March 12
Eagles Ballroom,
Milwaukee, WI

CoreSounds Cardiods (with bass filter) > D100 > CDR

God Put A Smile
Trouble- (at the end theme song to Happy Days, I think!! )
The One I Love
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist

In My Place
Ladder to the Sun

official coldplay reviews
and of ticket stub




Just got home from the cp concert, another great show!!!! The Music rocked and that boy can dance!!! Coldplay were awesome, a lot of energy!! The crowd was great, sang along with almost every song, there were only a couple "I love you Chris" screams!! Even though he did encourage it!! I will let others share some highlights etc, *is tired* but overall great show!!!

hmm lets see...chris mentioned how that they never played in a place where there was a ghost, so if anyone got haunted, they could get their money back!

he said that they felt very welcomed here and that everyone is really nice!

during IMP, he went over to Jonny and during the part when he sings Please, please come back etc.. he sang Please Jonnyyy haha at least that is what i heard!

at the end of trouble he changed the words to they spun a web in milwaukee(something like that) he wanted us to sing it but everyone sang it the original way! then he busted a little Happy Days theme song!! (i think)

wow this is really random info sorry hahaha!!!



I met Chris after the show! There were about 20 of us waiting in the back by the buses for like an hour and a half and he came out and signed whatever anyone wanted including shirts, guitars, ticket stubs, CDs, etc.!! He also took pictures with anyone who wanted one and he was super friendly! I talked to him about "Animals" being a b-side for "Clocks" and he said somethinge like, "Yeah! That's great, isn't it!?" And I also asked if "Murder" would ever be on an album, and unfortunately, he said, "No. It's shit." But he seems very excited about the new songs they've been playing but he said, "They still need work, you know?" All in all it was a super super show and the band was insane with energy!


The show was massively impressive. I thought they had a really good set and the lights were so clear especially during daylight when they were that awesome orange/yellow. I thought One I Love was one of my favorites cause Will rocked out on guitar. My friend got the drummers towel which was pretty sweet. There is some news about them coming to summer fest but they are too big to play there so its prob. not going to happen. Great concert cheers folks.


i wish i was the lucky bastard who got his harmonica..but i wasnt. That show fucking rocked! I did have a few girls next to me screaming almost the entire show "I LOVE YOU!" so that kinda sucked...but Chris Martin just rocked the stage with his presence..the guy just spews out musical auroa. One I Love was probably one of my favorites that they played, and so was Rush Of Blood To The Head. All in all this was one of the best shows i've ever went to...and THE MUSIC was really good too..that singer has got a damn good range and cool ass sound. COLDPLAY ROCKS.

shaky mcgoogle:

Hey! I was there too. Chris was such a sweetheart. He came out and was like, "Okay, you can all do what you'd like with me." I was thinking, "Don't tell us that..." He posed for lots and lots of photos, signed a ton of autographs (this one guy wanted him to sign like 5 things, and Chris was like, "This seems a bit dodgy ... but I don't really care.") Eventually he was like, "I have to go in ... I want to have children at some point in the future." (The weather was reeeally cold.) Heee. Oh, and some girls asked him for hugs and he replied, "I can do handshakes, but not hugs. I'll get in trouble!" lol.

Also? His security guard (was his name Rocky? or am I making this up?) was a really nice guy, making sure we all enjoyed the show and saying how the guys really enjoyed it. He also said that we were the loudest croud on tour so far. In fact, I do believe he said "Wisconsin rocks!" LOL. About 30 minutes after Chris came out (it may have been less...the cold was skewing my sense of time) Will came out, followed by Jonny and Guy. They were all incredibly sweet and lovely.

And the show was indeed awesome. The Happy Days theme song was both amusing and wholly appropriate, given the city we were in. Chris was his usual energetic self, especially during Yellow and In My Place, which are always highlights for me. Everything's Not Lost was also wonderful. I loved it when Will sang a bit at the end.

Also, can I just say The Music's drummer rocked the house? Cause he did. The lead singer alternately disturbed and amused me (at one point he looked straight at me and did this bizarre tongue thing and I collapsed with laughter) but he had an amazing voice. I enjoyed their set very much.


This was the first Coldplay concert that I've been able to attend - my husband and I had tickets for the concert at the UIC in Chicago last year, but our car broke down on the way there. I've always been kind of bitter about that... any rate, this was a wonderful concert, full of energy. The members of Coldplay gave a great performance and sound just as good live as they do on their albums. Yes, the t-shirts were expensive, but we didn't buy any. That's not what we were there for.

I'd reckon we were standing about ... 20, 25 feet from the stage, right in the center. The only problem was, I felt like we were packed like sardines where we were - people kept trying to move toward the front and it just kept crowding us. It made it awfully hot - but the concert was worth it. No complaints here.

I wasn't a big fan of The Music. They're talented, no doubt, but the set was sort of long for an opening act (in my opinion) and my feet were already tired from standing in line since 5:15. But it was my fault for not wearing better shoes. Did anyone else notice the lead singer gyrating against the microphone stand?

One of the best parts of the concert, I thought, was getting to chat with a few of the people that we were standing (literally cheek to cheek, if you know what I mean) next to. To my left were a few college preppy kids who sang along with every song and made me laugh - in front of me, a few hippies who had driven there from Madison - to my right, more wonderful people. While we were waiting for the show to start, and also in between acts, we talked and laughed and had a great time. I've never experienced such a great vibe from all of the people, such a wonderful energy.

I definitely got my money's worth, and I'll never forget this concert. Thanks, Coldplay!