March 7
Ryman Auditorium,
Nashville, TN

Aud recording, source: Sonic Studio dsm-6sm->HHb 800.

Disc 1
01. Politik
02. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
03. Spies
04. Daylight
05. Trouble
06. Ring Of Fire^^
07. One I Love
08. A Rush Of Blood To The Head
09. Don't Panic
10. Everything's Not Lost
11. Poor Me

Disc 2

01. Yellow
02. The Scientist
03. Clocks
04. In My Place
05. Ladder To The Sun
06. Lost Highway*

by annaliisa01

Scientist Synopsis: Great show, lots of covers, and the best version of Lost highway they’ve done ever.





What an incredible show!!! I'm still walking on air! Chris is an amazing performer and he seems so humble! I was 4th row center for this show and it was absolutely unbelievable. I loved that he said the Ryman was the coolest place they had ever played and that it was the best they had sounded in NINE YEARS!!!! That's the Ryman for you! Anyone know the name of the second new song they did last night? The next to the last one that was actually the first song of the second encore? It was right before 'Lost Highway'. The chorus was something about "a latitude of sun". What a beautiful line! Anyway, the whole Johnny Cash thing was great and I had a blast! I wish they'd done two nights!!!!


ok so most of you are probably fans who have been here a while and hope you will beg my indulgence. i don't even know if the band reads this forum or takes the time to look through this plethora of messages to find anything, but i'm going to make an attempt.

i haven't truly been a fan of music for quite some time. i used to collect records and listen to gobs of music as a young man, and most modern music of the last several years has just turned me off completely to collecting. as a musician myself, i have had the great fortune to tour and play with musicians whom i revere and respect, and so perhaps i became jaded.

when i got my hands on "parachutes" a couple of years ago, something changed inside me. the passion of this music was something i had waited all my life to experience -- this was what i was creating, and it always fell on deaf ears. to me, this record marked a significant shift in what i was hearing in modern music and it gave me courage to continue to write and perform. that lasted a while, and then faded.

some time passed, and the jaded bastard in me flatly ignored "a rush of blood to the head" without giving it a second thought. i became engrossed in matters inconsistent with my love for music and more consistent with my need for survival. you see, one of the great myths of music is that it is an easy job -- in fact, loving music has made it that much harder to be a participant. i knew many musicians, none of whom ever loved music in the way i did. it disgusted and aggravated me to the point of total dissolution of my investment in music.

when a friend approached me to tell me that he was sick and had a ticket to see coldplay in nashville last night, a reversal happened within me tempered by my devil-may-care, "i've seen it all" nature (i hope it never happens to you). i accepted in a half-hearted manner and went on the long drive to nashville for the show.

today i am still reeling from the sense of connection i was able to make with the extraordinary performance i witnessed. in my life, i have seen many great shows -- Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Radiohead, etc. -- and I have shared the stage with the likes of Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Beck, and many others.

i can honestly say that my expectations having been so tempered by my experience, last night i witnessed the best performance i have ever seen by any band.

the real passions expressed by these young men, and by opening band the music, gave me some strange renewed sense of hope and longing.

good music is listenable and, at best, serves as decent background for the rabble rousers and the lovers cooing their way into the hearts of those whom they fancy. it is not disruptive, nor rather memorable and passes like the second hand ticking away its moments.

great music is at once challenging and heartbreaking, filled with immense passion and desperation. it corners you and, without using a question mark, poses a question to you that you must answer. like great art, poetry, or writing, it evokes something that is quite personal. when great music is heard, it doesn't speak to everyone in general -- i feel like it is speaking to me.

coldplay is great music. it is observant and decadent, glorious and unshielded, without peer and without pretension. i am honored to have shared the auditorium with you last night to witness something that has inspired me to write this, many new songs, and to renew my belief that it is possible to follow my own heart in my music without ever having to apologize for being honest or passionate.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jimmy B

Outstanding show...great version of Lost Highway at the end!

To the band, if it reads this message, just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. I saw you guys in Birmingham (Alabama) also and your "Sweet Home Alabama" was definitely up to par!!

I have had Rush of Blood to the Head in my CD player for WEEKS ON END. Amazing work from an incredible band.

I delivered 4 cds of my band, Jimmy B & the Fortune 500, to your drummer in downtown
Nashville (at Rippy's), and I would love it if you listened to it.

We model ourselves after you guys, as we're a piano-driven rock band thats starting out in college too!

Thanks so much, and looking forward to your next album and show.

This was also one of the greatest nights of my life. I sat 2nd Row balcony and it was like Chris Martin was playing for nobody but me. I thought it was great that he said that it was the best he has sounded in at least 9 years and that it was the coolest place he had ever played. I love coldplay .

I am still amazed. I thought I would be disappointed, as I was looking forward to this show for like 6 months -an eternity- but they delivered and I have been reeling with joy for the past 4 days. I especially dug how good the whole thing SOUNDED. It was like watching Coldplay perform in your livingroom. I was jumping for joy when he asked us all to sing along. I think that this was definitely the best live performance that I have seen in my life. Even if I were not a Coldplay fan, I would have still enjoyed the show. Chris glanced @ me once. hehehe. still giggling. & I feel as if I have survivors guilt because all of these people are so jealous b/c they didn't get tickets. I stood in line for 45 minutes for tickets the morning they went on sale, well worth it, I would've stood in line for 2 weeks for a show like that.