March 3
Fox Theatre,
Detroit, MI

Recording of concert is rumored to exist

Radio show was recorded

At the State Bar, Source: Fm from 89X in Detroit Setlist
01. Intro 02. In My Place(Acoustic) 03. Interview 04. Don't Panic 05. Interview#2 06. The Scientist 07. Outro

Concert :

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Poor Me*
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
short cover of Songbird*
The Scientist
First Encore
In My Place

Second Encore

official review

by Lulu


Scientist synopsis: Eventful show with great setlist and plenty of new songs. A alsofan rushed the stage as well. Poor me indeed Chris...





After being stripped searched by customs coming into the states from Molly's (ok, so we weren't stripped, but it damn sure felt like it), we were there at like 3:30pm...we stood out by the tour buses until like, um, 6:30. In the meantime, some lady said that Coldplay was in soundcheck and wouldn't be able to come out for like an hour, but she would take some stuff to have the boys we did that. My friend Xan got her underpants [purse] signed...hahahaha.

So then we go in, la di da. The Fox Theatre was so fucking beautiful! I swear!!!!

The Music was absolutely amazing...I haven't been into them much until today, but man...the Music's music just got into me and moved me, yanno what I mean, dudes?

So we were like in the second row, but once Coldplay came on, we we standing right in front of the stage. Coldplay. Was. Brilliant.

My friend Xan who came with us bought a poster, and on the back of it wrote 'No Blood For Oil,' because the other signs that we made were stolen (fucking bitch whore cun ts!!!!!).

But so yeah, Chris kept looking over at us when he was singing and like, raising his eyebrows at us, and during one song, he came over and sang to us and gave us a thumbs up. Then when they went off before the first encore, he said 'Great sign' to us.

They played a new song...Proof. It was really really was the last song of the night and just Chris on an acoustic guitar.

And then...oh my DOG!!!

Molly got boosted up onto the stage by a bunch of guys that we were sitting next to....dude...she fucking touched Chris, while the entire theatre stared at her ass. FUCK! They threw her off stage right away, though, and we took so much shit from security about it, but it was so worth it!!! I got a picture of her ass being hauled off by security, and I'll post it when I get the pictures developed.

My pictures are going to be so awesome, I swear....we were RIGHT THERE at the stage...I have TAPE From the stage! Ok, so it doesn't end there. Oh no, we had more fun.

We went back to the tour buses after the gig, with our blankets...and after a little while, Adam from The Music came out, and he was really cool...we got a picture of us with him that I'll post later too.

And then...there's CHRIS!!!! He came out and was kind of talking to us through the gate, but then he went back in and came out a door...and brought us

DOUGHNUTS!! How awesome is that? I saved one.

So Molly and I and Sara (happy, my dear?) were like...right in front of him in this crowd of like 20 people...and he's signing all this shit for me (oh, and everyone else...hhehe).

Then all of the sudden...he looks at me and he's like...'Want me to sign your coat?' And I'm like, hell YEAH! So he fooking put his HANDS on my TITS and signed my BOOB! OH MY DOG!!!!!!!!!

So then about five minutes later he's about to leave...and I ask him to give me a hug...and he does.....and he was so sweet.

I thought I would be so nervous meeting him, but I actually wasn' was great! He's such a nice guy!

Ok, so'm getting fuzzy, lol. Right, so then...we wait for another hour or so, and Guy comes out and walks to the bus, but doesn't even wave or anything. But that's okay.

About 10 minutes later, Will walked out and waved at us, but then got on the bus...then Jonny comes out and waves at us and goes in the bus, but then he comes back out and signs all our shit, and we ask him to get Guy and WIll, and he tells us that Guy is passed out, hahaha. Will comes out later, though...and was so sweet...

Oh my dog....this has been the best night of my short boring life. I can't fucking believe it. Chris mArTinE touched my tits!!!

Ok, I'm going to fall over....enjoy, my dears!


OMG, it was so amazing... there were so many cool moments.... we were in front row of the balcony and during the encore it was shaking from everyone.

Chris's new song (Proof I think it was called) was really good. All over one of the absolute best concerts I've been to.


Best Show EVER!

Definitely the best show ever. I was down in the Orchestra pit right in front of Guy. It was frightening because people were jumping so much that it felt like whole floor was going to fall through. Highlight of the show was probably "Warning Sign", "Yellow", "Clocks", or "In My Place," mainly because during the 2 (Yellow and In my Place) Chris came over and was singing right in front of us. At one point during the set Chris mouthed some words to me but Im not sure what they were. Anyhow...everyone in the pit was cool... OH AND I GOT THE MUSIC'S WATER (MUAHAHAHAH) and a friend of mine got a

Coldplay setlist. HELLS YEH!


I was in the pit too... i went to the toronto show and i thought (even though i was ass far) that it was better. Don't get me wrong...I REALLY enjoyed it but one of my complaints is that they didn't really interact with the audience that well...also, i could hardly hear his voice, and i agree that it was really quick. I waited outside for a little while but it was soooo cold, and i had school the next day, so we decided to leave. but overall, i was really happy with the tickets, and i'm not gonna even try and complain anymore about it.


I was in the 4th row orchestra pit stage left. I thought it was a great show. I really enjoyed the part where Chris said something like, "I wanted to say hello to Detroit but that just sounds cheesy, so hello to Michigan and the surrounding areas and thankyou for coming out tonight. We are now going to play the greatest song you ever heard.... Lose Yourself by Eminem (Can't recall which song by Eminem he actually said) (Then he played a couple of chords on the piano) Just kidding. This is Trouble"... Which was in my opinion the best performed song that night.

The lighting effects with Yellow were pretty sweet too. A couple times Chris hit the wrong chords and just smiled at Jon. Oh and at the end of Yellow with lyrics "and everything that you.... do" He tried to get Jon to sing just the "do" part. Put it just came out a deep "eh". Made me chuckle.

Well the show was spectacular and enjoyed my great seats (I was that guy with the big orange fleece on), but I was really disappointed to see all the snow on the ground when I got out.

ps. I like the way the Fox Theatre orchestra pit floor shook. Kinda freaky if you stood still.


I had the great opportunity to see Coldplay live at the Fox theater which was my first time at the venue and its GORGEOUS but all I have to say is that I was blown away by the performance.I have both of Coldplays albums and I enjoy the band very much and I have soo much more love for the band since i've seen them live and as corny and cheesy as it sounds I actually got choked up on a few songs.Coldplay is incredible thier music is so simple but so beautiful the world needs Coldplay and what they do,play INCREDIBLE music.They should go down in history they truly are......I seriously have no words but thier music blows me away.Maybe this story wasn't exciting,I didn't meet Chris or any of the band members but I was blessed to be in the presence of thier performance.


On monday I went to the coldplay concert at the FOX it was awesome and In fact was on of the best concerts I have been to ....The only thing I was disappointed in was that they didnt play more songs!!! why such a short show!!! they didnt play sparks, amsterdam, dont panic, arush of blood to the head!!!! and many more...BUt i still love them!!! i was just disappointed cause i wanted more!!!!!


Yes! A real venue was my thought as I entered the Fox Theatre. For this show we had 4th row Orchestra. Again these seats were way off to the side of the stage but being so close was great and we could see everyone really well except Will who was slightly blocked out by Chris' piano.

Proof was played live here for the first time and did it ever sound good. Again Poor Me was awesome and the guys seemed to be excited about playing in Detroit. Another solid show and the crowd in Detroit was way better than Pittsburgh.