March 9
Promowest Pavilion,
Columbus, OH

Very good Aud recording exists
Source: Countryman Isomax II (Cardiod) > PS2 > Sony D-7 SHN Transfer: Sony D-7 > M-Audio DiO 2448 > Cool Edit Pro v1.2 (@48kHz) > Shorten

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The one I love
A rush of blood to the head
Don't panic
Everything's not lost
Poor me
The Scientist

Encore 1:
In my place

Encore 2:


by Lulu
by crazymary

Scientist synopsis: The debut of Proof and a great AUD recording!



Well, the show was absolutly amazing, hello to all the message board folx that were there! I made it home and I dont have to work today which gives me time to post on here for a bit. Yay! I did catch Jonny's Harmonica too but it fell out of my hand and the guy behind me got it and wouldnt let me have it, but oh well, I will have to ty again next time. But I did get one of Will's drumsticks, hehe So I am scanning pics from the show right now and I will post them in this thread in a bit. I also got my pic taken with Jonny and Chris! What a great nite!!


the music...They were amazing. Robert had this voice,I cannot really explain it,such a voice for such a skinny little boy (he and his band mates are only 19). They played an intense 45-minute set. I believe that they played most, if not all, of their record. Robert dances like a break-dancer on speed. He is just all over the place. I do not know if it is passion or just plain spaz. I think that it might be a bit of both! I really liked them, and I hope that they come around again. The crews were bringing out crates of water for Coldplay, and I, erm, coerced the security guard into letting us have some as well. He came out with water for his crew and a crate for us! We ended up sharing bottles with our neighbours (the entire front row were either boarders or friends of boarders) and passing the rest back.

Finally, they took the house lights down for Coldplay. The 4 hour long wait in line was about to pay off in a massive way. They opened with Politik. Chris sat down at his piano and looked right at us! After the first five songs, Chris finally said something. He said, "When we play for the first time in a venue, we like to play five songs so that we can show people that we are not shit. Then we play another one to hopefully make up for it. Thank you for not making us feel that we’re shit." He broke into Trouble, but stopped twice through because he and Jonny were having a giggle fest. They blazed through the set with such passion and animation. Chris, especially, was all over the place. He leapt off monitors and off the drum riser. There were times that I thought that he was going to leap off stage. Three songs in, they played Spies…I was so happy and so moved that I cried. The new intro is really incredible. They played The Scientist as well…I cried more. During Everything’s Not Lost, he even let us sing along. I wish I had taken a picture of his reaction. He had the biggest grin on his face…it reminded me of Dougie’s grin. On approximately half of the songs, we managed to drown him out! During Yellow, Chris sang the intro (the new intro for this is really incredible as well) from the back amp under the screens. They came out for an encore and just continued to rock the place. Chris came out for a second encore. He played a new song that I cannot for the life of me remember what the title is. He said, "This really is the last song. I, um, haven’t played this one before and I haven’t said this before either. I’m never going to say it again. This song is about my girlfriend." I cried more. I think I cried the entire gig! Chris & Guy kept looking at Lulu’s sign and smiling (she had written "No blood for oil" on the back of her poster. Chris signed it earlier "Chris x2". He had already signed it during the other gigs they went to.). They really had a connection. Afterwards, he called her the most hardcore fan on the tour! Jonny kept making eye contact and smiling! Awww…bless.

After Chris finished his song, they brought the house lights up and the crew was giving us things from off the stage. Mary, the queen of all things Will, got one of his sticks. She was happy, to say the least. She also nearly got Jonny’s harmonica that he threw off during In My Place(I think). I got Jonny’s towel and Stephanie got his water bottle. We made the obligatory stops to the merch table and to the Make Trade Fair/Oxfam table. The guy there showed me on the first page of the sign up sheet slot #1. It said, "Chris A Martin. E-mail address: @" how fantastic is that?!

After the gig, the we went over to the gates to see if we could meet the band. It was sooooo cold. Stephanie and I left at midnight. We went to the car to thaw out and got the bright idea to go back and see how they were doing. There was a small crowd gathered where they were, in the middle of it all…a tall, lanky guy with a familiar tan jacket. We both shouted "Chris!" to each other and pulled into the 1st parking lot that we saw. I ran across the street, and he looked directly at me, smiled, and said "You should be careful when crossing the street." Apparently, Jonny had come out a few minutes after we had left. Bugger.

i'll just add my two cents though. i'll start off by saying that i've seen a lot of bands in my day. from McCartney to Oasis to The Stones to U2 to Elton John, and i think Coldplay just about blew them all away. They were that good. I was getting skeptical for a while, with the shortened set, but it didnt matter. To anyone who is skeptical, DON'T WORRY! you really won't care. It was incredible. I do think Yellow was the best song, as Chris was going absolutely crazy, jumping up and down. With only two cd's, it's very obvious that these guys are destined for a legendary status. If i only could've met them... but thats another story.


the show last night in columbus was absolutely awesome! they really rocked the house down. everyone was getting into the music, it was just great. only dissapointment of the night, they didnt play shiver. But they cant play everything. The last song chris played was really cool. the opening band sounded pretty good in my opinion. all in all, it was a night to remember. hope to see coldplay back in columbus before too much time passes.


The Columbus show was more than I could ever imagine! The crowd was so receptive and Chris was accordingly appreciative. After the first five songs he broke the ice with his "Sorry I didn't speak to you sooner, we like to come out and make sure you don't think we are sh*t first" speech, as if anyone would think that they are sh*t? I didn't know what a funny, genuine guy he was until he couldn't stop giggling during 'Trouble' when girls were yelling "We love you Chris", which was supposed to be one of the more serious songs of the night. Also, after messing up a few of his lines added "Everybody needs a lyric book to learn from" to the end of 'Don't Panic'. The review that was posted already just about sums up the overall feel of the night. One amazing night it was! Come back to Columbus anytime, we love you here!


so yes, the coldplay show was amazing!! i don't know if i liked that show or the first show i saw them at better (in london last june) but either way they were both amazing!! the last song he played is called proof. its sooo great and sooo sweet! i suggest downloading it if you can!! also, as mentioned during trouble the boys started laughing because this small girl - well she was 20 something - well she screamed 'i love you chris!' during the beginning of trouble and they were laughing at that. i mean it was kinda funny that he had to stop and compose himself and what not, but the girl - along with her friends - all kept yelling it again and again throughout the whole song trying to get another reaction. and her one best friend was like 'oh you just stopped the show! you rule!' etc... people like that reallllly annoy me but what can you do!? all in all it was an amazing show and i can't wait til cleveland!!


Absolutely amazing! I had no idea what to expect, but they met all my expectations and shattered them!! Coldplay seemed too big for that place. I think it holds 3,000. I mean, it sold out instantly. You can definately tell they are destined for bigger things. "The one I love" I think was the name of one of the new songs. Man, the next album is gonna be great. Only two "Green eyes" or "Warning sign".......but hardly anything to get pissed about. I didn't even realize they didn't play those songs until after the show. Coldplay is the best band around today, and they are going to be huge someday....I have a feeling. Chris' stage presence is just incredible, wether he's singing at the piano, singing while playing guitar, or wandering the stage freely.....he had the whole place in his hands tonight. Great show.


Well just to start off, the concert ROCKED MY WORLD!!! Everyone was totally awesome that I met there (thanks to Kevin, Michelle, and Aaron ) and we had a huge blast. We were so anxious to see them that we wanted The Music to get on with it. Okay, in response to the why was Greeneyes not played, well when I met Chris on Wednesday of the week before the concert, someone wanted him to play Greeneyes. He explained to the person that he doesn't play it live because it went like this "If you are currently dating someone with blue eyes you really can't sing a song about someone else with greeneyes". Neat huh? Did anyone know this fact? I'm totally jealous of the people that met Chris and the rest of the guys at the big concert thou...