont think Ill be going to that venue again). But while they were there I enjoyed it! (except for Chris' flat notes on Amsterdam ) It wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.