March 13
Target Center,
Minneapolis, MN

larry_mullen: "also an ald of minny 03/13/03 exists" quote
FM versions: GPASUYF this track is interupted because the radio station lost their "live feed". There is some talking, by the DJ, over the top of this track..

God Put A Smile On Your Face****
The One I Love
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist


In My Place
Life Is For Living




finbogg: Yeah it was a fantastic show. Tons of energy and they sounded great. Of course you always wish they would play longer but I didn't feel cheated at all. Especially because we got to meet and get pics with Chris after the show (and an almost two hour wait in the cold)

A perfect ending to a perfect show!!!


Wow, what an amazing show! I had such a blast. Still coming down from it all.

Thanks for posting the setlist. I was a bit unsure on some of the order(and yeah that was Poor Me). But you forgot Don't Panic and Everything's Not Lost. Does anyone remember when they were played?

Can anyone tell me some of the things Chris said? I remember hearing something about Celine Dion and Britney Spears and how he couldn't believe this many people came to see them. Other than that I can't really recall or I couldn't make out what he said.

True North:

Well I just got back from the Minneapolis show and it was amazing. It was my first Coldplay concert and they definitely didn't disappoint. Four of us made the seven hour drive down from Winnipeg just for the show. The band seemed really into the show and lots of energy throughout, like Chris said, it was there last show for awhile in North America so they could give it 118%.

Afterwards I hung around by the tour buses and got lucky enough to meet all of the guys, except Guy. First Chris came out and was very nice and considerate to those who had waited outside to meet him. He signed anything anyone wanted and posed for pictures. About half an hour later Jon and Will came out as well and did the same. I talked to Jon and told him I drove down for the show and he seemed really appreciative that we had. I got the three of them to sign a poster I had bought at the show. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone else who was waiting outside after the show with me for being very hospitable to myself and keeping me company as we waited. I will definitely be back to Minneapolis for more concerts and will try and catch Coldplay again in May when they go to the west coast of Canada.


Hey everyone! I just joined this website today! I'm a HUGE fan of Coldplay and finally got to see them live in Minneapolis for the first time! Wow! What an amazing show! I was sitting in the lower level right behind the light/sound crew and I waved to one of the guys who was looking up at us. Five minutes later, we were given 2 passes to the aftershow party thrown by the band themselves! It was awesome!!! Drinks were on the band and they had catered food!!! Chris didn't end up stopping by but Guy and their opener The Music did! Great people! They are very humble and genuine.

Have a great day!!!!


March 14: