March 10
Palace Theatre,
Louisville, KY

radio version missing highlighted new songs and is one cd.
FM broadcast > Analog Cassette > CDR(1) > EAC (secure & tested) > WAV > MKW > SHN. Taper Jeremy Winkie
Aud. recording should exist.

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
One I Love
Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist

1st Encore
In My Place

2nd Encore
Ladder to the Sun
Proof (Chris on acoustic guitar, solo)

by Lulu
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Opening the set with enormous energy, "Politik" immediately ignited the crowd. Chris Martin attacked the keyboard like he was starting a fire. Setting an energy level for the show that wouldn't let up.

THe crowd was really into this performance. Many stood the entire time, swaying to the pulse of the show.

"In My Place" got the entire audience involved with the chorus..."Yeah, long will you wait for...".

Running through favorites from the previous release "Parachutes". "Yellow" , and "Trouble". "Trouble" was great. The theatre audience swept down towards the stage, making me think that Chris was the spider in the web. The audience joining in..."They spun a web for me..."

"Daylight" was a really "bright" song. The lighting very sun like. Truth beams through like a warm sun.

"The Scientist" hit me hard. Almost totally knocked me out. Title track "Rush of Blood to the Head" was excellent.

Brief mention of the "Make Trade Fair" effort before wrapping things up with "Clocks". But the crowd wouldn't let time stop there. Chris came back out for an acoustic performance to wrap things up.

This show had great energy from beginning to end. The mix was great. "The Palace" was an excellent setting for the band's classically inspired riffs. Check out the web page , click on gallery for some venue looks.


It was a damn good show, though. They rocked a lot harder than I thought they would. The new stuff was awesome awesome. It might be the best they've done yet. I'll be the new album just on the strength of what I've heard.

I don't know if Chris Martin usually says it but he said he wanted to stay to play even more because it felt so good. The new song at the end of the encore was called "Proof". As with the rest of the new stuff, it blended in perfectly.

The only bad thing was that they didn't close the encore with Amsterdam. I think they whole crowd would have gone potty had they done so. Shame.

It's alright, though. On the whole an awesome show.


Your show last night was incredible. So much energy and music that makes you experience so many emotions. The visual effects were outstanding. Not too much distracting from the talent onstage. I did, however, leave disappointed. I was surprised that you only played for 90 minutes (including encore interruptions).

You shouldn't compare apples to oranges, but I recently saw legendary Dave Brubeck for half the price and twice the amount of time. And, he is 60 years older than you guys!

I guess it's a good thing that your fans want to hear MORE of you...just wish you had played longer.