March 4
Murat Centre,
Indianapolis, IN

Notes: 2 recordings exist: Be careful was released as mp3 initially!

Audience Recording:AKG ck63 (hypercardiod caps) > Active Cables > JK LABS DVC > M1 @ 48k Location: Orch C, Row M, Tascam DA-30 > Digital Coax > Audiowerk2 > Samplitude > Cool Edit Pro > MKW Audio Compression Tool

FM Recording: There is a full FM version out there and also a version missing the first 3.5 songs. Poor Me and Proof were NOT broadcast on the FM version.

There was also a video recording of the show. Several mpegs made it onto the internet but each speeds up throughout the clips. A fixed recording has not appeared yet.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
One I Love
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist

In My Place


by Lulu
video -
Review w :

Scientist synopsis: Great pics by lucky_man from before the show. MTV did a special with Coldplay on MTV2 in the parking lot before the show.




The drive down from Detroit seemed to take forever but finally we pulled into Indy around 3pm and after stopping at the Conseco Fieldhouse (where the Indiana Pacers play) to take pics we headed to the Murat Theatre to pick up our tickets for the show that night. So we found the Theatre relatively easily, and on the walk up to the box office noticed a tour bus sitting next to the Stage entrance which was oddly right beside the box office and main entrance to the theatre (usually I'd expect the bus to be parked out back). Anyway we checked out the bus and with little action appearing to be happening around it we walked into the box office and grabbed our tickets, and were pleased to see that, as we thought that when we ordered them, we would be sitting in Row B for that night's show.

Now this is where details tend to get fuzzy. I remember exiting the box office glancing at the tour bus, looking away, standing around for maybe 10 seconds, my brother asking me something....I responded to his question or observation (I can't remember what it was now) and then looking back at the tour bus and seeing increased activity....I mean people, coming down the stairs of the bus and jumping out. I think I first noticed Will's green Skechers toque (hat), and then I think I saw Guy and then Jonny coming out of the bus. I'm not quite sure of the order that they came out of the bus, all I could muster in words to my brother was "holy sh** there's Will and Guy!!!"

The next few seconds were a mad scramble of getting the cameras ready and trying to decide how to approach the guys and trying to come up with some sort of coherent sentence to let them know that I was simply a huge fan and not some crazed psycho. Walking towards Jonny, I noticed over his shoulder the last man off the bus was none other than Mr. Martin this point I knew that everything in my Coldplay life, from that point on, would never be the same.

Now on this trip I'd figured that I'd end up meeting one or two of the guys after a show, in the dark, after waiting 2 or 3 hours near the tour bus. Which in fact my brother and I had planned on doing after this show...never did I imagine being surrounded by all 4 members, with nary another fan in site, all at the same time. It was incredible, every which way I turned there was another member of my right there's Will and Guy playing with a football...straight ahead, Jonny with that bright red hat of his on his head....and quickly closing on Jonny was Chris, the elusive frontman.

So my brother and I went straight to Jonny as Will and Guy seemed preoccupied with their little football game. My brother complimented Jonny on his guitar riffs, and Jonny asked us where we were from. We told him we drove from Toronto and he asked us how long a drive it was, "what is that 5 hours from here?" Jonny said. We told him in fact it was 9 and we mentioned that since they weren't due back up there until June that we just couldn't resist driving down to the States to see a few shows. He seemed impressed and was more than happy to oblige both me and my brother with a pic.

Now before I show you that I would like to show you a scene setter. This pic does a good job, I think, of showing exactly what kind of Coldplay madness my brother and I were enveloped in. As I said above, every which way we turned there was another member of the band. Incredible. I still cannot believe our good luck.