April 14:
M.E.N Arena,
Manchester, Victoria Station,

audience recording, no source info.

God Put A Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don´t Panic
Everything´s Not Lost
Poor Me
Yellow (dedicated to Noel Gallagher)
In My Place


Scientist synopsis: Great gig, what's to say!! Cheeky Girls adlib in there somewhere and a dedication to Noel Gallagher..



jonathan d:
the band still seem to be getting better all the time. it was a very strong performance. the sound was much, much better than last time they played here in october. i think mtv really messed it up last time for the tv recording/broadcast.

I was pretty gutted they didnt play Shiver.. its in the tourbook dammit! But it was a great show anyway, i even had a few Coldplay haters with me and they all had to agree it was one of the best live shows they'd seen.

Bloody Amazing performance !!!! I couldn't sleep last night I was on such a high!! Politik is a superb opener and the rest was equally amazing . I am one very happy bunny this morning will be playing my cd's all day long and singing along in my hoarse post gig voice. Thanks Coldplay for a wonderful night and more Happy Memories. I didn't see any1 famous but I was wondering whether Noel Gallagher was backstage as Chris dedicated Yellow to him..Or did he say Liam Gallagher well it was one of them. Isn't it an amazing feeling to be one of 15500 pple to be stood singing to YELLOW hmmm Brilliant!!

JUST WOW!!! Flippin Feckers peoples!!!!!
That was the most amazing night of my life! There actually aren't words that can describe the feeling of bright yellow lights streaming across your face, chris matins sweet voice singing and however many other truly mesmorised people screaming completly out of tune to yellow. Its exhilerating! (obv. spelt wrong!) The absence of Shiver was perhaps a bit of a shame but i think thats a song for me and my bedroom to be honest - i cried once when they played Everythings not lost - i think any more than that and i would be classed a morbid moo. I just cant get over how amazing it was, everything about it, Feeder supporting were fab, the lighting, the sound, the atmosphere, the music - HIM! it was all just PERFECT! One question tho - how can people go to these amazing gigs and sit still? I probably looked like the duracel bunny on speed - i just couldnt sit still. I did make myself tho - i did some serious wriggling in my chair so you can imagine my joy when Chris made everyone get up for Yellow! Could he not hve done that for One I Love- i was seriously in need of a "bop" to that. Think next time im just getting standing tickets or dancing in an isle although the yellow jacketed people scared me. Im gonna shut up going on about it now but i just have to say WOW again. I cant wait til V2003 now!!!!! Music like that makes life worthwhilE!!!

I saw Coldplay for the second time last night. I'd seen them at the Apollo in Manchester two years earlier and they have certainly grown. Once very timid in his performance, Chris Martin now bursts about the stage, getting into the songs we all love and giving an amazing performance. I wish he'd sing more of his B-sides, like See You Soon (that would make a great finishing song), or easy to please, but I can't take anything away from them, Coldplay are simply brilliant live. Well done lads.

Went to the MEN last night, it was absolutely amazing. From the white flash lights of Politik, to the incredibly mellow Amsterdam (Chris Martin on his own for most of the time), it was just a great evening. I was standing, about 20 yards back, right in the middle. I'm 6 foot 4 so I'm sorry if I blocked anyone. How funny was the cheeky girls piss-take? Wicked! Shame they didnt do Shiver or Green Eyes but it was still amazing. I'll never forget all those thousands of voices screaming out - 'Your skin....oh yeah your skin and bones', it sends shivers down my spine right now just thinking about it last night. Those green strobe lights for Clocks were incredible by the way. So many great memories from last nite, cheers Coldplay.

WHOA what a night, so many brilliant things all in one night. I too saw that Charity of Emmerdale in the worst Yellow jacket and a flowery top? Well it was an offense to wear that coat. Well what do I know huh I'm just a male but yeah I couldn't stop moving. My mate next to me hardly ever danced at all but I think the very attractive girl to my left was dancin too (not sure if she was with her boyfriend so never talked to her, wish I did now, mail me if your on this) just too interested in the music. So it weren't like I was on my own but yeah I can't dance so I probably still looked at stupid . Thanks for the great night Coldplay. Note to self though, never get a seated ticket again. I'm still dancin to it now, ah what a great band to go watch for your first gig and Feeder were awesome too but Coldplay...nothing I say can descrobe just how amazing they are. Well thats me done for now, I'm going to go another one for sure now what a night Thanks once again,

James 2003
yeah, an amazin night! All the songs were fantastic!!!!!!! Yeah, the people in the Yellow jackets could be a little less fussy, I was trying to find a friend in the crowd below (johnny bucklands cousin ) and we were told to move all the time, a right pain! But still an absolutley superb night! Thanks Coldplay.

The gig was brill, Ian McCulloch were the first support act and Chris came on to do backing vocals. Feeder were fantastic...if not a little loud Then Coldplay were AMAZING, and I was right at the front near to Guy, drool-o-rama. Chris sang a lovely version of the cheeky song, which was nice, also there was a little rambling about outselling Celine Dion, and a mention of Westlife...the man needs to get a new routine They played Politik first, wow, can't remember the set list cause I'm tired and my brain's frazzeled, but Don't Panic, The Scientist and, Spies and God put a smile stood out for me. So yeah everything was great until the fainting incident, and the poor steward had to pull me over the barrier, he'll have a bad back for weeks. Although I realised afterwards that as I was running to my friend I was about 2 ft away from Chris...damn me for being so concerned for my mate, otherwise I could have just stood there and stared.