April 10
Vista Alegre Bull Ring

Madrid, Spain

aud recording exists

God Put A Smile Upon My Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don´t Panic
Everything´s Not Lost
Poor Me

In My Place


Scientist synopsis: not much info.....



Cdamordakai: Wow, it was amazing, second concert, second massive audience. It´s a fact, Spain loves coldplay and no matter if it was only 6 months ago when they last came for the first time. Loads of people were prepared to see the return of Martin and the band, this time, bigger stage and better staging. This time, Chris was crazier than ever before, jumping and jumping during the hole scenario. We love you Chris and you know you´re welcome whenever you want. Think of coming back? Bring us something new but don´t forget about yellow, trouble, clocks, the scientist, and lots more. We missed shiver, maybe next time. Doing something new? I hope so, but give us time to learn lyrics. Better not saying that we sing louder than you, sorry about that. Fantastic, it was amazing the staging. First time you needed more, last time, it was gave to you, great stage for the "great band". Anything else? I belive there is but not for now.

Lariat: went to the madrid concert last night....where do i begin, it was a complete minter, that is to say, it was amazing! it took me places.

the venue, the sound, the music, the lyrics, the dancing, the singing, the enthusiam of a guitar playing-singing-stamping his feet to the rhythm-jumping up and down chris was truely awsome. what a guy! the bass guitar in so many of the songs was simply stunning also.

the visualisations throughout the concert were great , especially in clocks - the green light beams with the smoke will forever be etched in my memory.

i only wish i could go and see you again tonight in Barcelona. infact i really wish! just incase the band read this before the gig, and you have a ticket spare, im free and very eager......well its worth a try.
anyone going tonight, you're in for the time of your life, hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

April 11
Badalona Arena
Barcelona, Spain

aud recording exists

Setlist: (One I Love is also in here somewhere too)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Don't panic
Poor me
Daylight Everything's not lost
The scientist
In My Place
2nd Encore:
Happy Brithday (to Guy)
Ladder To The Sun



Friday. 4'30. Me and Ren (hi! how was your trip back to ny? ) waiting outside the venue. Not many people; it's too early. The show begins at 8'45, but Coldplay won't be on stage until 10. A loooong wait. Panic. They're making a line. I stand on a first row, prepared to run once the doors are open. Ren is making another line to get the ticket. 7'45. I'm on the first row, in the middle. Some girls behind me, speaking and screaming and moving and getting hysterical. C'mon girls, two hours left still! Feeder. It's good to be back in Spain, says the front man with a beautiful british accent. I didn't know they've come to Spain before . I'm sorry, I don't know anything about Feeder but I fall in love with Grant. In fact, I fall in love with everybody; I'm so happy to be here. This is my first show on a first row Lights on. Hey, Ren! You got the first row finally! Good for you! 20 minutes left. The girls behind me are killing me. Somebody faints. The photographers take their place. The show is about to begin. Music.

I see Chris coming up on stage. He passes around in front of me. I fall in love with him, as usual. He sits on the piano. Politik. This is a madness. I can't move, I can't breathe. I can only shout, and scream, and sing. He wears a hand-made T-shirt with the words "Make trade fair" written in catalan. God put a smile upon your face. Don't panic. Trouble. Spies. Poor me. Daylight, "slowly breaking through the daylight"... Everything's not lost. Epic song, a hymn, a song for the people. We sing along. Chris says "Nosotros queremos que vosotros cantéis". He practices his spanish. I'm sure Gwyneth is a good teacher . We sing along, we have been singing along all the time. The scientist. And then, two words: "Your skin...; your skin...". People gets crazy. This is so wonderful. This is a classic song, the song that Coldplay will be playing for the rest of their life. Thank you, they say. They leave. I start to think. I don't do it very often, but sometimes I think. What am I thinking? I'm thinking how does it feel like standing on a stage in front of 10.000 people. How does it feel to hear 10.000 people singing a song you've written. They come again. Clocks. That green laser, what a picture, what a sentence: "Am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease?". In my place, "come back and sing to me...". Lights on. The show is finished. Or not.

Chris smiles and says: "Today is Guy's birthday!". Guy smiles; he feels so embarrased . I'm sure he's thinking, "oh please, chris, why did you say this?" Chris says: "You have to sing him a happy birthday". I sing, but most people don't. They leave. It's over. I can't believe it's over. No, it's not over. They are again on stage. Chris plays the tune for Happy birthday. Guy is hidden somewhere behind the stage, but I can see him. They play a new song, Ladder to the sun. This is the first time I hear it. It's so beautiful, really. Gracias, muchas gracias, says Chris. Lights on. Finally, this is the end. We have to get out. I'm feeling sad; six months waiting, and now it's over. Can you repeat, please? Right here, right now. I'm destroyed, but I can resist for two hours. It's too early, only 11'30. One hour and a half; that's not enough! Please, come back and sing to me... Ok, all right, I go out. The end.

It was an AWESOME concert! My first too. I was about 6 rows behind you, bang smack in the middle. I wanted to get there earlier, but hubby was being a pain. I ended up going by myself... I so wanted to jump on the stage and sing along with Chris. Did you hear me shout out "I love you Chris Martin!"?? ROFL! I just love his energy. Bouncing around the stage, jumping up and down at the piano and shaking his head wildly! What a showman! I wish the other guys would interact more. I've taken pix, which I'm trying to upload someplace. They didn't come out as good as I'd hoped...but I'm a fussy person...LOL

it was a really lovely show. wish they had played other new songs besides Poor Me and Ladder to the Sun. and wish the venue had been better organized! oh well. still worth the trip over, it always is. oh, and i saw Feeder in the airport the next morning. thought maybe i would be on the same flight to london as them, but no. will post my pictures when i get them developed hopefully.

i also went to the concert!!!!!!!!!! it was amazing... i've gotta say that ON STAGE coldplay is CHRIS MARTIN 'cos he's the only one that you see up there! the others are just playing their instruments, but Chris really knows how to act... he's amazing! i really liked how he sang, he sang perfectly! the best moment of the concert was probably IN MY PLACE 'cos everybody was singing it together! it was astonishing!!!!!!! but i've gotta admit that i wasn't nervous for seeing coldplay... but when i saw chris playing the piano for POLITIK, tears started running through my face! it was great! the shit was that it lasted an hour and a half. if you pay 30€ they should play AT LEAST 2 hours!!!!!!! they didn't sing GREEN EYES (my fave song with the scientist), whisper or WARNING SIGN (great great i love this song!) only an hour and a half...

Hi everyone!!! Minouche, your review is totally amazing. Thank you thank you... I was in Barcelona gig too. It was three days ago but I'm still fascinated. In fact, I feel really sensitive. And your review makes me feel shaked (tengo los pelos de punta, quiero decir). It's really cool. Everything you felt there I felt it too. And it's great this comunication. Like you say in the review it's amazing thinking that there are so many people around the world who feels the same only by listen a Coldplay song. Cool... Yeah, definitely, I'm too much sensitive... Oh, and thanks to everyone for the photos. I got my camera inside but I discovered that I hadn't battery for the flash (me, so stupiiiiid!!). And about Chris... wow, he is a great frontman. And so so so so so so so cute... ufff, lucky Gwyneth... People, I hope see you in the board...