March 27
Lille, France

Aud recording exists, no source info

1. Politik
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
3. Spies
4. Daylight
5. Trouble
6. One I Love
7. Rush Of Blood To The Head
8. Don't Panic
9. Everything's Not Lost
10. Poor Me
11. Yellow
12. The Scientist
13. Clocks
14. In My Place

Anne-Sophie: Thanks for this brilliant concert. Thanks Coldplay and especially Chris who tried to do his best and give us everything he could despite some voice problems. Every song was absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed every second of the concert. I will never forget Everything's not lost and The Scientist and will keep on listening to them again and again. Please come back soon to sing the wonderful other songs you couldn't play. Thanks for everything guys ....



March 28: Strasbourg (Hell Rhénus) -cancelled

March 30
Paris, France

aud recording
source:Sharp Md-Mt 190>Sony ECM TS 125 >Tascam Standalone>CD-R

God put a smile upon your face
The scientist
One I Love
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't Panic
Everything's not Lost
Poor me

In my Place

Proof 962 =943160 ...9621395&postid=943164




Raichu: well, the gig was amazing as usual, same set list as last time they were here, plus a cover i couldn't identify...
at the end Chris came back and did an acoustic one as usual. his voice was very good. the mood was incredibly good. the crowd were berserk.
the show was exactly the same as last time i saw them (the very same place on november 2nd), the lights and everything.
also as usual, Chris was trying to do all his in-between songs comments in French. he mostly just introduced the songs, but he made one important comment: "Si il y a des gens qui veulent chanter avec nous, chantez. Il y a peut-être des problèmes entre l'Angleterre et la France, mais pas ici." ("If anyone wants to sing along with us, go ahead. There may be problems between England and France, but not right here.")

CarolineOrphee: Yeah it was just great. Same as in november but different songs (this time they did more from the second album - "A Rush of Blood to the head" and "Amsterdam" for instance). The new song he did at the end was called "Proof".
He spoke French a lot which I knew he would since he insisted he would. He apologizes for the people who came in November hoping it was not going to be too boring. I did not thought it was... but then again i might not be the most objective person...
I saw him at the end - he came to see us what a sweetie! He was sick and complained about his throat... (He was eating an apple and those three girls asked to have it once he was done and he warned them to be careful since he was sick.) But he still signed all our things and was very nice, answering all the questions, etc. Gwyneth was there too; she left by car before he came to see us.

li@: yes indeed, it took place!! that was so kewl!! I really had a great time there.
I'd never had imagined that they would give so much to their public!! Seeing them on tour was really a dream becoming true!!
It's funny because it was much more punchy than when you listening to the CD, i don't know why, but i did like it that way!!! They played some songs of the first album including yellow, don't panic and everything's not lost but it was mostly songs from a rush o blood to the head.
The lightnings were great too, and i really loved the moment when Chris spoke french. It feels good to hear artists who don't only say "bonsoir" or "merci".
Caroline said that Chris was sick, personnaly i didn't hear it!! His voice is really beautiful.

shortandsweet: Yes, I was also there waiting in the back. I was one of the only guys there, which was kinda funny. None the less, the concert was fantastic. Great music, as usual and a great atmosphere from the crowd. I'm defnintely looking forward to my next concert, which I am going to have to plan on being very soon. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Meeting all the early fans, who waited in line with me for nearly 7 hours. That was cool. But what more do you want with a front row spot... Amazing music and an amazing light show! Hope to see everyone again soon.